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Reply From Jeimi, Age 20 - 06/05/11 - IP#: 68.199.183.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
ooo yea i think about it all the time but here's the thing, i rather be thin at a healthy weight and have some lose skin which i still have even now then be this weight. I know it's something scary but everything in life has it's down sides and we have to weigh the odds. Losing weight has more good thingd than bad and to be honest if one day you can fix the lose skin then do it that's what i think about even though it's another scary thing. But what i can tell you is this, forget about the what ifs of life think about the now and where you want to be don't let anything stop you from this because it's too important, be proud of what you've accomplished so far and lift some weights and drink lots of water and lose the weight at a good pace so the skin wont be that lose. Good luck take it one day at a time becuase when we get there nothing else should matter.

From Trip, Age 16 - 02/19/05 - IP#: 64.63.206.xxx  go to original board
Once i realized i wanted to lose the weight for myself.......not because of being teased, or society has portrayed thin as glamorous.....all it took was researching healthy eating on the net.I looked at the low carb diet, decided to try it.......and through eating good tasty meals i STILL saw the weight begin to melt away.Of course i became excited at this, actually SEEING the weight going, so unlike other diet attempts i stuck to it.My highest weight......14 and 325...and now im 16 and 135.Of course you have to also exercise, like cardiovascular, so as your body begins to shrink from the lost weight the skin remains tight and healthy.Simple cardiovascular activities helped me to avoid the 'loose skin' situation. Now we are all different as to the way we loose weight, our metabolisms and what particular diets work the best.All i know is YOU GUYS AND GALS CAN REACH YOUR WEIGHT GOAL!!iT'S ... (view more)

Reply From Brooke, Age 13 - 03/30/04 - IP#: 64.53.99.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
It will go away some but not fully so i suggest that u get something that tones and then it will get tight to the body i have lost some weight to but not alot and i do tonight and exercising together so get like a work out tape or something that has to do with toneing if u want to be weighht loss buddies IM me @ palmtreegurl321 or on yahoo @ tyrochyk09

Reply From anne, Age 17 - 03/30/04 - IP#: 216.66.107.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
you're young and that means that your skin is still elasticy- you just lost a lot of weight during a short amount of time. it'll get better over time though...

Reply From Michelle, Age 11 - 07/02/03 - IP#: 66.185.84.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
You can also walk 1hour and eat more healthy food but no junk food. Im telling you it works. But I will just tell you one thing don't loose weight fast cause you might have extra skin, and stretch marks. Cause my friend she weighed 270 pounds and she lost weight soo fast that she has whole bunch of stretch marks and extra skin. Good luck!!!

Reply From kelsey, Age 14 - 04/28/03 - IP#: 64.4.224.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
no, that only happens if you lose ALOT of weight in a very short amount of time, like 100 pounds in three months...

Reply From *****, Age 13 - 02/02/03 - IP#: 208.155.75.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
I have lost 21-22 lbs, as long as you lose it slowly you will be fine. good luck on your weight loss. ttyl!

Reply From Michelle, Age 14 - 06/16/02 - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
That is true, if you lose weight fast enought (like from starvation) your skin will sag because it takes a little time for it retract, or shrink, but, if you also put on weight fast, you'll get stretch marks, so, do anything that you're going to do slowly enough for your body to keep up!