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From moll, Age 11, female - 12/06/03 - IP#:  
hi,if its snowy (snow) near u ur in luck! So I was shoveling the driveway. And my stomach started 2 hurt. I kept on shoveling though. The next day and the day after i shoveled. guess what, i lost 2 pounds. not a lot but its a start

From anne, Age 16, female - 12/04/03 - IP#:  
well- that's how i take it anyways- it's not my board so i don't know exactly what it's for. lol. i wrote before my head could catch up with me...

From anne, Age 16, female - 12/04/03 - IP#:  
marshall- this board is for telling how much you've lost and bragging(everything completely earned with the bragging- weight loss is hard!) if you want advice then go to the bulletin board. i post a weekly success thing and i've told many times on here how i've lost it but i give so many more tips on the bulliten board...

From Jimmy, Age 14, male - 12/02/03 - IP#:  
HEY EVERYONE!!! im so excited its takin me since febuary but i lost 19 lbs and i havent even been dieting i find when i dont owrry about it to much i lose weight, well anywayz im on a sensible eating plan now to help me lose the weight just a little faster i still have to get down to 180 (im 214 now i was 233 at the beggining) its hard to lose weight i really could use someone to do this with though!

From anne, Age 16, female - 12/01/03 - IP#:  
i told you guys that i'd check up and i am doing that right now. i lost two pounds last week for a total of 20 pounds gone. 20 more still to go but i'm going to work my hardest...

From Jade, Age 16, female - 11/30/03 - IP#:  
For the person who said "do not go on a diet" i have to completely disagree with you. Although you might have succeeded with just exercise, this most likely will not work for most people here. Here's an example. I was 160lbs, and i joined cross country and ran at least 4 miles per day, and when i didn't change my eating habits i lost practically nothing. And also you have to understand that your body is designed to take in energy more readily than it is at using energy. Two extra slices of bread can throw your 2 mile run out the door. I believe that what people need is a balance between eating habits and exercise and because most people get fat due to excess eating instead of lack of exercise, it is important that you check your eating first. If your looking for a lb. a week loss, decrease your intake by 300 cals per day, and try to exercise off 200. There are some people out there... (view more)

From Marshall, Age 12, male - 11/30/03 - IP#:  
Tina what did you do to lose the 30 pounds? People alot of you guys say that you lost a couple pounds but you don't say what you do to lose the weight. If you say what you did then people can use your tips and lose weight too.

From Tina, Age 13, female - 11/29/03 - IP#:  
Hey I started August 1st weighing 205 pounds!! EEK. It's now November I've been on my diet for 4 months and now I'm down to 175 pounds! Woohoo! 30 pounds! Only 30 more pounds until I reach my goal weight! So. If I continue this good routine I've been doing it will only take 4 months! But. I won't care if It takes until the end of May! Because then it will be a good 8th grade graduation present! Hehe

From babes, Age 16, female - 11/28/03 - IP#:  
lost 2 stone in a month n a halfmonths by eatin cereal at breakfast, an apple and a pear n a boiled egg wiv tast at dinner and a fish steak at dinner!! half an hour exercise per day! give it a go!

From Dominic, Age 13, male - 11/25/03 - IP#:  
Alright here is one thing i have to say DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!!! it messes with your metabolism extremely bad!!!!!!! and it makes it harder to lose wieght.. believe me when i was around 12 i was overwieght i wieghed around 170, although i was muscular in my arms and legs, my stomach was pretty bad i had alot of energy and the only thing i did was not eat junk food!!!!!!!(including hamburgers,fries ect. mainly fast food restraunts!! do not go to those!!!) well i exercised alot did around 100 situps a day( and if u want to stay toned and not get fat keep doing situps and move yourself up about 100 situps every week or so so like week #1 100, week #2 200 situps and so fourth) i also did 30 pushups( and move those pushups to higher number also!!) so in around 3-5 weeks i lost around 25 lbs!!!!!! so instead of wieghing 170 i now wiegh around 145 lbs!!! so if u really want to u can go for those... (view more)

From anne, Age 16, female - 11/24/03 - IP#:  
i've lost 18 pounds so far and am looking to lose about 20 more. i've been losing weight just by doing at least a half hour of exersize everyday and eating less calories and more nutritious foods. good luck everyone- i'll update again next week...

From Twinkie, Age 13, female - 11/23/03 - IP#:  
I lost 30 pounds in one summer to thinner out just by gettin up and excerisein i am still lookin ot lose a couple other pounds but i just keep goin and goin

From tina 1, Age 13, female - 11/22/03 - IP#:  
Hey i used to weigh 205 and now im 175. i no its not great, but its a start! i will post again once i get down to 150!

From abby, Age 13, female - 11/16/03 - IP#:  
hi i just want to tell those who are fighting to lose weight dont give up it will all pay off believe me just dont stop eating right and exercising daily it works i lost 14 pounds

From Melisa, Age 15, female - 11/16/03 - IP#:  
I used to weigh 300 pds.I was so embarassed and then I went on a serious HEALTHY diet without starving myself and I now weigh 120 pds.I am very proud of myself and I hope you all will lose weight just never give up hope always believe you can do it!

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