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From Sara, Age 13, female - 02/04/03 - IP#:  
When i was young i had alot of baby fat , it didnt annoy me until about 5th grade when i noticed all of the girls losing thier baby fat , except me , i felt very awkward around them so i ate more and got REALLY FAT ! I went from 106 to 168 by 6th grade , i got so sick of being fat i started excersicing everyday and slowly began to lose weight , now im in seventh gradea and ive lost 70 pounds !

From Jamie, Age 14, female - 01/31/03 - IP#:  
I went to Florida on vacation for a week. Every day I walked at least five hours. If we had to pick a place to eat, I'd pick the farthest restaurant. I had fun walking, so I didn't feel tired or sore. I only ate when I was hungery. I drank only water or diet pepsi the whole time. I lost about five pounds in that one week, I went down to a size seven in jeans (I started at 10s & 11s) Since then I have been dancing to up beat music, eated healthy, and drank mostly water. That one week made me want to lose more. Poeple are noticing the difference already. If you can't force to walk some where get someone to drop you off about four miles away from home (I go from school to home which is four miles) and walk back, don't call someone to pick you up. Carry bottles of water though. I've started to get more and more confident around people at school, now that I've lost some weight. Just focous on your own goals, not other's. I am 5'3" and I am now 135lbs. Ten less then I started, all in one month.

From SHANNON SANDIGO, Age 11, female - 01/25/03 - IP#:  

From jennifer, Age 13, female - 01/24/03 - IP#:  
hey there losing wieght is very hard but if you stick to it you may reach your goal like me.doing taebo was an pleasure it was fun and easy. it help you by losing weight and be strong about yourself. if you haven't try it my geuss is try it.

From jeff, Age 14, male - 01/24/03 - IP#:  
In about two weeks i have lost 6 lbs from 126 to 120. It is kinda hard the first couple days but once you get through its really easy and its worth it. What i do is i eat like a light breakfast like cereal and lunch fat free foods that are good like pudding and lays chips. I drink water all of the time and sometimes diet coke u get used to it quick. I eat what ever is for dinner and i dont snack on junk food. I also run every night while watching tv about burning 400 calories,and every other night i do crunches and push ups. I want to lose like 6 more so good luck hope this helped.

From megan, Age 14, female - 01/23/03 - IP#:  
Once i got into 9th grade...i started getting chubby around my thighs, hips, stomach, and arms. I cheer so that helped me lose a little bit. I wasn't like huge, but I had cooking class which we cooked almost everyday in. We made things like brownies and cake and cookies and every fattening thing you could think of. I weighed about 125 pounds when cooking ended. It has been about a month or longer and spring break is coming up soon but I now weigh 113 lbs. I am a little happier but I hope to get around 107 or something just so my tummy gets smaller! By the way I am about 5'3. I walk on an elevated treadmil for 15 minutes a day in which I burn 306 calories. it's not easy, your legs get really tired, and i do 100 crunches, and exercises for my hips and thighs. YOU CAN DO IT !!! Don't let people tell you you're fat just do something about it! I eat almost low-fat or fat free everything but... (view more)

From Greg, Age 33, male - 01/23/03 - IP#:  
Of course you all know it wasn't easy. I first had to really BE READY and WILLING to change. I gradually gave up on all candy, desserts, fast foods and junk food,....period. Hey, I wasn't perfect but I was doing really well and by doing it day by day it became easier. I had started to eat right! Three or four small meals per day worked well. I was eating low fat & fat free foods. You can find fat free foods at any local supermarket. Smaller portions at meal time is important, but start gradually. I would not snack the way I used to between meals, you know, See food. If I could see it I would eat it. HA HA HA. In the begining I was going hungry about an hour or two before my next meal. That was a big mistake, because it made me feel irritable and it also affected my attitude. Although I had gotten used to it, it surely was an unhealthy behavior. I later learned to have a healthy snack in ... (view more)

From ahlie, Age 13, female - 01/19/03 - IP#:  
i was 200 pounds i wanted to become atleast 150and so i only ate 3 meals a day before i ate like 7 meals a day and i drank alot off water and went jogging with my aunt and in 2 weeks i lost 20 pounds and in another 2 weeks i lost another 20 pounds and i kept it off so now i weigh about 160 pounds i am so happy

From Chicken Women, Age 13, female - 01/18/03 - IP#:  
i've lost 13lbs in three weeks! all i did was eat more healthy foods and went to a gym

From Victoria, Age 13, female - 01/18/03 - IP#:  
well i'm not quite there yet but i'm doing really well (or so i think!) all i do is eat a relatively big breakfast of either cereal or natural yogurt or eggs (none of these things r more than 100 calories) so i'm full 4 the rest of the day. then i eat no snakcs just meals, hav lots of fruit & veg & hav very small portians of things like potatoes. the weights dropping off me!

From Ruud, Age 29, male - 01/18/03 - IP#:  
When I was 25 I weighted over 300 pounds. i gained so much weight by eating poorly and irregular combined with a lack of sportive activities. I felt neagtive about my self and it showed. My gf got fed up with it and broke off...that for me was a turning point. I gained 110 pounds in 5 years to become over 300 pounds and I relaized that by continuing this way I would not live to see my 50, birtday. That woke me up, first I started walking. Running was not in it for me cause the weight would put too much pressure on my knees and encles. So first i started walking, After I lost about 50 pounds I started to work out a little and learning about eating and all. By realizing my bodies energy-needs I learned all about food and sport. it resulted in losing 120 pounds in about 11 months on a natural base. No supplements what so ever. These days I advice people on how to eat, live and sport. I thank my result too my mentality, willpower and disciplin.

From Liz, Age 15, female - 01/17/03 - IP#:  
Well I haven' really lost any weight but i'm tyring to and i need to get some advice and i was wondering how you guys did it please send me some and

From Patricia, Age 20, female - 01/16/03 - IP#:  
Hi! I was a skinny skinny kid, until puberty. Then I gained weight... I ended up at 5'5" and 165 pounds. I didn't even realize I was fat until a relative pointed it out to me and wanted to support me losing weight.What I did was restrict all snacks. I used to eat cubes of cheese and drink milk in the afternoon... no more. Whenever Mom came home with Little Debbie cakes, I took one but stored it in the freezer instead of eating it. That way I felt like I wasn't missing out.I ate 3 meals a day, but never had seconds. I also never ever ate desserts or sweet things, except for fruits. The longer you go without cake and ice cream, the less you will want to eat them.Well, I lost 20 pounds in one summer, without exercizing, just dieting. Later on when I got older, I lost 20 more pounds, and now I weigh a slim 120. If you do what I did, you can weigh less and still be healthy.

From Brenden, Age 15, male - 01/09/03 - IP#:  
well i'm not at my goal weight yet, but i hav lost 70 pounds. When i was 14 I weighed 230 pounds, and over the summer and till yesterday 1-9-02 i weighed in at 160 pounds. I want to get to 140 pounds though or maybe even 130, somewhere between there. My whole life i was being made fun of and during the summer i made a goal to lose some weight. I hung out with all the "cool kids" and stuff, but the girls didn't like me. I was being made fun of so i started listenin to music. PUNK music, and it inspired me to lose weight, i started playing guitar and singing in a band, we practiced a lot, and a lot of singing. with all that i got sweaty and burned calories i guess. I didn't eat as much because i was too busy and my mind was on music and girls. hehe. yeh the whole summer i lost 50 pounds, and at the end of the summer until now i had lost 20 more pounds. I found something to... (view more)

From Angel, Age 14, female - 01/09/03 - IP#:  
i always knew i was a bit on the "chubby" side, and i decided that i wanted to do something to get me more fit and more into shape. i excercise regularly and have lost weight, most of my clothes have gone big and ive started to buy smaller sizes, im still workin my way to reach my goal fully.people can reach it by having confidence and faith in themselves.

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