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From Katie, Age 12, female - 08/19/01 - IP#:  
I was 122 pounds and now I,m 113 pounds.In one month by doing serving sizes and excersizes,I lost 9 pounds.Jumping rope is the best because it is fun and you can work out !!

From Kat, Age 15, female - 08/16/01 - IP#:  
I used to be 195lbs and I felt really bad about it, so I decided to go on a diet, I only ate 500 calories a day and tried to exercise at least every other day. It worked really well, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and now I weigh 185lbs. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal of 125, but I know I can do it. By the way, if you wanted to know, I'm 5'6". If you'd like to chat with me, please feel free to email me at

From Kelley, Age 13, female - 08/16/01 - IP#:  
I was able 2 reach my goal of going from 130 to 115 bye eating nothing white! NOTHING bread...pasta...milk...mozzarella cheese....cottage chesse...or yougurt..ect.. NOTHING white...i walked everyday! and ate no deserts! i lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks

From Sheila, Age 15, female - 08/15/01 - IP#:  
I lost 20 Pounds in one month by playing volleyball! Not just playing aroumd volleyball but real volleyball cuaz i play for my school! I also had very lite meals and watched what i ate! I was 196 now i'm 176! I got 30 more pounds to go to be in the normal weight range! it will be hard but im going to do it!If you need any help loosing weight email me @!

From x, Age 14, male - 08/11/01 - IP#:  
i lost 10 more pounds in 1 week by biking

From meg, Age 18, female - 08/06/01 - IP#:  
Well I was 5'7 and 147 pounds. Now I am 5'7 and 124 pounds. I feel great. I ate cereal for breakkie, no lunch (or maybe some fruit but it made me bloated) ate a proper dinner. No snacks. I go the gym 4 time a week to burn off an extra 2000 calories a week.

From Bobby, Age 16, - 08/06/01 - IP#:  
I watch ed what i ate and i lost 29 punds and next i am going to work on six pack of abs.

From maggie, Age 12, female - 08/04/01 - IP#:  
Hey guys, with WW I lost 6 more pounds in 2 weeks! That brings my total to 17.2lbs lost! YAY!!!!

From Katherine, Age 14, female - 08/03/01 - IP#:  
I am overweight-I am 14 and I weigh 240 puonds! I feel so shy around people at school or in a new place because I am overweight. Just recently I started a diet. I feel GREAT! Even though you may look the same you feel different, like the earth was released from your shoulders! I lost 10 punds in 5 weeks! I am so happy, I feel like I can do almost anything and everything. To me, I have more confidence to talk to people I want to meet. Now I have more friends than ever.

From sarah, Age 11, female - 07/24/01 - IP#:  
i havent reached my goal yet but i have lost some weight. i done that by just not eating as much. and,of course,exercising.

From sarah, Age 11, female - 07/24/01 - IP#:  
i was able to reach my goal by just not eating as much. i also exercised in my pool
cut out all your snack food.

From Maggie, Age 12, female - 07/23/01 - IP#:  
GUYS WEIGHT WATCHERS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! In just 3 weeks I lost 13 pounds! I'm happy! I'm now 32 pounds away from my goal of 155! Good luck to you all... Maggie (5'9") PS - on older posts I said I was 185, well turns out my stupid scale was broken cause the one at WW said I was 200...EEP! not anymore hehehe

From Lorie, Age 15, female - 07/22/01 - IP#:  
I was able to reach my weight goal but eating less meat and more fruits and veggies.

From Chrissy, Age 15, female - 07/21/01 - IP#:  
Hey everyone now i know you need some more spirit to start yr new "road to a better life and body" and thats great well done on making this step to even try to lose wieght!! That was the hardest step,(i used to wieght 160lbs) Ive lost 12pounds over about 4 weeks and a half by watching what i eat and EXERCIZIN!!!! yup u cant do one without the other. Its summer and its hard to stay away from yummy summer foods but u can do it!!!!!!! For me the food i cant live without is TUNA!!!YUMM!!!!(and if u say eww to that well, i bet theres something u like that i dont!!) Anyway ive been working out quite a bit giving myself one day off from exercise each week. I do 30min on a stationary bike and do this weight training program that i found in Good HOusekeeping get this u do this diet for 6 weeks and u drop a dress size or 10-15pounds!!! And its easy and doesnt come with a strict diet***The good... (view more)

From Erica, Age 13, female - 07/09/01 - IP#:  
i was able to do this by eating healthy and exercising

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