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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I don't think 101 lbs would be good for me any way. 148 lbs is a bit high for me I'm aiming 118-120 lbs! up to 18 I can be on this board! has getting back to my mini goal size 11/12/ Juniour's been no answer is no its hasn't been that easy I can wear lose 9/10/ Junior's! not quite a size M totally will be soon! I keep going , my body doesn't like the humity appently not. I don't want to lose weight that way its seems to be so. losing weight kind of fast, its not the way I wanted to go, . if u give up on losing the un wanted pounds then you fail only for yourself no one else can do it for you only u can make the change break the overweight/obsess chain or risk chain! I know once I hit 118-120 lbs I will known by then I 've broken the chain! I'm on way to break the chain! can't wait to wear certain clothing again my section ! almost can wear one of my old shorts which is a size 9/10 Junior's ! size L Tops! no size XXL- 2XL was horrible I hated it XL is tough to find for anyone in Junior's or misses or Pettie's women's I 've given up many times I regret it I'm turning my mistakes around I should 've several years like 07-08 . don't like sitting anymore I hate it now, its horrible . yuck frunch fries .. deep fried food is nasty I don't like even touching it .. don't give up young teens it will take time! keep up the good work on losing the fat! = wt. small healthy portions for meals.. less soda helps I don't drink a lot of it. unless I 've mirgrians which I 've been getting lately. dELiA*s size chart . XS sizes 00 Bust 30 Waist 22 Hips 32. 0 31 23 33. 1/2 32 24 34 S 3/4 33 25 35 5/6 34 26 36 M 7/8 35 27 37 9/10 36 28 38 L 11/12 37.5 29.5 39.5 13/14 39 31 41 XL 15/16 19/20 41 33 43 45 37 47 sorry some of the numbers got shot down . I thought this might be helpful for measuremnts weight from the scales would be nice. that's was my higest was 2XL my bust was 45 my waist 37 my hips were 47 . 37 inch waist is horrible for young woman like me since I'm pettie and 5"3.7 inches not tall enough for me to be healthy . Jessica17. 15/16 7/8