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Reply From Jacquie, Age 15 - 06/30/04 - IP#: 4.158.36.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
i know how you feel my grandmother would say thing like your fat and dont eat that or you cant wear that she might not know hows shes hurting you mine dosent and i never told her but use the sadness as a reson to get up and move your feet e-mail me or im me im there for you Frenchblackrose@yahoo.com

From Kate, Age 18 - 05/15/04 - IP#: 66.82.9.xxx  go to original board
What motivates you to lose weight? I want to:
1) take extra pressure off my bad knee
2) feel good about my body
and admittedly
3) look good in fashionable clothes

From Colin, Age 16 - 03/29/04 - IP#: 205.188.116.xxx  go to original board
Hey guys whats up? I just wanted 2 tell you guys that it is easy 2 lose weight but you just need motivation...such as me...ill explain...well the most I ever weighed was 250 lbs...I was 15 then and I was about 5,6''...now I am 5,8'' and 199lbs... It was all because the most beautiful girl in the world had a crush on me...I dont know why but she did...she is thin and I thought I would make her life the greatest a woman has ever had by being the best I could....I know 50 pounds in a year doesnt sound like alot but I also grew 2 inches and you guys have time...so just stick with it and dont lose alot of weight at once like I have...such as 30 pounds in a month...you feel really sick and it is easy to gain it back...so just be confident guys...YOU WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT IF YOU EXERCISE AND EAT RIGHT...By the way...dont weigh in more than twice a week

From *Julie*, Age 14 - 03/19/04 - IP#: 24.237.48.xxx  go to original board
QUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?! i have joined a over wieght teend class and i really like it... i think that i have already lost five pounds form it...its really cool!

Reply From someone, Age 12 - 03/18/04 - IP#: 66.99.61.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
try the chat- theres alot of great people on. i also like the beachbody chat- ive tried many different chats and this one and beachbody.com's are my faves

From STACIE, Age 13 - 02/29/04 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  go to original board
I just bought a graduation dress for June 4th...It fits but i dont like how it fits...When I will exercise i will hang it from where i can see it and look at it and it will give me a little insentive into exercise...I think it will motivate me...Well buh-bye

From The original Taylor, Age 13 - 02/12/04 - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx  go to original board
READ THIS: IT IS IMPORTANT Hey you guys, you know how it always says to keep a food diary? WEll i'm keeping a food and exercise diary. But it's not that simple. I keep a notebook in a binder, and a piece of paper in front of the notebook says:
Remember (which is to be repeated before each line)
How happy you were when you lost that pound
How bad you feel after overeating
How much you fight for air after going up stairs
How good you feel after exercise
How happy your dog is after getting home from a walk
How bad you want this
How much you love to (choice)
How much you hate gaining weight
How much you want to be (wished weight)
How much you want to be (repeat it!)
How much you want to fit those jeans
I read this to myself before i record a new food or exercise thing to remind myself. E-mail me at SerenityISC@aol.com if you would like to do this as well. Wish me luck!!!

From Melissa, Age 15 - 02/03/04 - IP#: 24.107.14.xxx  go to original board
I was estactic this morning when I stepped onto the scale! I truly couldn't have been happier than I was seeing 223.5 flash up when last friday when I weighed myself it was 227.5. This diet program with my friend has shown me results faster than anything adn I think its because I'm working with a friend and we are having fun keeping each other in check. Probably my best advice for anyone is to diet with a friend-possibly one near you.

From Joanna, Age 16 - 01/27/04 - IP#: 209.177.34.xxx  go to original board
Why is loosing weight soooooo slow!?? Its driving me insane, ecspecially since I don't have a scale (I have to buy one) instead I keep measuring my self.... I actually bought myself a mini skirt to keep me motivated and its actually working,. but I promised myself I would return it if I dont loose anymore weight in the next 2 weeks

From Hillary, Age 16 - 01/24/04 - IP#: 67.35.39.xxx  go to original board
Hey yall. Ok so I just took pictures of myself, wit my digitalcamera, in my underwear(no not sexually) but to see what i really look like. i was so distraught!!! i mean, its really an eyeopener. i am totally motivated now. not only do i have a weight goal, i have lil goals like i dont want my stomach to go out past my boobs anymore and i def dont want my lovehandles. so ill do excercises to get rid of those. i made a deal with myself that for every 8-10 lbs i lose, i will take another set of photos-that way i can see how much ive improved. by the end, itll be like having my own set of before and after pictures and i will be SO proud. yall should try this, its so motivational. ok well ima ride for tonite. i got church in tha mornin lol bye and good luck 2 yall

Reply From jasmine, Age 14 - 01/24/04 - IP#: 64.202.1.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
hey dude well im the same hight and i was 200 pounds now im like 195 all i did was like run for 10 minutes and walk for 20 on the treadmill or outside i just ate when i was hungry but sometimes i couldnet help myself so i ate a lot and like i do 100 curnches a day so like make a chart of what excersices you want to do that what i did and it help me

Reply From anne, Age 17 - 01/18/04 - IP#: 216.66.108.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
just remember when you want to eat something and you're saying to yourself- oh well- i'll do better tomorrow- stop! because you won't get to mid march 30 pounds lighter if you do that. don't just say i'll do better tomorrow say you'll keep going strong and that you don't need that right then. say that tasting that for a moment isn't worth the hour you'll have to workout to get it back off. good luck! don't let yourself start to cheat- but if you do don't say you'll start again tomorrow- start with your next meal!

From Ashlee, Age 14 - 01/17/04 - IP#: 65.149.156.xxx  go to original board
hey guys i am betting my brother that i can lose 10 lbs b4 he duz if i win i lost the 10, if he wins he gets y beanbag chair and the 10 lbs gone, i just wanted to say that it has really kept me motivated and i am eating him by a lb, quick ? does anyone know if walmart sells tae bo, yoga, or pilates, i got a gift certificate there and i want to buy a video see ya later

Reply From shawn, Age 12 - 01/14/04 - IP#: 141.149.80.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
i am overweight,but i am trying very hard to lose right now.the problem is that I kept overeating.and i keep getting called fat boy at school,and i hate it. that and the risk of dying at age 20 is what keeps me on this diet.i used to never stay on my diets,but now i do.and do not call yourself ugly again.if u ever want to talk sometime e-mail me.(player266@zwallet.com)my name is shawn and i am 12

From chelsea, Age 14 - 01/03/04 - IP#: 66.167.233.xxx  go to original board
dig deep inside urself for motivation, that is the only person who will really drive yourself to loosing weight. In the end U can only do it for you. If you want it bad enough u will get there. There's more to loosin weight than just exercise and nurtition, its a mental battle too. Stick with it through the good the bad and the down-right ugly!!!! ~Just thought that i would put that, I need to say it to myself everyday, but i don't. Keep that in mind while you take ur journey. U can do it :)