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From Abbie, Age 15 - 04/30/12 - IP#: 68.13.18.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'4", Start: 147 lb, Today: 143 lb (BMI %tile: 86), Goal: 125 lb - Not all of this advice is mine but I did write some. So here are 9 tips on losing weight. Thanks.
Everyone loves snacks, but don't try for your everyday chips or cookies. Try a fruit salad.
Looking at the TV or IPod or any electrical device can add the pounds, so instead go to the park, mess around with friends like you did when you were little
If your regular weight increases several days in a row, it's a red flag letting you know you need to cut back a little or beef up your workouts slightly.
Doing 5 minutes each of push-ups, lunges, and squats (in 30-second intervals) will help build and maintain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be, so you'll torch more calories as you go about your day.
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Reply From Lucy, Age 15 - 12/11/11 - IP#: 74.176.221.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Hey Cupcake, overeating is an addiction; One as powerful as smoking or drinking. If you can't get outside help then I have a few tips for you, because I was addicted to eating too. I know that sounds really weird, being "addicted" to food, but it's true. When I came home from school I would eat everything to the point where my stomach hurt, I would sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and make hot dogs or chicken nuggets, I would eat whole pints of ice cream. Food was my friend, whenever I felt bad I would eat, whenever I felt sad I would eat, whenever I felt mad I would eat...you get the point. One day I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see that I had gained 15lbs in a little less than 8 months! Today I’m better though.
Here are some tips
- If you go to an actual school (not online) eat! Don't let yourself go through the school day... (view more)

Reply From Jessica, Age 16 - 09/28/11 - IP#: 71.2.33.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Taylor, Try walking, running, jog, jump rope, swimming, indoor, if your family can afforid it, sterngth training, yoga, horse back riding, ride a bike, or an excrise bike, walk the dog or your friend's dog or the neigbors dog, ask your mom and dad first. And the neigbors as well.
cut your large portions to small portions, cut your meat in half eat one half and have the other for later or the next day.
Drink lots of water, you dont want to be lazy, half meat}helaf vegtable} or half touf] and a small glass of milk.
Dont bother with the food parmaid/.
I do have more information about weight loss tips!
I hope to have helped
Jessica 16

From Aliza, Age 15 - 08/24/11 - IP#: 99.147.127.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'3", Start: 170 lb, Today: 148 lb (BMI %tile: 91), Goal: 120 lb - Heres some useful tips:
*dotry not-having serving plates- cuz then you'll just take more
*make sure you really ARE HUNGRY b4 u eat -and ur not just bored or stressed
*for each bite CHEW 30 TIMES -your boys feels more full that way
*drink lots of water: it hydrates you, empties your wates, and MAKES YOU FEEL FULL
*if you like milkshakes there's this healthy version that i use- i guess a "smoothie", its milk, bananas, and some chocolate syrup (i like it :))
*make sure when you eat you only take 1 portion
*if you like chewing on stuff-try gum
WRIGLEY 5 GUM -has this long-lasting flavor (plus chewing gum burns calories)
*try not to snack in-between meals
*food is a SOURCE OF ENERGY- to keep us LIVING
Hope at least 1 of these tips helped!!! best of luck in ur weight loss!!!!

From Jessica, Age 16 - 08/17/11 - IP#: 71.2.33.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 157 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 118 lb - How I lost more then seven pounds!! I ate less and drank more water, and furit and vegtables, and half a piece of meat, ran all over the place, chase my 3 year old niece around, I had Speical K creal with furit in it. And cut Ketcup to a small dot, once in a while is ok!! I am not really a junk food eater, anymore so much as I used to, I gave up orange soda, Sprite, and regular coke, Mist. And moutain Due, I tried the diet version is nasty, I eat dark chocolate now once a mounth is ok. It is very rare I eat fast food now, it taste nasty, yuck" I did jump rope back in the Spring. I only drink half of soda in a paer cup. Or a small soda, I used to eat to much candy. And stay in bed for 12 hours. Bad habit to have in the first place. I been trying to lose weight since October 2010. I finally did it some what.
Don't ever give up.
Jessica 16

Reply From Heather, Age 15 - 08/13/11 - IP#: 75.100.203.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
my few tips of advice, dont lose your head and go crazy eating. always think about eating what you want to eat Before you eat it! half the time you'll realize youre not really hungry, or no longer want to eat it because you know you'll feel guilty. also, quit drinking pop/soda if you do drink them. and stop eating deep fried or even resturaunt fried foods. its okay to eat fried foods at home as long as you use olive oil. i wish you the best of luck and i hope my advice was somewhat useful! :)

Reply From Jessica, Age 16 - 08/08/11 - IP#: 108.5.72.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Nikkita don't give up, don't be discourged.
Peaches, plumbs, maybe you could look for places that have peaches and plums, to pick.. Blue berries, are good until the end of August, you know what ask your friends for food advice. Im sorry you are poor, try walking, or running jog, jump ropes are fairly cheep. And stretchs.
I would aim 125-120 pounds for your ht. depends on your body frame and shape.
You don't have to join a gym to lose weight. Trust me I wish I could go to a gym to..
Find veggies at the store. And furits.
Cut your meal in half, instead of eating 3 piceces of meat. Eat one or two, if you have some money, don't buy candy, use it to buy healthy food, hop and skip eat less, put a gross smell in your junk food it will help you to like junk food less. Drink lots of water, walk up stairs 5 times first and then 10 times. It will.... (view more)

Reply From Jessica, Age 16 - 07/25/11 - IP#: 71.2.33.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Dont be discourged we all have regurets, about our eating habits. You have lsot 5 pounds!! that a good start, drink lots of water, eat less, cut your meals with half meat and half vegtable, and half furit.. And a small glass of milk.. Fiber, walking, slow running and jog, ride bike, jump rope, strechs.. Less soda, eat salds with low calore dressing on the side.. Fuirt and vegtables. And lean meat. Blueberriss, raspberries, blacjberries, plums, Peaches. get stuff that is in sesean. Walk the dog your dog or your friend's dog or the neigbor's dog ask the neigbor's dog and your partens first.
I hope to have helped,
Jessica 16.

From Lisa, Age 17 - 07/02/11 - IP#: 69.108.90.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'0", Start: 180 lb, Today: 161 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 130 lb - QUICK TIPS
these tips have really helped me lose the weight!
1. Drink a glass of water before every meal you eat
2. CUCUMBERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. i eat them as if they were potato chips and are great for the summer heat! (95% water)
3. If you can't handle the heat while working out, try to workout when the sun is about to set.
4. eat as much of your favorite fruit/vegetable before going over to a party so you wont be tempted!

From Dianna, Age 14 - 06/11/11 - IP#: 68.81.152.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'5", Start: 174 lb, Today: 153 lb (BMI %tile: 91), Goal: 120 lb - I've lost about 21 pounds, and it isn't easy. You really have to be committed to exercising and calorie restricting. Honestly, if you cut out most sweets and all forms of soda, you'll lose weight. I still have 30 pounds to go, but I'm on my way(:

Reply From Jessica, Age 15 - 05/25/11 - IP#: 71.2.33.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
I know how you feel Jazmin, dont be discourged I felt the same way almost a year a go.. I know what it was like to be upset about my weight, over a year a go, you know what I used to dislike swiming because of my stomach, I never gave up, I am loseing weight by exriseing, eating less, dont eat in front of your computer or the tv, eat only in the kitchen, or outside if you have a back pouch that has a table with a bench, ride a bike or scctor, running, jog, walking, up to town, for an hour walking around or walk the dog, try swiming alone at first in your backyard if you have one.... Dont give up reacing to your goal, I felt the same way last year...
Eat small blanced meals, veggtables, and furit, Strawberries, other healhty furits that are in sessean. Drink 8 glass of water everyday.... Replace junk food, with healthy snacks... Instead, drink diet snapple, Spring water.... You... (view more)

Reply From Jessica, Age 15 - 05/20/11 - IP#: 71.0.107.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Im sorry that you have issues having loseing weight, I had the exact thing happened to me sevral mounhts a go.. Dont be discourged, excrise ideas, ride bike, run, walk, jog, vacm, empty garbage, ride scoctor, play fisber with a freind or with your family, or dog if you have one. swiming, kayaking, boating. Rolling skate ice skateing. Food ides, 85% 90% lean meat, carriots, clery, stawberries, pineable, whole grain creal, or Special K creal, veggies, broicl, tomotes, letcter, peipers, oranges, grapefurit, even water, apple cherder chesses melt from EatingWell.com cookbook or EatingWell.com

Reply From Jessica, Age 15 - 04/19/11 - IP#: 71.0.107.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Excrise in your room dance to your favorite room. I close my door, Eat less one sering per meal, and also no sceonds, Drink water eight glass of water a day, have whole grain snacks, apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, Trail mix, get rid of all your unhealthy snacks, from your room, and toss them in the Kitchen garbage, or ask somebody in your family to hide it. No looking for it. Take a walk or little a jog, for 15-miuntes or 60 miuntes, talk to your family or friends who are willing to help you lose you lose weight.

Reply From Jessica, Age 15 - 03/29/11 - IP#: 71.0.105.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Eat less drink lots of water get moving now. walk around the block for 30 miuntes or more. get rid of the junk food or ask some one to hide it. Do some running around the yard.. eat small meals. lose 1-2 pounds a week that will help.. Trust me I stuggle with weight issues also you are not aloe.. Try doing sports running, scocoer, softball, tennis, horse back riding, there is a Rockers geting moving in New Jersey.. check it out. swiming.. walk the dog. if you have one. if not ask your partensfirst if you can walk your friend's dog. have some furit like an apple. bannah, graapefurit will help you lose weight I recommand it. grapes. oranges, pineable, try raw veggies. Thoes will help you lose weight. The less you eat the more the more how small the meal is the better. And you will feel better..

From Mackenzie Grace, Age 15 - 08/19/10 - IP#: 65.185.91.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'2", Start: 224 lb, Today: 125 lb (BMI %tile: 77), Goal: 125 lb - I am officially at my goal weight ... I have lost a massive total of 99 pounds! With NO surgery, NO miracle diets, and NO pills!! I am so proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so great about myself I am a whole new person and you can be too!!
Now heres how I did it! It took a while but believe me it is sooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright what you have to do is walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week, and eat a 1400 calorie diet!! Simple as that!! Have any questions comment! Good luck to you all and I know you can do it!