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From jessica, Age 24, female - 08/05/02 - IP#:  
I just kept pushng myself and my confidence telling myself anything is possible after almost 2 yrs after giving birth to a beautiful son I thought I would never loose the weight the fat but with the help of my family and my believing Im back to the size I wanted lost 15 pound GOOD LUCK AND DON'T GIVE UP!

From Marci, Age 18, female - 08/03/02 - IP#:  
Alright, so a about 6 months ago i moved to a different country..and being homesick made me head straight towards the fridge. Not cool. I', 5'9" and in January i was 130lbs and meas. of 34,27,36 and by June i was 34,32,40 and 145lbs. Might not sound like much, but it was a HUGE difference..most of my pants wouldn't even button anymore...urg. So I decided maybe I should do something. I started eating that Special K cereal for breakfast and dinner, and a good lunch, NOT HUGE but nice and complete. Chicken, veggies, soup. And LOTS of Jello in between :) Mostly because it gives you the feeling of being full b-c it IS like a solid food, but it's a liquid so it digests faster. CHEW YOUR FOOD A LOT, trust me you have NO idea how much a lil more saliva can help boost your metabolism, it's proven, look it up ;) And i excersice 2 hrs a day, walk for an hour and bike for another. So far, after a month, i'm down to 34,28,37 and 134lbs. Not much i know but i haven't been 100% faithful ;) what can i say..i'm only human.

From Leslie, Age 17, female - 08/03/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal but I have lost 7 lbs. trust me its the best feeling in th world!! Keep trying if you are having a hard time b/c at first I was hard then about after a couple weeks of excercising and dieting the weight just started coming off fast! Just keep trying. Trust me if I can you can too!!! I did it by eating healthy and swimming laps in my pool! :o)

From manda, Age 14, female - 07/30/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal of 118 yet. But I have only been on weight watchers diet for two weeks. I didn't want to starve myself and lose only water weight, I wanted a healthy way to make sure weight stayed off and to be skinny, which has never happened to me. I'm 5'4" and 161 1/2 lbs. I started 2 weeks ago, and lost 6lbs since then. Which is healthy. ( And I've done beach body exercise tapes. And I've already lost an inch off of my waist. People actually have told me I look thinner. After 6lbs. Must be the toning from the tapes. ;-) You can do all the food right, but exercise is an important key. I used to dread it, but now I've made it a habit. To do in the morning, before I eat breakfast. So nothing else, "comes up" and I don't have to dread it all day. I started at 167 1/2, and I want to lose 50lbs. So 117 1/2lbs would be my goal. For my age and height, 118 is... (view more)

From Susan, Age 12, female - 07/30/02 - IP#:  
I lost 25 pounds on two months, by doing a weight loss video called The Firm all of you should try it, and good luck to all of you who want to lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Leslie, Age 17, female - 07/26/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my weight goal yet but I have lost 5 lbs. and I'm so proud!!! If I can do it trust me anyone can do it!!! :o) All I've done is been swimming laps in my pool 30 min. a day and eating less!!!

From Beth, Age 13, female - 07/25/02 - IP#:  
In 6 months i lost 4 and a half stone!! All i did was made sure i did at least half an hour to an hour of excercise a day. I would go swimming twice a week, and do areboics once a week, i also joined a gym, and went 3 times a week! and i cut down my calorie intake to 1500 a day, and drank ice cold water, or herbal tea. I asked my mom to hide the scales, so i wouldnt weigh myself every day, and become really dissapointed i hadnt lost any, and it gave me the will to carry on. Then once a month or once every 2 months i would weigh myself!! everyone can do it i no they can!

From Tianna, Age 11, female - 07/24/02 - IP#:  
i ran everyday for 2 hours but took brakes and we are kids and we are very active weather you overweight or not. and i walk through a park and ride my bike alot

From Court, Age 14, female - 07/23/02 - IP#:  
I told myself that I could do it, and didn't give up, and whenever I binged, I ran, and whenever I did good, I rewarded myself with more sleep :P

From J, Age 12, male - 07/23/02 - IP#:  
I have always been overweight. I didn't really pay attention to it until last November when I went to my physical. The dotor told me I weighed 138 lbs. I cut down on junk food and lost 8 lbs befor X-mas. In February, I became Lactose Intolerant, which because I couldn't eat ice cream and other milk products, dropped me down to 118 in 3 weeks. I am now 120 and I just wanted to say that if you belive in your self, that you can do it. It also helps to do it with a friend!

From Camille, Age 14, female - 07/21/02 - IP#:  
Hey, first of all I just want to say...If I can do it...ANYBODY can do it. Seriously, I'm 5'5 and weighed 145 pounds. Not that I was seriously overweight but I wasn't thin enough to my liking, plus I couldn't where cute little shirts without a jelly role hanging out the sides! First, I thought that if I just cut all my meals in half, it'd do the trick...WRONG, so I instead ate healthier- no more hamburgers, instead of 4 slcies of pizza - only 1 slice, friuts and veggies for snacks. Well that did help me and helped me lose 10 pounds in only two weeks! But then I was stuck in a rut at 135 and no matter what I did, my weight wouldn't go down anymore. Then, I realized I had been forgetting the most important thing of all: EXERCISE. I'm not a really active person so I ran/jogged for 25 minutes everyday on my mom's treadmill and after that did 3 sets of 10 crunches. Beleive me, that was the... (view more)

From Tree, Age 15, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
Im 5'10 and I used to be 150lbs. I felt i was over weight, so i went on a diet of good healthy foods. I also excersized 5 days a week. My excersizes include jogging/walking, jump rope, crunches, weight lifting(for tone), and of coarse the stair master. By doing this I lost 5lbs a week, and in just a month I was down to my goal weight of 130lbs. I have never felt better, not to mention all the confidence I have now.Tip: Lay off junk food; Have a FRUIT instead. Fruits are just as tasty.

From Priscilla, Age 16, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
Ok I used to weight 180lbs. which was alot! I wasn't feeling pretty confident in myself. My clothes wouldn't fit just how I wanted them to fit. So I started a Diet of not eating any junk food or any fast food places. Every weekend like Saturdays and Sundays in the morning I would go jog for like 20 minutes and drink alot of water ofcourse with my little am/fm radio. In 4 weeks I lost 25lbs. Now I weigh 155lbs. and I'm really happy! I'm going to continue till I reach my goal of 125lbs.

From Leslie, Age 17, female - 07/20/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal yet but I have lost 2 lbs. in the past 2 days and I'm very happy. I did by swimming 30 minutes each day and cutting back my foods in 1/2. It works! ;)

From Amanda, Age 10, female - 07/17/02 - IP#:  
well i just ate the right foods and did lots of excersise the exsercise that mostly made me lose weight was walking after that i was happyand i could do all sorts of things i was happy~~~!!!

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