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From katie, Age 13, female - 03/12/03 - IP#:  
i was never super big, but i would be about 120 - 125 lbs. in only grade 6, and i wasn't super tall. i've been taking swimming lessons, and i dance to music in my basement, so i have lost weight. i've lost about 10 lbs. and i look much better! its not that hard and i wasn't even setting a goal or nethang, i didn't even notice it was happening!

From hannah, Age 13, female - 03/04/03 - IP#:  
hey my names hannah last year around february i was 133 pounds and 5'2. i was pretty chubby and eventually i was like um ya this has got to go. i started running every night and eating better. at camp i ate really well and now , about a year after i started i am 110 pounds and i have grown about four inches, so i am really thin.....i look aweosme i am so happy with myself

From anoymous, Age 17, female - 03/04/03 - IP#:  
i went on my first diet when i was five. for some reason i had always thought i was fat the funny thing is now that i am older i look back at the photographs of myself and realize i wasn't i just believed it because that is what my mother told me. that was the beggining of my struggle with weight since then through constant dieting i had developed a weight problem i tried starvation one meal a day eating the same thing eating salads for lunch and almost took some diet pills almost i'm glad i didn't then one day i fianlly saw the light i stopped searching for a miracle the one diet that was going to make me then froever you know the diet where you can still eat mashed potatoes and ice cream and lose weight without exercise this time i tried the one thing i had heard medical experts reccomend but diddn't believe actually worked i began to exercise cut calories by a moderate amount i ate... (view more)

From Jermaine, Age 13, male - 02/26/03 - IP#:  
Hi my name is jermaine i am 13 and I am 5.10 143 pounds I use to weigh 151. I did it by drinking lots of water

From Kassy, Age 13, female - 02/26/03 - IP#:  
hey! when i was in grade 6 i started to eat alot becuz i went out oalot with my friends and they all had fast food so every time i gained aleast 2 punds and by time grade eight came around i weighed 174 now im started my diet and i have lost 15 pounds in one month i now weigh 159 so by time grade nine comes by i will be normal weight just stick to your diet and dont put yourself down if people tell you your fat becuz when i got called fat i ate more so just listen to yourselfYOU CAN DO IT IF YOU STICK WITH YOUR DIET AND DONT EAT JUNK FOOD AND DRINK ALOT OF WATER!!!:)

From Lili, Age 13, female - 02/24/03 - IP#:  
i already put my success story on here i just remebered something i meant to put.STOP EATTING JUNKFOOD IF U WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! if u get a craving for something yummy like pizza or bacon don't eat that grab an apple they are yummy they have vitimins and are good for your health! banannas are yummy too. and to lose weight you also have to be active. instead of just doing PE at school get into athletics and if that is not possible then work in the garden or go ride a bike, roller bladeing is alot of fun too. LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS YOU CAN DO IT DON'T GIVE UP!!!love ya buncheslili

From kirsty, Age 11, female - 02/24/03 - IP#:  
when i was younger i was over weight and went out with some older people i was having so much fun i was only eating when i was hungry and i was running lots too and because of that i lost 5 pounds in one day so ive learnt try and keep yourself busy and u wont eat cause of bourdem

From Lili, Age 13, female - 02/23/03 - IP#:  
Hi i was once overweight i weighed 130 and i was about 5'2. this is how i lost the weight.....i stopped eatting alot of junkfood. i ate ALOT of junkfood. and i also had a major growth spurt! i shot up 4.5 inches since last year!!! i am now 5'6.5 and 100 lbs. so if u are a gurl and u are still young about 11 or 12 and u have not had a major growth spurt then don''t worry because u will get one soon and ur bmi will go down. but also remember to STOP EATING JUNKFOOD!!!

From liz, Age 18, female - 02/20/03 - IP#:  
congrats to tony but i agree with ami id go insane just eating salad. you can lose weight eating normal food just less of it.

From ami, Age 15, female - 02/19/03 - IP#:  
thats dumb only eating slad each day but well done man

From Tony, Age 19, male - 02/17/03 - IP#:  
I am fat but since ive gone to the extreme of only eatin salad once a day and water everyday I do 50 push ups and 50 sit ups I run everyday at least 2 miles for 3 months straight I weighed 280 pounds now i way 230 in about 2 months im planning to reach 200 then i could start seing my abs and start living like a true man should live beautiful. have a nice day push urself to the extreme til u puke YOU WILL SUCEED THINK BOUT IT U CAN DO IT!!!!!!

From Lacy, Age 17, female - 02/15/03 - IP#:  
For the past two years I have steadly been gaining weight. I hated every pound I gained, and finally when I was approaching 200 pounds, I made an attempt to lose all my newly added poundage. Im effect, I actually GAINED ten more! I stayed strong and determined - and was finally 115 pounds. Yet, even after reaching my goal - I continued to drop weight. Everyone was telling me I had lost too much. When I reached about 100 pounds; It finally sunk in that I had over-done my dieting - and I gained back some weight. Now I am 5'4 and 120 pounds. I am healthy and happy. And strong. I am also a dancer and proud to be thin. Good luck to everyone who is working on their image. Just don't go too far.

From Trystan, Age 20, male - 02/12/03 - IP#:  
When i was 7 i started gaining weight, by the time i was 14, i was 245 pounds.My junior year in highschool was hell,i was up to 298 pounds. I felt i was drowing myself in fat, so i decided to do something about it. I began slow, i started walking drinking lots of water and eating healther. When graduation came around it was 16 months later and 148 pounds lighter. I know weigh 130 pounds and i feel and look great. It was a hard road but paid of in the end.

From Nick, Age 14, male - 02/09/03 - IP#:  
At the age of 12 i was 148 and i was shocked at my weight i mean my brothers are supper skinny and i was overweight.When i saw me in a picture a decided to go on a diet.I ate whole grain cereal for breakfast and fruits for lunch i cut potatoes out of my diet and i rode my bike for an 1hr a day.So far I lost 12 pounds in a month and a half.My goal is 120 i will keep you updated.

From Rachel, Age 16, female - 02/08/03 - IP#:  
hi everyone. i haven't reached my weight goal yet, but i'm getting there! i used to starve myself and when i stopped, i put all the weight back on adn even more!! i tried to go on diet again but i failed so many times. but didn't give up. about 2 weeks, i really started eating healthy and exercising regularly. all i did was cut down on junk food and other fatty food and exerise 15 minutes a day and built up to 20 minutes. well, guess what? my pants that used to be really tight on me r already a bit loose!! now i know that i'll reach my weight goal in no time!! for those of u who r starving themselves or trying to starve themselves. IT'S NOT WORTH IT! trust me...i've been there before and it's bad. u can't starve urself forever. so when u go back to ur normal eating pattern, u will put ALL the weight back on and even MORE!!! i hope my story helped :)

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