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I was not an overweight child or young adult. Something happened in my 30's and my weight escalated. I tried every diet under the sun and couldn't seem to get the weight off. Eventually I underwent gastric bypass surgery and have successfully kept the weight off for almost 3 years. My daughter weighs approximately 226 down from 232. She has finally taken an interest in losing weight. I blame myself for her being overweight because during her formative years I was so overweight I never had the energy to exercise with her and encourage playing outside. Because of me she developed bad habits of snacking and watching entirely too much television and sitting in front of the computer. Now I have changed my habits and can't seem to find the right way to get her to change hers. As stated she has finally decided to try and cut her caloric intake but she's borderline just giving up and any moment. She won't exercise with me. She thinks her weight should drop fast like it did with my surgery. I've tried to explain this to her and encourage her. She's doing it the right way...the healthy way. Not that I'm knocking surgery. I just wish I had changed my eating habits before I got to the point that surgery was my only option. Do any of you have any suggestions and words of encouragement for her?
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That's awesome...I wish I could do that!! As a reward...when she loses probably enough to go down a pant size go out shopping...and when she is at a healthy weight you could plan the whole day to do whatever she this rate you'd probably have to start saving now!!lol!! just remind her that even if she is losing an oz. a week she is stilling doing an amazing job and even if she gains she can bounce back!!!

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UPDATE: I am so proud of my daughter. She weighed in yesterday and she's down 8.5 pounds in two weeks. She feels it's slow but I think she's doing it just right. I am trying to get her to exercise but up until yesterday she still wasn't very interested. I think she's feeling more motivated now that she's really starting to see results. I will let you all know. Thanks!

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Now that you are able to exercise go for walks together, you can even walk around the mall to make it more fun. Join a gym together if possible. Ride bikes together. Just include her when you are exercising. Try to keep encouraging her. Give her goals to work toward to keep her motivated. For example, once she gets to a new size let her buy a new pair of jeans or something. Be there for her and encourage her as much as you can. *Ray*Ray*

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well i don't have any words of encouragement but i do have words of advice...ex. have only healthy foods in your house and once a week you can both treat yourselfs ex. go to mcdonalds and have just the happy meal and a vanilla cone which equals 700 calories. or something like that. Also make a rule that you can have only one hour of television per day or computer and for every 1/2 hour of exerise you do you get another hour.