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From Ryan, Child's Age 16 - 07/10/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I need some help with my two sons. My youngest is 16, 5'9" and weighs 200 lbs. He used to be very fit at 140 last year, but for some reason he has gained a lot of weight in the last year. My oldest is 17, also 5'9", but he weighs 240. They both have big guts, and they are constantly growing out of their clothes. My 16 year-old wears size 36 pants and large shirts, and my 17 year-old wears size 40 pants and xxl shirts. Can anyone tell me what size they should be and how to get them there? Thanks.
Reply from Kaitlynn, Child's Age 3 - 03/02/05  - IP#:
Reply from Ryan, Child's Age 16 - 07/24/04  - IP#:
Reply from Cameron, Child's Age 16 - 07/22/04  - IP#:
Reply from Ryan, Child's Age 16 - 07/11/04  - IP#:
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From Eileen, Child's Age 13 - 07/09/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello my name is Eileen. I am a mother of 4. Three boys and 1 girl. My daughter Ellen is only 13 and 5ft3in, and 232. I don't even know what size she is any more because she doesn't let me or any of her friends go shopping with her. When she comes home from shopping she goes and puts her clothes on to show me. She puts on her clothes and comes out. One day she came out with a shirt that was like 2inches above her belly button. I asked her if it was a belly shirt and she said no it was a size 15 shirt a normal shirt(in womens plus sizes). Then she said that she thought it fit perfectly. Please help
Reply from Darby, Child's Age 11 - 07/29/04  - IP#:
Reply from Cameron, Child's Age 16 - 07/22/04  - IP#:
Reply from Sharon, Child's Age 14 - 07/09/04  - IP#:
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From Suzan, Child's Age 14 - 07/08/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My teenage daughter is over weight and she comes to me for help but I just don't know how to help her and what to tell her to do. She did loose about 8 pounds for a little bit but then she gained it back because of easter and everything and she said that since then she hasn't been able to loose anymore. I want to help my daughter can someone please help me and her.
Reply from Jacquie, Child's Age 15 - 07/30/04  - IP#:

From Gerilynn, Child's Age 12 - 07/06/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hello again all. Just wondering...which one do you think works better? Weight Watchers or Curves...thank you!
Reply from Mikayla, Child's Age 14 - 08/12/04  - IP#:

From mary, Child's Age 13 - 07/05/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hi, my daughter is about 10 pounds overweight and she looks more, she is 5'3, 140 lbs, 34-34 inch stomache. i dont understand because she eats healthy and is very active. during the school year she has over 10 hours of sports and over the summer she is at camp every day. i cant figure out howcome she cant loosse weight. we went to a nutritionalist and she said that she was eating all the right things and we even changed our diet alittle. if anyone could help post or email me at gymnast102290@aol.comthanks alot
Reply from Vic, Child's Age 13 - 08/14/04  - IP#:
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 07/07/04  - IP#:
Reply from 1, Child's Age 11 - 07/05/04  - IP#:

From Allison, Child's Age 16 - 07/05/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Help! I can't believe I'm even writing this, but I don't know what to do. My 16 year old daughter is extremely overweight, and I don't know what to do. She had her yearly appointment today, and she weighed in at 302 pounds. I can't believe this is possible. I know she's been gaining weight for the past year, but I am flabbergasted. I knew it was going to be bad because she just looks so huge and bloated. I thought maybe I was just being overcritical but obviously not. What can I do? The last time I mentioned her weight, she ended up gaining 20 more pounds in five weeks.Her father refuses to take her out anywhere with him. I know she is bothered by this, but I can't find a way to mention it. After the doctor today, she said that she's glad that she's too big to do anything strenuous. What can I do?
Reply from Nikki, Child's Age 10 - 08/03/04  - IP#:
Reply from JS, Child's Age 12 - 07/10/04  - IP#:
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 07/06/04  - IP#:

From gerilynn, Child's Age 13 - 07/05/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Does anyone have a diet that my daughter can go on to? She is 5'5 and 198 pounds. She is up for losing weight, and really wants to, and I want to help her...So if there is anything that anyone knows of that can help her lose weight, i would greatly appreciate of you could tell me!
Reply from lynea, Child's Age 11 - 07/26/04  - IP#:
Reply from Susie, Child's Age 13 - 07/09/04  - IP#:
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From JoAnn, Child's Age 14 - 07/05/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
I am at my wit's end. I hope somebody can help. My daughter is 14, and has steadily been gaining weight for the last year. Yesterday, she had invited some of her friends to our lakehouse for the 4th, and it was the first time I'd seen her in a swimsuit all summer, and she was just so much bigger than her girlfriends. She just jiggled everywhere when they were running around, and her stomach just hung out there. To top it off everytime I turned around she had something else in her mouth. She must have had at least 5 hot dogs and half the brownies one of our neighbors brought. She wouldn't touch the fruits and veggies we had. I weighed her this morning, and she's gaind 5 pounds since last week. She's up to 195. I can't believe that she's going to hit 200. She's only 5'4".What can I do. She won't talk about it. We just end up getting in a screaming match. She couldn't even get up on her waterskis like she used to. How can I get her to understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reply from Emily, Child's Age 13 - 02/02/05  - IP#:
Reply from annonymus, Child's Age 12 - 12/28/04  - IP#:
Reply from Arianna, Child's Age 15 - 07/05/04  - IP#:

From lola, Child's Age 13 - 07/02/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Ok sorry I'm a teen , but i have been reading the messages for a year now , there were a few messages that bothered me, the one where the father was ashamed to be seen with his kid in public and one where the father embarassed their kid with their online boy friend, I know you all love your kids but I find some parents complaining, well two things i just have to ask/say 1) why are you complaining when it's not your fault your kids are overweight 2) If your child was not able to see that it was wrong on how they were eating it is your fault because you should've been caring for them since you love them so much, Thank ypu for reading this.
Reply from gegegegeg, Child's Age 1 - 07/10/04  - IP#:
Reply from Sharon, Child's Age 14 - 07/09/04  - IP#:
Reply from Winona, Child's Age 17 - 07/09/04  - IP#:
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From Allison, Child's Age 8 - 07/01/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
hi everyone, my daughter is 8yrs and weighs about 112lbs. i don't let her pig out on junk food but does eat some. she's a very outgoing child she likes to go for walks, ride her bike, swim, rollerblade and do just about anything that sounds like fun. we eat as healthy as possible. she likes fruit,vegetables,yogurt,lowfat pudding,sugerfree jello, etc, ect... so we eat a lot of good things. except for white bread, white rice, noodles, and loves mashed potatoes. i know that thoughs are not the best choices. i would like her to learn to try other breads so i don't have to buy white bread. does anyone have any ideas that might be helpful? thanks.
Reply from mhicks, Child's Age 9 - 07/06/04  - IP#:
Reply from Allison, Child's Age 8 - 07/03/04  - IP#:
Reply from Mhicks, Child's Age 9 - 07/02/04  - IP#:

From Michele, Child's Age 11 - 07/01/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
My daughter is 11 years old and she wieghs 197 pounds every night she cries herself to sleep, and all of her friends make fun of her, so she has no friends. She has tried everything possible, but it just does'nt seem to work. She also wants to fit into a beautiful dress. What should I do for her???
Reply from Nikki, Child's Age 10 - 08/03/04  - IP#:
Reply from Haley, Child's Age 7 - 07/12/04  - IP#:
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 07/04/04  - IP#:
Reply from lisa, Child's Age 12 - 07/03/04  - IP#:

From FAY, Child's Age 12 - 06/30/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
i have a 12 year old daughter who is considered large in her eyes she is 5'8 and weighs 160lbs or so pleez if your child can help her email her at
Reply from ashley bond, Child's Age 12 - 07/05/04  - IP#:
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 07/04/04  - IP#:

From Susen, Child's Age 11 - 06/28/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
How can my child put off weight? I would like ideas for what she eats and a excersice program without going to a gym. Thank you all.
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 06/29/04  - IP#:

From Samantha, Child's Age 15 - 06/28/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
Hey everyone my child is extremely overweight i'm very worried for her health. She is 15 and she weighs 237 and she is only 5'6. She wants to lose weight but she says she needs to lose about 140 pounds and she is scared if she loses that much she will have a lot of extra skin there from all of the weight loss. Is there any thing she can do where she won't have any lose skin and what do you think would be the easiest way for her to lose weight but not have to starve herself? If you can help please reply asap! Thank You
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 06/29/04  - IP#:
Reply from Samantha, Child's Age 15 - 06/28/04  - IP#:

From Patrica, Child's Age 14 - 06/22/04 - IP#: Click here to reply  
He everyone, I need some help!!! My daughter is always complaining about how fat she is. I know she is overweight but I'm not exactly sure how much. i don't want to embarrasse her and just say get on the scale or say how much do you weight to her. How can i get her to tell me without making her feel bad!!!
Reply from Dee, Child's Age 13 - 06/24/04  - IP#:
Reply from JS, Child's Age 12 - 06/23/04  - IP#:

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