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From Brenda, Age 16 - 07/02/13 - IP#: 72.192.85.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 220 lb, Today: 220 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 135 lb - Being overweight is who I am. I've never been anything else. In my group if friends I'm the fat one and to be overweight all the time well pretty much sucks. But to be honest, in a way, I have "come to peace" with my body and who I am. Don't get me wrong that doesn't mean I wanna stay obese just that my main goal is to become healthy:)
Reply from Keri, Age 14 - 07/05/13  - IP#: 71.186.177.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 07/02/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 07/01/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 118 lb - Mirgrians make me so tried its hard to be active when the migrains don't go away trying to stay active of course the migrians keep coming back.
Reply from Anling, Age 16 - 07/01/13  - IP#: 70.66.68.xxx

From Anling, Age 16 - 07/01/13 - IP#: 70.67.8.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 150 lb, Today: 146.8 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 110 lb - Hey I am away at camp for a week. And I don't know how my weight will do. I hope it continues down but I have no say in what I eat and I also don't know if I am able to avoid my triggers at camp. Wish me luck! Any advice would be good too.
Reply from Anling, Age 16 - 07/09/13  - IP#: 67.171.19.xxx
Reply from Heather, Age 16 - 07/08/13  - IP#: 75.100.205.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/30/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - I went to this very nice place today at a small mall area! while my mom was at Cold Water Creek. Talbreto's store they 've nice clothes in there I want to say I'm not in letter X in anymore! letter L! Pettie's! there is no way I could 've worn L last summer, but losing some of the weight! I'm almost a M! = yes I miss being in the single digths for my clothing! small portions my mirgrians taught me not to eat so much I 've been walking & running with my dog! I am getting my self confidence back! my self eastum is coming back too!
nope size S-L P is easy to find! they 've Women/Pettie's Misses, Women's plus they 've sizes up to 3XP or Women's 3X that is a huge that's the size I want to stay away not go into they 've some clearance stuff very expecinve store to shop trust me I w'd not spend almost $200... (view more)

From minx, Age 13 - 06/29/13 - IP#: 93.186.31.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Start: 140 lb, Today: 133 lb (BMI %tile: 81), Goal: 100 lb - Guess who lost weight?!?
I've also lost about 3 inches off my waist; sooo happy!
Still have a long way to go but YAYYY!
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/30/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/27/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - reading some of my old posts makes me realize how far I 've come!! nah 171 lbs has left long time ago! 175 left ... eating small healthy portions helps a lot just the mirgrians get me mad I don't eat when I am mad . I find something else to help get rid of my madness.

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/26/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - I don't think 101 lbs would be good for me any way.
148 lbs is a bit high for me I'm aiming 118-120 lbs!
up to 18 I can be on this board! has getting back to my mini goal size 11/12/ Juniour's been no answer is no its hasn't been that easy I can wear lose 9/10/ Junior's! not quite a size M totally will be soon! I keep going , my body doesn't like the humity appently not. I don't want to lose weight that way its seems to be so. losing weight kind of fast, its not the way I wanted to go, . if u give up on losing the un wanted pounds then you fail only for yourself no one else can do it for you only u can make the change break the overweight/obsess chain or risk chain! I know once I hit 118-120 lbs I will known by then I 've broken the chain! I'm on way to break the chain! can't wait to wear certain clothing again my section !... (view more)

From Gabi, Age 13 - 06/25/13 - IP#: 96.237.173.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 144 lb, Today: 144 lb (BMI %tile: 91), Goal: 120 lb - Finally ready to start a healthy lifestyle!
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/26/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/25/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - Sorry my message not finshed err on that one.
Update! Well guys I 've lost even more wt! My shoes re sliding off on me which hasn't h in ages now!/ whoo yea .
I'm a size 12 in my clothing! I been sick with mirgrians for bout two weeks or more on & off annoying . Yes I got sick sat . Its was horrible worse one I h'd in months now . Yes I believe I"m a size 9 or 9/1/2 women's for foot wear. Next I ll be back in sizes I miss so much yes size 8/1/2 or 8! In my shoess.. I don't know how my male friend James w'd react of me being more thin then I was bout a month ago! Under 13/14/ for good next minin goal size 9/10/ Juniour's excrising helps a lot now! No more being winded nope that's gone lot of clothes re sliding off now! Jean size goal 5/6/ or 3/4/ Junior's next size M! Pettie's M! Small goals -- small sucess yuck... (view more)

From Lilly, Age 14 - 06/24/13 - IP#: 75.64.170.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 154 lb, Today: 154 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 125 lb - Hi everyone so my name is Lilly and I'm 14, I'm going to high school next year which I'm pretty excited about. But nervous... I was never really fat as a kid it wasn't until last year after summer. I had lost a lot of weight over the summer and once it ended I started eating and eating and EATING. Now I keep binge eating and overeating. I am overweight. And I just found out about this website. I would really like to start and stuff but I'm not sure if I can do it at least not alone. So I was wondering if anyone wanted to start this journey with me? Please? I'm really desperate and all my friends are out if town. Have a lovely day!!:)
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/25/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/23/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - I re discovered my summer dress I 've not worn in four years really! a lot of tops I can wear again Faded gloy 9/10/ Juniour's yes I got sick from a migrian last night yes I hate throwing up when u to be somewhere next day or so can't quite fit my size 9/10/ short pants but I work at it I will be able to wear them by my birthday or Aug/Sept my goal size for jeans is size Juniour's 5/6 or 3/4 I'm gonnna finsh my jounery on here! I will be 18 in three weeks now ahha.
small minin goal size is a size 9/10 in my pants I'm getting rid of clothes I out grew to my little girl cousin who is just 10 now! yup I ll let her 've them! my goal is to be in 26 or 25 inch waist! - 5/6 or 3/4!
my higest was 19/20/ which was three years ago. not anymore! I can find tops in a L! I'm so happy bout that! I barley ate today cause of not feeling good.
yup minin goal size 9/10/! M in tops of all of my clothes for my birthday or close to it!

From kay, Age 13 - 06/22/13 - IP#: 99.71.184.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 195 lb, Today: 170 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 142 lb - Isnt it awkward when you hear an ad about weight loss such as weightwatchers, south beach, atkins, etc. when everyone around you is thinner than you? Especially if it says "get high school skinny again!!!"....im not even in high school yetand im still not skinny. Its depressing.....
Reply from kay, Age 13 - 06/28/13  - IP#: 64.134.153.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/23/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Ellie, Age 16 - 06/18/13 - IP#: 213.205.229.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 160 lb, Today: 160 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 140 lb - Hey guys I was wondering why don't we do a weight loss competition this summer.ive seen people before who have done it on this bulletin. It's not like a serious competion just a fun way to try and lose weight and we could share tips whilst doing it and hopefully it might help motivate people.
What do you think let me know?!
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/20/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx
Reply from Holly, Age 12 - 06/19/13  - IP#: 99.240.155.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 06/18/13 - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 118 lb - I got only four weeks to go to be 18 yes adult woman pretty sad bout that I 've lost some weight! not quite a size 9/10 or 7/8 in my clothes yes I look through store clothing racks I'm exicted to be able to wear size L or M!! almost a size M in my clothing its been four year years since I wore a M in my clothing pored .
I don't touch a lot of food like I used to I want to thank you for the advise and tips a lot of them worked! this summer is going to be a lot different last summer of camp two camps I want to go to one I want to try out another I 've not gone to like six years now. yes being overweight is annoying at times but I can find clothes easily now then at 181-183 lbs . size 2XL is much to big XL is much to big now! no more size 13/14/ nope that's to big now! I'm almost a 28 inch waist!! that's my goal for my birthday now! or lose an inch... (view more)

Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 06/18/13  - IP#: 76.6.36.xxx

From Hannah, Age 15 - 06/15/13 - IP#: 75.185.1.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 255 lb, Today: 250 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - HI I'm Hannah. Ive always been a big girl, when i was little. I was always the biggest in school. Im going to be in 10th grade and im going to try and lose 20 pounds before school starts. I think i can do it. I just really need motivation. I know being obese is bad for you and could lead you into alot of health problems in the future, i just idk..Can i do it? I just need some exersises and stuff thats good for me, if anyone knows any it would be helpful, thanks.
Reply from kay, Age 13 - 06/16/13  - IP#: 99.71.184.xxx

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