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From Keren, Age 12, female - 12/21/02 - IP#:  
Hey it is me Keren again! All i gots to say is a did what Lyna did and i am starting lose weight and it really hasn't even been to close to a week since i found out what to do! Say the way you like your self and god bless all!

From marie, Age 15, female - 12/20/02 - IP#:  
well done tiif

From marie, Age 15, female - 12/20/02 - IP#:  
well done tiif

From Tiff, Age 14, female - 12/18/02 - IP#:  
Hey-- i have made my goal! i have lost 73 lbs! i lost most of it in 6months! I exercise 3 times a week and i drink tons of water!! I dont eat that much and if i do eat more its either a fruit or a salad!! I used to weigh 200 something pounds and now i weight 146!! its a big difference!! i feel so much better my goal is 130 it wont take me that long to loose it if i keep working out and eattin right.. well Good luck~~

From leanne, Age 16, female - 12/18/02 - IP#:  
hey guys{again} did you know walking, not running, helps you to lose weight faster and achieve a flat stomach ?? Just letten ya know from experience..also stretch.... a lot

From Leanne, Age 16, female - 12/18/02 - IP#:  
hey Guys. OK i have been reading this board and i just wanted to add some tips and straighten out some myths people have been thinking will help them lose weight.people, to lose weight successfully you have to work for it..i mean really work.drink a lot of lots of excersize every day{30 min}.seriously,get rid of all useless carbs and saturated fats like cake , candy,all soda,no junk food!! no chocolate, or foods you would go to for comfort or habit. another tip is to train yourself is to not automatically walk by the refridgerator and open it ..its not there...dont expect too much too fast, especially if you cheat yourself, but look at fitness magazines for tips, cut back on breads, cookies,crackers...try to incorporate a lot more protien like steak,chicken,lunchmeat,eggs,nuts[not too many}.you guys, i know from experience, think about how if you tone up in summer you can wear... (view more)

From Ashley, Age 15, female - 12/16/02 - IP#:  
I used to be 176 pounds and i was only 5'2. Now i am 136. I lost 40 pounds total and i have not reached my goal yet but i am still trying to. I want to weigh 125 so i got 11 pounds to go. I lost these pounds by taking these diet pills called Fasting for children. They make you not hungry and they give you energy. And i loss all this weigh in only 4 months. My doctor reccomoned them to me so it can gve me a jump start. Now i am no longer taking the pills but iam still working at losing that last 15 pounds. If you have any questions feel free to email.

From Keren, Age 12, female - 12/16/02 - IP#:  
Hey its Keren again!!! I was reading all of the stories and i came across one that i could not believe lyna age 13 story. If i would do that i would weigh like 40 pounds or less! well all i got to say is stay the way that you feel good!

From erica, Age 15, female - 12/16/02 - IP#:  
Hey. Well i have only lost 2 pounds.That is because i have been staying away from foods as much as i can. I want to have lost at least 15 pounds from now to December 31. Wish me luck.P.S.- Listening to your stories and knowing that weight doesnt come off easy has made me a better person. Thank you.

From Taylor, Age 12, female - 12/16/02 - IP#:  
I lost 5 pounds these past two weeks! YAY! I'm trying to lose another 20. Wish me luck!

From Keren, Age 12, female - 12/16/02 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal weight 130 pounds but to tell the truth i don't even no how much i weigh but i am sure i do not weigh 130 pounds. Well i used to be 150 when school started but then i joined soccer and i lost 15 pounds by playing soccer. Then sadly when soccer ended I started to gain a lil bit of weight. Then when i heard that volleybal was going to start i joined but then something happened, and i didn't get to stay on the team. Then when i got home that day i found my taobo tapes and i started to do the veryday and since that day i have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I hope that one of these days i will know how much i weigh and get to my goal of 130 pounds and continue lossing weight and looking good! If you have any questions you can contact me at my email at: or instant message at: Angelface5090!

From Abby, Age 14, female - 12/14/02 - IP#:  
I became fat when I was 8 I used to be a normal skinny little girl, but after that I was gaining more wheight. When I was in 8th grade I suddenly lost 10 lbs. 160 down to 150.I decided then that I wanted to loose more so I started eating less and exercised everyday(at least 30 mins). I am now 14 and a freshman and happily 130 lbs a size small in shirts and 6 in pants! (I used to be a large and a size 12!) I would possibly like to loose more but ya know I'm pretty happy with myself FINALLY! You know what God thinks your beautiful no matter what so.....just know that he can help you and if you want to change your look go for it the right way!!! GOOD LUCK!

From Kaia, Age 13, female - 12/14/02 - IP#:  
I was never realy fat but I was always a little chubby round my stomach and thighs. I was embarassed by my weight and I wore clothes to cover it up. I have lost weight just by being realy active and forgetting about eating. So I just eat when it is mealtime and I hardly ever think about food because I am studying or doing stuff with my friends. Food is not a hobby it is just a partof every day that I have to do to be healthy. And I lost all my extra weight and now everyone keeps saying how slim I am. I am so looking forward to Christmas because I look slim in my new clothes. I feel WONDERFUL!!!

From rutha, Age 18, female - 12/11/02 - IP#:  
I would constantly eat so much even though i was full. it was like my mouth wanted it, just to taste it and my stomach didn't. I got tired of saying i would lose wieght. I tried starving myself for 3 days and then i realized how worst it was, i felt bloated and hunry. I started to eat again and gained all the weight, and even more. so then i promised myself i would inally diet the right way. I ate fruits everyday. Only fruits. I started to think of fat food as an enemy. I then realized that it was workng. I was 170 then i went down to 140 in 3 months, i will continue dieting and eating right and lose more. I ffeel so good. i'm 5'9 so before i still didn't look big. i looked slim, but now i feel slim. so what im saying is everyone can do it like i did! Just believe in yourself. e-mail if you need help/

From Mary, Age 17, female - 12/07/02 - IP#:  
When I was about 13, I started to get really fat, and by the time I was in 8th grade I was about 189 pounds. I felt disgusting and I hated myself. I got this way because I formed some really bad habits. My sister is kinda big and she used to eat junk food all the time, and to me it was like a competition - if she had 3 chocolate cookies I had to have 3 too. It's really sad that I got this way cause I used to be so active and skinny when I was little. So I got fed up with being fat and when I was 14 we got a dog. I did some research and decided that calorie counting would be the most effective way to lose weight, and so I did that and walked my dog every day for 30 to 40 minutes. Within a year or two I had gone from 189 pounds to 143 pounds. By then I was doing my final years of school and had starting working part time and all the stress of it made me gain weight, and I now weigh 167... (view more)

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