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From Beth, Age 13, female - 07/25/02 - IP#:  
In 6 months i lost 4 and a half stone!! All i did was made sure i did at least half an hour to an hour of excercise a day. I would go swimming twice a week, and do areboics once a week, i also joined a gym, and went 3 times a week! and i cut down my calorie intake to 1500 a day, and drank ice cold water, or herbal tea. I asked my mom to hide the scales, so i wouldnt weigh myself every day, and become really dissapointed i hadnt lost any, and it gave me the will to carry on. Then once a month or once every 2 months i would weigh myself!! everyone can do it i no they can!

From Tianna, Age 11, female - 07/24/02 - IP#:  
i ran everyday for 2 hours but took brakes and we are kids and we are very active weather you overweight or not. and i walk through a park and ride my bike alot

From Court, Age 14, female - 07/23/02 - IP#:  
I told myself that I could do it, and didn't give up, and whenever I binged, I ran, and whenever I did good, I rewarded myself with more sleep :P

From J, Age 12, male - 07/23/02 - IP#:  
I have always been overweight. I didn't really pay attention to it until last November when I went to my physical. The dotor told me I weighed 138 lbs. I cut down on junk food and lost 8 lbs befor X-mas. In February, I became Lactose Intolerant, which because I couldn't eat ice cream and other milk products, dropped me down to 118 in 3 weeks. I am now 120 and I just wanted to say that if you belive in your self, that you can do it. It also helps to do it with a friend!

From Camille, Age 14, female - 07/21/02 - IP#:  
Hey, first of all I just want to say...If I can do it...ANYBODY can do it. Seriously, I'm 5'5 and weighed 145 pounds. Not that I was seriously overweight but I wasn't thin enough to my liking, plus I couldn't where cute little shirts without a jelly role hanging out the sides! First, I thought that if I just cut all my meals in half, it'd do the trick...WRONG, so I instead ate healthier- no more hamburgers, instead of 4 slcies of pizza - only 1 slice, friuts and veggies for snacks. Well that did help me and helped me lose 10 pounds in only two weeks! But then I was stuck in a rut at 135 and no matter what I did, my weight wouldn't go down anymore. Then, I realized I had been forgetting the most important thing of all: EXERCISE. I'm not a really active person so I ran/jogged for 25 minutes everyday on my mom's treadmill and after that did 3 sets of 10 crunches. Beleive me, that was the... (view more)

From Tree, Age 15, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
Im 5'10 and I used to be 150lbs. I felt i was over weight, so i went on a diet of good healthy foods. I also excersized 5 days a week. My excersizes include jogging/walking, jump rope, crunches, weight lifting(for tone), and of coarse the stair master. By doing this I lost 5lbs a week, and in just a month I was down to my goal weight of 130lbs. I have never felt better, not to mention all the confidence I have now.Tip: Lay off junk food; Have a FRUIT instead. Fruits are just as tasty.

From Priscilla, Age 16, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
Ok I used to weight 180lbs. which was alot! I wasn't feeling pretty confident in myself. My clothes wouldn't fit just how I wanted them to fit. So I started a Diet of not eating any junk food or any fast food places. Every weekend like Saturdays and Sundays in the morning I would go jog for like 20 minutes and drink alot of water ofcourse with my little am/fm radio. In 4 weeks I lost 25lbs. Now I weigh 155lbs. and I'm really happy! I'm going to continue till I reach my goal of 125lbs.

From Leslie, Age 17, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal yet but I have lost 2 lbs. in the past 2 days and I'm very happy. I did by swimming 30 minutes each day and cutting back my foods in 1/2. It works! ;)

From Amanda, Age 10, female - 07/17/02 - IP#:  
well i just ate the right foods and did lots of excersise the exsercise that mostly made me lose weight was walking after that i was happyand i could do all sorts of things i was happy~~~!!!

From Camille, Age 14, female - 07/15/02 - IP#:  
My weight peaked when it was Christmas time last year, I was shocked to discover I weighed 185, I knew something had to be done! But I was lazy at first, but still in a period of a few months I lost 10 pounds by incorporating a little exercise. Then more recently I decided to really crank it up a notch, cut out as much junk as possible and exercise every day. I've lost another 5 pounds since then. I am still losing weight and I hope to reach 145 around October. (By the way I am 5'8".)Good luck everyone! Don't give up! Remember that everyone has their bad days.

From Rachel, Age 13, female - 07/12/02 - IP#:  
Hey yall! I first want to say how much i appriciate this page. It gives us all hope-and a ton of motivation. If youre still having trouble losing the weight that you want to remeber this:DONT GIVE UP!!!!i weighed 157 an december of 2002(im 5'5) and have lost 22lbs since then, the remaining mostly being muscle. I ran almost every night, and followed one of the most important rules of dieting:eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. in other words, eat a large breakfast, medium lunch, and a very small dinner

From Kim, Age 19, female - 07/11/02 - IP#:  
I'm 5'9" which pretty tall and have a little bit of muscule but still weight at about 250. I was in track and made all-state but I figured out that in just 2 weeks I've lost 15 lbs. from the slimfast diet. All I did was substitute a shake for breakfast and lunch and not a eat a big dinner. I also cut out all pop and drank water and sports drinks. I'll try to keep it up and if I can do it you can too!

From cassie, Age 14, female - 07/11/02 - IP#:  
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From Marina, Age 14, female - 07/10/02 - IP#:  
Hey! I've gone from 137lbs, down to 128 this past week. It was hard work, eating smaller meals, getting more exercise & doing fun activities. SO FOR EVERYONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN'T DO IT, JUST GET INVOLVED IN THE ACTIVITIES U LOVE MOST!! I've done volleyball camp for 2 weeks, soccer, & running with my dog! its a lot more fun when you're doign what u like...good luck!

From Paris, Age 15, female - 07/07/02 - IP#:  
Well I wanna start off by saying to everyone that you can do, regardless of what anyone says to you. I came to this site in March of 2002 and I really wanted to loose weight. I weighed 169 and now it is July and I weigh almost 140. All I did was cut down on fatty foods, late night snacks, and I exercised. Drinking a lot of water worked too because it kinda feels you up. Don't worry if you lost a little weight and doesn't look like it to you but trust me others will see it. Just stay positive about yourself and the diet and you will be shedding pounds in no time. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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