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Age 1kjP4Ve3I, female, JxSsdC6S, BP825glVaU kgs, I have no opinion - Hilarious. You read the motion #1,3#2&,8230; thinking, right, he`ll never grant any of that. then the last number, fair and equitable, pwwwfff, there is no such thing in this case, laughable. This judge was paid off, laws and fairness mean not a damn thing. Then you read the last paragraph thinking, oooooooooh that one is going to sting! lol!

Age cA2cHX3Ym, male, 53tOyJekAQZ8, NoB5mGlbe1 kgs, I have no opinion - perempuan cantik memang rmai orang jeles.. (bagi yang kate tidak 2, jgn nk menipu.. xkn xde rse jeles ckit pon tgk pmpuan cntik).. cube klu muke die xcntik… ade ke org nk ber0rkap̷c; so.. bgi smu pmpuan cntik.. harap bsabar k…

Age gkBPzOoV, male, TIYxpM7a, nRKP4VwEU lbs, I have no opinion - Thank you Chris. I look forward to my Facebook news feed becoming usable again. One adoiditnal point that should probably be made clear is that you have to be logged in to your Facebook account to see the block button.

Age NwL082oi90, male, 9tAOlTE8, VEkTLmDez kgs, I like this tip - do you mean laptop covers. at Frys they sell a brand called Tucano and th17;#82ey&re waterproof. they have a website, i think it’s tucano.com, but you can’t purchase online. Try Frys.

Age , , , , I like this tip - thank you so much, for these tips. these tips actually help unlike other ones.

Age 13, female, 5.4, 72 kgs, I like this tip - i like this tip kids do need to get a bit more active nowadays

Age email@gmail.com, female, 8bAETS Say, you got a nice article post. Fantastic., 8bAETS Say, you got a nice article post. Fantastic. lbs, I don't like this tip - 8bAETS Say, you got a nice article post. Fantastic.

Age 12, female, 5'2", 134 lbs, I like this tip - Kids watch toooooooo much TV!!!?

Age qtjTsXXQnLdhExyOyUX, female, LAlAKbgXMi, VsWBRgyBIzzfKpY lbs, I don't like this tip - Fortaleza CEMotumbe1! Mukuio! Sarave1!Gostaria de parabenizar a eqpuie e ao elenco do filme Jardim das Folhas Sagradas .Ne3o vi o filme todo, ne3o tive acesso e ne3o estou com dinheiro para ir ao cinema, mas vi o trailer no Youtube.com e a partir dele fiquei sabendo ate9 da existencia de um site do filme.Entrei no site, gostei muito do design e assiti todos os veddeos com entrevistas com pessoas de alguma forma ligadas e0 produe7e3o ou recepe7e3o do filme.Fiquei muito bem impressionado. Abordar preconceito racial, identidade e9tnica, especulae7e3o imobilie1ria, relae7f5es extra-conjugais, entre outros parece ser um bom filme.Futuramente quando puder irei vea-lo todo.O filme esteticamene falando parece ser muito bem realizado.Fruto de muito trabalho.c9 bastante salutar que o Banco do Nordeste topou em bancar o filme, sendo um dos infameros parceiros e patrocinadores.Longa vida a Pola Ribeiro e sua eqpuie!Ase9!

Age 15, female, 5"3, 157 lbs, I like this tip - I used to do the same thing about 3-4 years a go.. I know some friends who watch a lot of TV.. I used to but not anymore.. I do have a issue with food. At times..

Age 12, female, 5 '3, 169 lbs, I like this tip - I WISH THERE WAS MORE IN FORMATION ON BALECING UR DIET

Age 15, , 5"3, 156 lbs, I like this tip - I used to watch TV a lot but not anymore I have some friends who this issue now.

Age 13, female, 5'0, 151.8 lbs, I don't like this tip - We teens need a real way to lose weight. We want to do something fun and automatically know how to lose weight by reading a passage.

Age 15, female, 5' 6", 337 lbs, I like this tip - This seems like a great idea, making choices is hard, and sometimes we make the wrong ones. By using the activity and snack jars, it's just the luck of the draw what you eat and do. Great idea!

Age 12, female, 5.4, 118 lbs, I like this tip - I think this is a great tip, since mostly people just snack beause they're bored, and this way it'll keep them active and busy, and make sure they eat healthy!

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