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From Mascon, Age 14, male - 12/31/01 - IP#:  
Well, for me it was mostly growing. when i was about 10, i gained a lot of weight, over a hundred pounds in two years. But the summer before i turned 13 i really started growing, as well as exercising more. so now, more then a year later much of the fat was replaced by muscle( and i've always had large bones) and i'm 6'4" and weigh 239 pounds.

From Dawn, Age 13, female - 12/20/01 - IP#:  
I used to be nearly 9 stone!! now that may not seem alot for a 13 yr old but it really was and i just wanted to be a perfect adverage weight like 7 and 3/4 stone and i new it would be hard but after just to months i did it because i new i wanted to be perfect and i have gained so much confidance what u need to do to keep to a diet is get some extra 2 small clothes (jean etc...) and obv it will be small but ya target will b to try and fit in them! good luckxxx

From Kiley, Age 13, female - 12/17/01 - IP#:  
Well I was 190lbs. And I love to watch Buffy, Brittney, Ext... And every time i saw them i wondered to myself how do they do it? So since I liked Brittney my parents gave me tickets to one of her concerts and my Big Sis. gave me Backstage passes. So when I got there I was looking cute... but I got next to Brittney. She was soooo skiney. Since I was as tall as her I whispered to her How do you do it? She replyed I work out, eat right and dance. I asked her if it was easy. she said no but then she said she would be back in Baton Rough soon. I told her I would meet her next time she came. One year later I went to her concert again... I stood next to her... And boom! I looked exactly like her with freckles and flaming red hair!!! Now I am 19 and I look exacly like I did last month. So that is my and B.S.'s advice 4 u.

From Zoe, Age 10, female - 12/16/01 - IP#:  
I haven't yet but i am trying, I have lost 14 pounds but i have to lose another 14 so i can be the right size again. what is incuriginging me is when i had the chicken pox in may I went down to 4.10 stone, then i weighed myself today i was 7.12!i HAVE TO GET DOWN please can somebody tell me what i can do to lose weight! P.S If any one is anorexic don't be! You just get fatter, beleive me I know a lot of people who is, please help me i wanna look nice for 2002! thanx

From Samantha, Age 11, female - 12/01/01 - IP#:  
I was able to reach my weight goal by exersising.

From Brittany, Age 16, female - 11/25/01 - IP#:  
Hey everyone! I am still far away from my weight goal, but I have went from 270-195, and size 21-13!!!!!! I am still overweight but I will get to my goal with time. I have done it by eating sensibly, and exercising. If you would like to talk to me you can E-mail me at

From Kelsey, Age 15, female - 11/17/01 - IP#:  
I am not quite there yet, but so far I have lost 20 pounds and I have been eating plenty. What I have been doing is not snacking as much. I made a rule: No eating while watching Tv. Also when I snack I try to eat healthy things and than at meals have what ever I want because my problem has been snaking to much. Alot of times I wasn't hungry, and I didn't even like wehat I was eating but I just had to eat someting, I thought couldn't help it cause I was an emotional eater (when ever I had any feelings I stuffed my face with food). Well now I just busy myself with things and so I am not thinking about food. Or if I feel like eating when I am not hungry I look into this website or a weightloss book and that sets my mind in a mood of "you can do it".

From Diana, Age 15, female - 11/13/01 - IP#:  
Ive probably been through the fastest weight change from fin to fat back to fin. About 2 or 3 months ago I was a slender skinny attractive girl with lots of boyfriends and a body to die for. I had always eat alot but I was one of these people who never seen to put on weight but one day it all cought up with me I first noticed it when I was getting into a shower I took off my shirt and for the first time in my life flab rolled over my belt. I looked at it and thought it isn't to much it will pass. Anyway a week later I was getting dressed and I had one of those really tight tops I put it on and pulled it down I turned around and it slid back up my body and over my then plump round belly. This was when I started to get worried. A couple days later I was at school I had just finished my lunch I had gone back for seconds several times totally forgetting about the event a couple days ago.... (view more)

From Egypt, Age 13, female - 11/12/01 - IP#:  
Hey every one! when i was 11 i thought i was overweight, and i was right. my mom had just started a weight loss program (he and i had ben trying them by the thousands together!) and she finnaly found 1 that worked, well it involved taking pills and shots so i did not want to do it. but i did eat right just like her, i became a vegitarian i lost 30 pounds and was perfect so @ this time i was 11 yrs old 5'0 and 95 pounds. then there came a VERY depressing time in my life (REALLY long story) and i became to eat again, i gained back more weight and i went from a 14 little girls to a 7 jr, @ this point i started eating meat again, the day i started to loose weight again was when i saw britney spears on tv i looked at my big belly and looked at her EXTREMLY small tummy i cried and started to become a vegitarian again, i also excersied every time i came up to do a sit up i closed my eyes and ... (view more)

From Suraye, Age 15, female - 11/10/01 - IP#:  
Around 3 months into my Freshman year I moved to a new town, new school, new everything. I was 5'4 and weighed 129 pounds. Although I know I didn't look fat, I looked really thick. Thick thighs, thick middle. Thick BUTT! Well within the next two months I cut down my food, almost in half and drank so much water like a mad woman! That month I went back to my old school and I was 108 pounds. I still am! My figure is so cute now because I have a little waist and nice curvy hips!

From BETTAY!!, Age 15, female - 11/09/01 - IP#:  
ok...last year i weighed 140 pounds. I know weigh 125. I did this within a month. The main THING here people is to stop whining, stop feeling sorry for yourself- no one can help you, you can only help yourself. You may want to lose the weight RIGHT NOW but low and behold, NO you will not lose it all over night. I busted my ASS losing 15 pounds in that amount of time, but i was motivated too. When you have the'll happen...
lots o' luv***pEaCe

From sarah, Age 17, female - 11/06/01 - IP#:  
I weighed 14 st and a size 18 and i cut down on greasy unhealthy food and i now way 10 stn size 10!!!

From ashley, Age 14, female - 11/06/01 - IP#:  
hey guys!!
When I was going into grade 7 I had a weight problem and I was not ashamed of it, until I started to get teased. I had to do something about it. So I started to excerisize swimming and dancing. Over the summer of grade 7 I lost about 15lbs. So I was not chubby and hardly called fat or bad names. So soon I became a good weight were I was not fat but still a little over weight. About a size 30 in jeans and I was only 12. So the summer of grade 8 going into highschool. I lost 10lbs. Then I was at an average weight. Once I started to look good I was happy. But still not skinny and the weight I wanted to be. I had quit swimming and started aerobics which helped me a lot more. I still also did dance and speed walking for fun. Highschool was a big thing and when skinny girls got all the I
attention from all of the guys I was jealous. So I went on my own diet... (view more)

From Tiffany, Age 14, female - 11/01/01 - IP#:  
I HAVEN'T EXACYTLY GOTTEN TO MY WEIGHT GOAL. I weight 159 lbs. my goal weight is 140lbs. istarted dieghting 2 weeks ago and lost two pounds

From Paco, Age 17, male - 10/31/01 - IP#:  
I used to weigh 323 pounds and now I weigh 150. I learned if you dont eat ,but drink a lot of water you will lose weight.

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