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From Minkychan, Age 15 - 02/19/02 - IP#: 205.200.3.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey, I'm 15 and I'm 5'8 tall and 202 lbs....I want to be a healthy 160 lbs before I start worry about looks, cause I'm sick of being constantly tired and unhealthy.
I've started cutting pop out, cold turkey, and am trying to cut down on proportions in meals. I'm currently doing toning for my arms and legs so the muscles will be build and I can burn fat faster....
I'll be getting a a part time job soon,and I was wondering if there were any suggestions of a type of job that would help me burn calories and exercise?
By the way, I'd like a partner in losing weight....any takers? E-mail me at Minkychan@hotmail.com
Reply from Patrick Dunne, Age 13 - 02/25/02  - IP#: 152.163.204.xxx
Reply from Kay, Age 15 - 02/21/02  - IP#: 208.46.230.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 02/20/02  - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 02/20/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx
Reply from Gretchen, Age 15 - 02/20/02  - IP#: 208.14.142.xxx

From Harmony, Age 14 - 02/19/02 - IP#: 66.185.84.xxx  Click here to reply  
I can't say that i'm overweight, because I'm not, but I have this belly that annoys me now and then. I heard that excercising helps, but I have NO idea what to do! I am downright lousy in gym class, and I get tired so easily when active, that I CAN'T tone myself that way! Could you please tell me what can be done?
Reply from Gretchen, Age 15 - 02/20/02  - IP#: 208.14.142.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx

From Sara, Age 12 - 02/19/02 - IP#: 24.51.49.xxx  Click here to reply  
I need help losing weight, I just can't lose it on my own. I've tried, but I'm still gaining at an extremely fast rate. I'm gaining 2 or 3 pounds a week! I know that sounds impossible, but I am. I would like to get some support so I need a diet buddy. My e-mail address is x23u5@yahoo.com, please will someone e-mail me before I have lost all weightloss hope. I am 5'3" and I weigh 231 pounds. Help me!
Reply from Amber, Age 12 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 12.226.0.xxx
Reply from Jennah, Age 19 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 131.212.190.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Kirsten, Age 13 - 02/19/02 - IP#: 65.57.7.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hello! I am new here, and if anybody has some advice 4 me, it would be great. I am 140 lbs. @ age 13. Diets are difficult to maintain, and I would really like some help or advice. Thanx!
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 02/17/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Amber, Age 13 - 02/19/02 - IP#: 205.188.201.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, my name is Amber. I am really wanting to lose weight. During spring break I am going to Panama, Flordia. I don't want to be embarassed about putting a bathing suit on. If you have any advice please help me. Thank you so much!
Reply from Amber, Age 12 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 12.226.0.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 02/19/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx

From Laurie, Age 13 - 02/18/02 - IP#: 67.81.197.xxx  Click here to reply  
I think this song is really inspiring i mean when were dieting its usually cuz u dun like the way u are but just remember this you are the worlds greatest:
I'm that star up in the sky
I'm that mountain peak up high
hey! i made it
I'm the worlds greatest!
and im that lil bit of hope
when my backs up against the ropes
i can feel it
im the worlds greatest - R.Kelly
i jus wanted to say too that its prolly how u will feel when ur done dieting...keep it going!!! and dont ever give up on ur dreams... and dont forge to dream cuz when u do...nothing can come tru for u!

From Michelle, Age 14 - 02/18/02 - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx  Click here to reply  
I know all you guys that are new here are probably feeling bad about yourself right now and thinking "how am i ever going to do this" but you just have to have some hope. If it gives you any hope that you can do it, this will probably help: When i can to this site in December 2000, i had already made up my mind that i was too heavy and i really wanted to lose weight. I was 170lbs-175lbs, 5foot 1inch, and i was about to wear a size 20 womens. I knew i was desperate, but i didn't need to do anything desperate, i found out. I found people on this sight that were willing to help and i really needed that. I couldn't do it on my own. So i started following some of the tips that everybody was giving and all the motivation and support, and i started in good faith that i could do it. I started with cutting calories. I found out that i was eating about 2500 calories a day and sitting around doing ... (view more)
Reply from Michelle to ana, Age 14 - 02/18/02  - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 02/18/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx
Reply from Ana, Age 15 - 02/17/02  - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx

From lesa, Age 11 - 02/18/02 - IP#: 209.162.38.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi,i was wantingto know if any one can be my friend. ~~~~~~~~~!!!###$$$%%%^^^&&&***((()))
Reply from jessica, Age 11 - 02/18/02  - IP#: 152.163.213.xxx

From shelly, Age 13 - 02/17/02 - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
Here a few of m favourite tips:-* only drink ice water ( ever water straight from the fridge or water with ice init) cos it takes bout 40 calories for the body to remain the same temperature after drinking it. n water has no calories in it at all!* don't keep sweets in ur house. if its there, chances r u'll eat it* believe in urself. any diet in the world will not work if u dont cos in the end, its all down to u* imagine ur self skinny everytime ur goin through a bad patch where u really want a chocolate or cant be bothered to exercise.* exercise every week. 3x is a minimum and everyday is brilliant. at least for 1/2 that is* only do exercise u enjoy. i love netball,swimming,gymratting,aeorbics and dancing but my mate hates them all! if u dont like it,dont do it its simple* u R allowed chocolate. don't forbid urself to eat ur favourite food or ur resolves crumble faster than a elephant... (view more)

From Diana, Age 19 - 02/16/02 - IP#: 209.53.121.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm about 5'8'' and weigh around 160lbs I have finally decided to admit that I really need to loose weight and do something about it. I'm gonna try to eat a healthy diet and get to the gym about 4 times a week. I need some motivation to get started though, and mabey some tips that have worked for other people. unfortunatly i get really anxious and have a hard time waiting for results with out getting mad and frustrated. I'm not huge or anything, I am very muscular already, but I haev a lot of fat on me. So anything that can get me going and keep me going is gonna be very helpful. I wanna get down to about 125-130 pounds hopefully by June or July thanks

From Sandy, Age 10 - 02/16/02 - IP#: 213.122.242.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi! I'm really heavy as i'm 8 stone (112 Ibs)so can u plz help me loose wate? I'm 4'11 plz help!!!

From Laurie, Age 13 - 02/16/02 - IP#: 67.81.197.xxx  Click here to reply  
Please will someone reply to me??? i write a lot of advice in here but it seems no one is willing to write back to me. please help me this weight calculator tells me i am a healthy weight cuz im about 143 and im around 5'8" maybe even a lil taller...and i no i have a lot of muscle whihc is why i weigh so much but i dont like the way i look because i have fat lil lovehandles and fat on my thighs which is really gross ...someone please help me!oh and if anyone wnts a diet buddy i would b glad to help!!! im a good diet buddy lol. ok well thanks
lotsa love *~*Laurster*~*
Reply from Sara, Age 12 - 02/18/02  - IP#: 24.51.49.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 02/17/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Ana, Age 13 - 02/16/02 - IP#: 208.39.52.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, sup? I'm 13 and i weigh 180...im overweight i as you read. I've lost 10 lbs since I've played in the b-ball team. I need someone to give me tips on how to lose weight!!! My goal in at least 160, that would be SO COOL!!Please help me! My friends make fun of me and I want them to stop. I want to lose weight so they can hang-out with me more.
Reply from Laurie, Age 13 - 02/17/02  - IP#: 67.81.197.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 02/17/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Sam, Age 12 - 02/15/02 - IP#: 198.81.16.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey I am 5'4 and I am @ 154 lbs I need some tips please. thanks :D my email is AMOSHER5@aol.com

From Michelle, Age 14 - 02/15/02 - IP#: 216.109.204.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everbody. Well, I have a lot of tips, but I have one that I will tell everyone is the most important. WATER!!!!!!!!!!! You are made up of water and you need it survive. If you don't drink enough water it could lead to headaches, stomachaches, dehydration, and feeling all around icky. That's not the only reason I brought it up. Water is a great dieting tool. If you drink a big glass of water 10 minutes before you eat, it will fill you up and help you eat less. It will also balance out the food so you won't be so bloated after a large dinner because the water will digest fast. In other words, it will take up space you would cram with extra food. Water is also the best replacement for pop and juice containing 0 calories! It also cleans out toxins in your body such as caffine which can drag you down. I highly recomend drinking at least 5 glasses of water a day. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel. Good luck to all of you!
Reply from Shelly, Age 13 - 02/16/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx
Reply from Gretchen, Age 15 - 02/15/02  - IP#: 208.14.142.xxx

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