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From Maddie, Age 13 - 12/03/11 - IP#: 208.90.180.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'4", Start: 170 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 95), Goal: 109 lb - Hey... just exercised for a hour and a half! Burned around 600 calories! Yay! Can't wait for January, my parents are putting me into my city's soccer team! I can't wait! Need to be at least 145 by Jan 25th. Wish me luck! Hows everyone's diet going?

From Sabrina, Age 13 - 10/11/11 - IP#: 174.54.152.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'3", Start: 149 lb, Today: 146 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 125 lb - Heyy guys!
I`m in a good mood today,why you may ask?Well i just got remotivated today!!!(SKIP DOWN TO SEE WEIGHT LOSS PART)(I was at my locker and Michael (my crush) came by and was at his locker and i was done getting my stuff but pretented to need more time and i was just walking away when he rushed up and started waking with me!!!! :D hahaha that reminded me that i need to do this for myself to get healthy,but also for my cofidence!)So i am taking it one pound at a time,(or five hahahaha)and im ready to do this,COME AUGUST 26,2012 I WILL(hopefullyXP) WEIGH 125 pounds!21 pounds in about 10 months!I CAN DO IT!!!!Wish me Goodluck!!!<3<3 (feeling the love today!hahahaha)::)

Reply From nikkita, Age 11 - 08/15/09 - IP#: 69.29.195.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Write yourself little notes that you'll see everyday!!!

Reply From DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 04/26/09 - IP#: 75.138.99.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
Advice? I think that since you are not getting the support you want (but don't need though it would make life a heck of a lot easier) from your parents, you need to support and encourage yourself. If you have AOL, put little reminders for yourself on the Events so that you will be encouraged a bit every day. Or, buy a bulletin board. Or, put Post-its on your desk (Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels, You're Too Far Along To Take Orders From A Cookie, Keep Going, Just Do It, Go Walking, Don't Be A Couch POTATO, etc, etc.) Just encourage yourself any way you possibly can. Or, involve your friends (I'm assuming you have friends, right?). Tell them about your goals and they won't let you back down when you're not in the mood to work out, or feeling upset, or feeling unmotivated, or whatever.
BOTTOM LINE: You don't need parents to encourage you when you're losing weight: you need motivation, determination, dedication, and confidence-ation. ;) Good luck and keep us posted, Melissa!

From twitch, Age 13 - 02/25/09 - IP#: 69.236.177.xxx  go to original board
Ht. 5'2", Start: 163 lb, Today: 143.8 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 110 lb - 143.8.... omg. im so happy. today i did decent. idk about dinner tho cuz my mom bought me spaghetti from her cafeteria, but she told me that the food was made especially for the weight watchers program so it shouldn't have that many calories in it. (her company runs a weight watchers center) but apart from that i did decent i guess today. by the way, EXERCISE BIKES RULE!!! ahaha. just my thot for the day. hows u guys doing?

From candi, Age 13 - 02/08/05 - IP#: 65.34.128.xxx  go to original board
hey all... you know what bugs me? when ppl say we want to loose weight for the "wrong reason" what ever reason it is the fact that we are trying to loose weight should be good enough so weather your motivation is to get healthy or get that guy on the soccer team to look at you im just really proud of you if you woke up today willing to do sumpthing about your weight there is no "right" or "wrong" reason to loose weight so dont listen to other ppl and do whats right for you luv and kisses ...candi <3

From Kelli, Age 13 - 02/07/05 - IP#: 65.185.83.xxx  go to original board
Hi. i have been overweight scine, i dont even remember. Well i started at the beggining of this year and so far i have lost five lbs. i work out everyday, but i dont do weight tranning so that i get max. results. ANYWAY i have had a ton of support that really helped. Along with this site, i write in my weight journal a couple times a week, and i have a very strict dicipline routine for myself. On my closet door, i have all of my goals for the month and i keep track of my progress. I also print out insparational quotes and different thoughts that i have about my life before and after starting to diet. it works, every day when i get up i focus on the day and what i want to make of it. Try it.

Reply From someone, Age 12 - 03/18/04 - IP#: 66.99.61.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
try the chat- theres alot of great people on. i also like the beachbody chat- ive tried many different chats and this one and beachbody.com's are my faves

From STACIE, Age 13 - 02/29/04 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  go to original board
I just bought a graduation dress for June 4th...It fits but i dont like how it fits...When I will exercise i will hang it from where i can see it and look at it and it will give me a little insentive into exercise...I think it will motivate me...Well buh-bye

From The original Taylor, Age 13 - 02/12/04 - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx  go to original board
READ THIS: IT IS IMPORTANT Hey you guys, you know how it always says to keep a food diary? WEll i'm keeping a food and exercise diary. But it's not that simple. I keep a notebook in a binder, and a piece of paper in front of the notebook says:
Remember (which is to be repeated before each line)
How happy you were when you lost that pound
How bad you feel after overeating
How much you fight for air after going up stairs
How good you feel after exercise
How happy your dog is after getting home from a walk
How bad you want this
How much you love to (choice)
How much you hate gaining weight
How much you want to be (wished weight)
How much you want to be (repeat it!)
How much you want to fit those jeans
I read this to myself before i record a new food or exercise thing to remind myself. E-mail me at SerenityISC@aol.com if you would like to do this as well. Wish me luck!!!

Reply From shawn, Age 12 - 01/14/04 - IP#: 141.149.80.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
i am overweight,but i am trying very hard to lose right now.the problem is that I kept overeating.and i keep getting called fat boy at school,and i hate it. that and the risk of dying at age 20 is what keeps me on this diet.i used to never stay on my diets,but now i do.and do not call yourself ugly again.if u ever want to talk sometime e-mail me.(player266@zwallet.com)my name is shawn and i am 12

Reply From callmegoddess@coventraryi, Age 12 - 01/03/04 - IP#: 151.201.10.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
mabe you need someone to get you motavated like a diet body. i have a diet body all ready, but you can have more than one so if you email me at blabbermouth1991@yahoo.com

From M, Age 13 - 12/30/03 - IP#: 66.185.84.xxx  go to original board
Hey everyone!! Im very proud of myself!! GUess what?? I just did 20 minutes instead of 10 on the eliptical trainer, i did 20 leglifts on each leg, and am planning some situps for later!!It feels so good to exercise! omg! AND today i have eaten completely healthily...no flaws!!Maybe this will work!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Reply From BRandy, Age 13 - 12/24/03 - IP#: 65.100.225.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
YEah, of course you can get motivated by this website, but you don't have to get dependent on it, and that's what a lot of ppl are doing. Without this website how are they going to get motivated? That's what they're thinking. It's okay to get on this website every now and then, but don't let it be your total motivation each time you need to excersize! Get motivated by yourself, and don't get dependent on this website for motivation!

Reply From Marlee, Age 13 - 12/14/03 - IP#: 65.49.240.xxx   show message replied to go to original board
OMG this seems sooo funn.....I wiegh 174 at the moment, i just lost my first three pounds, never been prouder (read my post above!)),....I'm 5"6 and my long term goal is to be 135-140 ish,,,....yay~!!!!~ SO for this contest...GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and concider me enterd!