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From Kennedy, Age 14 - 12/12/11 - IP#: 156.34.156.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'6", Start: 254 lb, Today: 249 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 120 lb - WOW! haha do you think this is a fluke or am I just actually having success on a diet? I mean 5 pounds in 7 days... I really hope I can keep this up. I dont really know if I see any difference but as long as the weight is coming off I will be happy even if I dont see a difference for a while :)
I am still only eating when I am hungry (I think my stomach like on the inside might have shrunk because I feel like I actually cant eat that much because I feel full a lot sooner. lol) Yesterday I did some excersices with one of those stretchy band things (dont know what its called) and today I walked with my friend down to her house after school which isnt really that far but it wasnt nothing lol.
How is every one else doing? I think I am doing pretty good :)

From heather, Age 15 - 11/28/11 - IP#: 75.100.203.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'2", Start: 193 lb, Today: 138 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 130 lb - hey guys (:
havent been on in a while, but i have since lost 7 more pounds. i am pretty darned happy with myself. :) i truly have come a long way. i remember when i decided to do something about my massive weight. i was nearly 200 pounds and that fact alone made me feel absolutley crumby. I even remember the date. It was December 9th, 2010. Now, nearly an entire year later, i am an entirely different person. I weigh 55 pounds lighter. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I also look healthier. Now, the doctor has informed me that I have made an incredible and drastic improvement. I am very proud. I still have a bit more weight to lose though, the journey isn't yet over. After I reach my current goal (to weigh 130), i think i want to set an additional goal to lose 10 more pounds and weigh 120. I think that is a healthy weight for myself. I am impressed with everyones... (view more)

From Jasmine, Age 17 - 11/20/11 - IP#: 68.100.73.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'6", Start: 195 lb, Today: 195 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 135 lb - This board is so supportive and helpful! Thanks so much you guys! So I havent lost much weight, but im feeling much more energetic, so im taking that as a good sign. Plus, my body tends to build muscle pretty fast so I think thats what's happening. Nevertheless I shall keep up the cardio and healthier foods and sew where it takes me :) im starting zumba workouts tomorrow so ill let you guys know how it goes! And i took the water advice and its helped :)

From Taylor, Age 16 - 11/12/11 - IP#: 24.126.140.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'3", Start: 263 lb, Today: 206 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 200 lb - Hey everyone it's been a while since I'v been up here ! Lol well i'v been REALLY busy lately with my job. But I don't remember what I weighed lasttime I posted on here but I'm 206 now 6 more pounds and I will have reach my goal of the year ! :D

From Melissa, Age 17 - 10/26/11 - IP#: 24.2.110.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'4", Start: 190 lb, Today: 165.6 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 130 lb - Last night while I was watching The Biggest Loser I walked on the tredmile for 3 miles and studied for my vocabulary test...can you say multitasker??!! Haha, I got back on track this week after I fell off the wagon last weekend. Feels good to eat healthy and exercise again.

From Elodie, Age 14 - 10/20/11 - IP#: 67.162.78.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'5", Start: 157 lb, Today: 148 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 118 lb - I'm making progress... slow, but steady. I was watching the biggest loser, the ending anyway, the other day and I thought WOW! I do NOT wan to be as heavy as those people. It's scary! I like to challenge myself to lose along with them, especially toward the end when they weigh the same as me. And guess what! I wasn't sitting while I was watching. My dad just bought a stationary bike and I had 20 minutes while watching so I though...ah, I'll burn 100 calories. And while I was watching TV I forgot I was even pedaling and at the end I'd burned 300 calories. I'm going swimming tonight... gotta get that body for swim gym, right? Anyway, hang in there girlies, I'm doing my best. I'll post AWESOME smoothie recipes a little latter. Any advice is appreciated.

From Jessica, Age 16 - 10/12/11 - IP#: 71.2.33.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 150 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - After I got weighed today, I was like I gained weight. Ahha, I got myself remoivitoned I am going to star over, tomrrow,, I am going to fight this weight! I been siting around to much, that is going to end from now on, girls you have inspried me to get moving I like being encourged,, I am very seriurss with my weight this time, the nurse was in to much in a hurry.. But I am going to back on track with excirse starting tomrrow! I am never going to give up ever again, I think gave up to easily,, I think I binged eating, I stoped that like enough is enough,, I want to be healthy for myself and life, so I dont get strokes, I am not really a junk food eater.. I go to MCDONALS's I get a horrible taste in my mouth.. I am really worried about becoming obese I am going to do something about it.. which means now, not later. I had only one serveing of soup no seconds! breakfast Speical K... (view more)

Reply From Melissa, Age 17 - 09/28/11 - IP#: 24.2.110.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
I haven't reached my goal weight...I'm setting new goals all the time. This weeks goals are to eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water. So far I am doing pretty good. How are things going for you?

Reply From Montana, Age 16 - 03/30/09 - IP#: 207.200.116.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
I think you should weigh yourself and see where you are at. When trying to lose weight take it step by step.. don't cut out everything because when you do screw up you will majorly binge. It's hard but I know if you try you can do it. Good luck.

Reply From Veronica, Age 16 - 03/22/09 - IP#: 93.138.105.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Keep dieting.Be patient.Dont weight yourself every second,JUST ONCE A WEEK.You are doing great.It takes time.But,if your really worried go to the doctor to check your tyroid.If the results come normal,there is nothing keeping you from losing weight :)

From Christina, Age 16 - 01/04/05 - IP#: 24.233.65.xxx  go to original board
Hey guys!! Okay yesterday I went to the bookstore with my mom and I saw this mini book for 4 dollars and it had the calories of absolutly EVERYTHING. I got it and I keep track of everything. Its such a fun way to loose weight and you get some great ideas for healthy snacks and meals. You guys can get it at a bookstore in the diet section. Its a little book and theres many brands!

From Diana, Age 17 - 11/29/04 - IP#: 24.124.117.xxx  go to original board
Today I decided to keep a food journal. To notice all the bad junk food I'm eating. I always read success stories and so that's what I hear that people do is keep food journals to begin there weight loss journey.

From Jennifer, Age 16 - 10/09/04 - IP#: 24.160.240.xxx  go to original board
Hey everyone! I've never posted before but I thought that I'd tell you about this really cool website I found. It's called fitday.com. It keeps track of what you eat and how many calories you burn off in a day. It really helped me! Give it a try if you want

From becomingabutterfly, Age 15 - 09/12/04 - IP#: 63.189.168.xxx  go to original board
hey everyone, i just wanted to say i've lost 30lbs!!! im sooo happy!!! i've been loosing it slowly so i'm not apt to gain it back faster, i'm so happy! now that i look at pictures of the new me and compare them to the old me, i look so much happier, i know that if I can do it ANYBODY can do it, i ate fast food since i was 4, my dad had alot of "problems" so i lived on fast food all the time, im not going to lie it was hard a first getting away from all those little debbie cakes lol. but i did it, i'm doing so much better with my self confedence. im still working on my shyness but im getting there, also im reading this book called "Nobody's perfect" it is so good, they deal with real teen issues and real teen problems, they also have a "nobody's perfect" journal, it's so awsome! but anyway, if anyone needs help or advice i'll be here! Bye!!! :-)

From Alexis, Age 14 - 03/21/04 - IP#: 67.10.208.xxx  go to original board
i haven't been on in like 4 ever. ugh.does pilates come on in the mourning at like 6? if so on what channel?? ok as of today i am on the slim fast diet, (yum) because it is actually really easy, and it taste good. i added water in my diet (i put rubber bands around it and take them of every time i drink the bottle so i can make sure i drink 8+ glasses a day) and i need to add more exercise i really need to know if/when/where pilates are on. :);):)!