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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I went to this very nice place today at a small mall area! while my mom was at Cold Water Creek. Talbreto's store they 've nice clothes in there I want to say I'm not in letter X in anymore! letter L! Pettie's! there is no way I could 've worn L last summer, but losing some of the weight! I'm almost a M! = yes I miss being in the single digths for my clothing! small portions my mirgrians taught me not to eat so much I 've been walking & running with my dog! I am getting my self confidence back! my self eastum is coming back too! nope size S-L P is easy to find! they 've Women/Pettie's Misses, Women's plus they 've sizes up to 3XP or Women's 3X that is a huge that's the size I want to stay away not go into they 've some clearance stuff very expecinve store to shop trust me I w'd not spend almost $200 dollars on my clothes if someone in my family offered to buy for me I w'd get it then. but its a lot of money for an outfit. they 've been around for a long time now! P clothing is what I need wish they had size Pettie's for kids when I was a kid cause my clothes always had to be taken in I think my just 5 year old niece will be pettie when she gets older, its something I will create on my own Toddler's P, older kids Pettie's that's where the gaps re my sneakers re gaping to the point I can barely keep my feet in anymore . I'm between size 10 or 12 in Pettie's . very nice sales women there too. yes I get mirgians from humity. my body doesn't like it nobody at my church knew who I was I must 've lost some more weight. but keep it is the hard part. my goal is a Pettie 2 or 4 . S/M Pettie's want to inspire you girl's never give up! ask your doctor's is not a bad idea of what u should weigh for ur hight & body shape frame. Jessica17.