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From Helen, child's age 13

This is not really for my daughter, but for my neighbors daughter. They are a very nice filipino family that we get along well with but their 12 year old daughter is very fat and they dont seem to be doing anything about it. She is 4'11 and about 230lbs! The poor girl is so sweet but she is like an over stuffed pig that is becoming so fat year after year. The family doens't seem to notice and feeds her nonstop all the time. This poor girl just inhales all the food and it pains me to see a great little girl in this state. Her face is swollen, she has a huge belly, butt, and thighs, and she has so many rolls of fat! Please, can some1 give me advice on how to bring this up to my neighbors so they can try to get her to lose some weight. I cant just stand by and let this girl eat herself to that size. When ever i visit her i hug and talk to her and i notice how fat she is becoming and i feel so bad. Please some1 respond!