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From Idoica, Age 12, female - 05/17/03 - IP#:  
Hi my name is Idoica B. I way about 350.I am very over weight so far I lost some weight but I would love to lose more.But I lost about 20 pouds so far from cutting off fatty food and stuff. But i love it that i tried to lose more

From q, Age 32, female - 05/16/03 - IP#:  
Hello everyone..I came here to tell you something wonderful,simple and extremely ease as well as very important! R U ready? Here it is..I lost 80lbs of disgusting fat,my skin did not sag,i had a glow and i had a ton of energy..and u know what!?,it was simple...Before u listen to all of the hype about weight loss scams,diets,fatblockers and the like..remember this key ingredient...WATER IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEIGHTLOSS TOOL ON THE PLANET!!!JUST GOOD OLE H20..!!It is very simple...cut out the works on the nervous system and is a diruetic(makes your body hold on to water)and tea all have caffeine and sugar...It does not cost a thing to lose weight..i went from 340 lbs to 260(I am 6ft1inch tall).I was slim up to the age of 25,I got married..and that was all she wrote. I went from a slim,sexy 175 to 340 lbs in 5yrs..WOW!!!It happened..unbelievable..but yes..all true..i have... (view more)

From Jeanie, Age 17, female - 05/15/03 - IP#:  
Hi everyone! After reading some of the really insightful success stories I decided to post my own. When I was 12 years old I was a size 20 and I weighed 215lbs. I felt disgusting and never wanted to leave the house. Finally I had had enough and decided to start my very own diet. I started eating only two meals a day(lunch and dinner), exercised for 20-30 minutes four times a week, and drank lots of water. It took me just under a year lose all of the weight I wanted. I have kept the weight off for four years and now weigh 125lbs, am a size 7, and eat more regularly. I just want to let everyone know that I tried and tried to lose weight prior to this diet but failed everytime. When you are truely ready to lose weight nothing will be able to stop you. The first month of dieting is always the hardest but after that it just becomes a part of your lifestyle and it will start to become easier... (view more)

From azeala, Age 13, female - 05/12/03 - IP#:  
this is not a story but plz what ever u do don't starve ur self it's not worth it in the long run u'll make ur self sick or kill ur self i still eat cookies and candy bars and chips and go out to eat but don't starve ur self IT'S NOT WORTH IT.

From azeala, Age 13, female - 05/12/03 - IP#:  
hi i am 5'4 and i weighted 162 i hated it i was BIG i am now 5'5 and i weight 135 that's almost 30 pounds which 4 me and some is alot to loose i'm so happy i wanna loose about 10 more pounds i don't exactly know what i did to loose the weight becoz i didn't try i just stop eating like i was a football player and drank lots of water and the weight came off and i'm happy to say it's still coming off,and if i can do it ANYONE can just push the plate back a lil and don't forget the water.

From Nicole, Age 11, female - 05/09/03 - IP#:  
good day i was 108ibs and i decided to go to the womans good day exersize club the told me if i wanted to loose weight i would have to keep away from crisps and sweets and just eat fruit i am now only 4ibs by doing that what a shock! avril num 1 fan

From Melanie, Age 17, female - 05/06/03 - IP#:  
Hey everyone I am another success story.. i decided to loose weight at the beginning of the year for my resolution i have joined Curves for Women and started eating right and i have lost 40 lbs and i am down to 120 lbs it is an awesome feeling getting into a size 5 instead of a 13... try to eat right and exercise it really works even a little bit a day will do u good :)

From ash, Age 13, female - 05/05/03 - IP#:  
hey hey Hey everyone just wanted to say i lost another 5 lbs by jogging 4 an hour every day! YAHOO! POWER TO US!!!!

From Linei, Age 13, female - 05/02/03 - IP#:  
I have lose weight by, doing yoga pilates,cruches,jumping jacks, and jumping rope every day. If you want to lose at leat 1 pound eat 500 cals less everyday, lets say a week and you lose 1 pound.If you want to lose 2 pounds then eat 500 cals less a day, and increase excerising to burn off 500 cals a day, then youll lose 2 pounds every week.It may not be much but its loseing weight, and its better loseing 1 to 2 pounds cause youll keep off,because its a easy routin to follow.

From Emily, Age 12, female - 04/24/03 - IP#:  
I was 130 pounds, and wanted to change that, so instead of eating 5 desserts a day, and not exersising, I now eat 2 desserts a week, and walk around the block. In 11 monthes, I lost 30 pounds. I am 12 years old, I now weigh 100 pounds, and I am 5ft.3in.

From Katherine Wells, Age 14, female - 04/22/03 - IP#:  
I started coming here during last summer and would come back perodically. At that time I weighed 145 pounds. I am just under five foot tall and so the "ideal" weight of someone my height is between 90 and 121 pounds, unless you are muscular. I always have thought of myself as overweight(unless I was going through a denial period)but I never did anything to help it. I have never been very athletic so I didn't get a lot of excercise. Over the past year and a half tho' I started judo, a martial art, and have become more active but have also gained weight(perhaps because of a slight muscle gain)unfortunately I know that I don't have enough muscle for that to b a healthy weight for me. This past november we had a judo competition that i went to and I weighed 148 pounds. I might have been ok with that, or ignored it, if it hadn't been for the fact that 2 guys that I had a crush on(and still... (view more)

From mandi, Age 15, female - 04/20/03 - IP#:  
hey ya'll, i have been over wieght since like 4th grade. i am now losing all my weight. ya'll wanna know how? well here goes: EXERICISE LOL. when you work out and start to walk or jog all the time you can like lose 20 pounds in two months we gotta go and if ya wanna know more e-mail me at, see ya, mandi

From luigi, Age 13, female - 04/16/03 - IP#:  
hi yall, i know loseing weight is hard . then i think to myself that i CAN DO IT. just believe in urself and u will go miles trust me i lost 15lbs in 3 weeks ts great even losing 1 pound keep it up instant message me jazzsis242

From Ashley, Age 13, female - 04/16/03 - IP#:  
hello everyone! i am 13 and about 1.5 years ago I weighed 140 and I was only 4'11"! I was really big and sick of getting teased at school so I went on a diet and started exercsing and by the end of the 1st week I had lost 3 pounds! By 2 months later i had lost 10 pounds and total I lost 17 pounds, but during the winter I got lazy and gained some back (5) pounds, and i thought i had to start over but WHEN YOU GROW TALLER YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT YOU AREN"T GETTING FAT!!! I grew 5 inches and gained 5 pounds and I thought i was fat but my doctor explained i was growing.This is my success story, eat right, stop w/ the candy and dont eat red meat!!! GOOD LUCK!

From Dave, Age 18, male - 04/16/03 - IP#:  
Just wanted to say I lost 50 pounds so far. Just eating better and excersizing at least 45 minutes a day. Sit-ups are also a good daily habit. I'm about 6'2 and I know weigh about 188 pounds. I'm still on my diet though and plan on going down to 180. The hardest part of any diet is the start. You don't lose weight right away and the transition from no excersize to moderate excersize, and the cutting down of food can be tough. After about 3 weeks though of really keeping at it, your body will kick-start into weight loss mode. It will be easier to eat less, easier to excersize, and you will notice yourself having more energy. After that, it's just keeping up your diet and watching the pounds go away. Also, don't weigh yourselves daily, maybe weekly, and only in the morning. That's about it, hope I can inspire anyone who reads this.

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