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From Helena, Age 10, female - 03/11/02 - IP#:  
I am really tall for my age. I'm 5"3. When I was 5"2 I weighed 146 lbs. Now I weigh 138 lbs.I think I started eatin less,I don't know.But it makes me feel good!

From Ruben, Age 13, male - 03/08/02 - IP#:  
I just started working out like for eight months and i got muscular. i used to weight 160 in pure fat put now i weigh 142 in pure muscle.

From Casey, Age 12, female - 03/07/02 - IP#:  
Im so happy!!! I went from a size 16 to a size of 10!! I still have 20 more pounds to go put heck,i feel good

From Alfredo perez, Age 13, male - 03/04/02 - IP#:  
I was 165lb and by biking i lost about 15 pounds I feel like Tony The Tiger GRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From craig, Age 14, male - 03/04/02 - IP#:  
i was 11 stone now im 10 stone

From Josh, Age 15, male - 02/28/02 - IP#:  
I'm 15, and i'm 5'2. Before last summer, i weighed 135lbs. For 5'2, that's too much. During the summer, I kept my calories down to about 1000 a day. I also didn't eat after 6:00 or so pm. Now I weigh about 112, which is about the perfect weight. The main thing, lots of water, and make a calorie goal, so you won't go over so many calories a day. For me it was 1000, but that's because i didn't excercise much. If you work out and excercise, it probably needs to be a little bit higher. Good luck!

From matt, Age 19, male - 02/28/02 - IP#:  

From Missy, Age 11, female - 02/17/02 - IP#:  
i got 1 of those dance mats and their really good to keep fit! I also got my bike fixed!

From Jane, Age 14, female - 02/16/02 - IP#:  
I loved food and just couldnt stop overeating!!!Whenever i'm bored, sad, happy, watching tv I crave food. So i didnt worry there was another way...excercise. I jog every morning for 25 min and i dance for half an hour and in the day in school i play around with my friends and i joined alot of sport

From XxMiss IgaslesxX, Age 10, female - 02/14/02 - IP#:  
I am not their but I have been xersizing all day and I'm not gonna quit!!!!!!!!

From KASEY, Age 17, female - 02/14/02 - IP#:  
2 summers ago i lost over 80lbs and kept it off since.

From Michelle, Age 13, female - 02/12/02 - IP#:  
I lost 7lb in 3 week so was feeling very pleased wit self. Then, sum1 told me i might as well give, id never lose all of it. for a week i gave up. now i have had to start again. it took me 3 weeks to lose 7lbs n 1 week to put it back on. MY ADVICE:- Never let any1 tell u u cant do it cos u can

From Amber Diaz, Age 17, male - 02/12/02 - IP#:  
I was 201 lbs last week....yesterday i weighed myself in, and i was 200, today i'm back at 201, but progress is progress!

From jessica, Age 11, female - 02/10/02 - IP#:  
When I was 10 i weighed 180 pounds. I had to go to the doctor because i hadn't gone in 3 years. When i got there i was weighed and she said i was very obese and that i should lose about 70 pounds! She told me to come back next month to weigh me so i did and i had gained 5 pounds. Then she said i had to go on a diet so i did and the next month i had lost 10 pounds. Althogh i still need to lose 65 pounds she still says she was proud of me!

From renee, Age 13, female - 01/31/02 - IP#:  
hi guys, i have lost 18 pounds in 3 months, i still have a long way to go. i weighed 207 now i am 189. i stopped drinking regular soda and now only drink diet soda. my mom quit buying junk food and that has helped the most because if it were here i would eat it. i also only have one helping at meals, no seconds! i'm really tall for my age so i can carry my weight better than some, but it still got out of control. what makes me so angry is that when my mom first took me to her doctor, he said " oh, she's just a big tall girl" and acted like it was no big deal. later my mom found a pediatrician and she basically said the same thing. but i had to go back for a booster shoot and saw a different pediatrician and she agreed that i weighed way too much. at first i was angry that my mom keep bringing up my weight to every doc i saw, but now i'm glad she didn't give up. this doc is great she... (view more)

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