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From j_lynn, Age 16 - 03/08/02 - IP#: 216.90.103.xxx  Click here to reply  
People, People. what the hell is your major malfunction??? YOU ALL ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG. TRY THIS: 500-1000 calories a day. 15-30 min of some sort of exercise. Do this for about a month. JUST TRY IT FOR CHRIST SAKE. This worked for me. I have battled for 5 years with my weight and self esteem. I am real curious to see if what worked for me will help others. Remember to count your calories. Write them down. Plan your meals ahead of time. Stick to chicken istead of red meat.
If you guys need help post me up a message i have tons of answers. Lotta love- l8ter
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 03/11/02  - IP#: 202.156.76.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 25 - 03/09/02  - IP#: 209.214.44.xxx

From kristina, Age 13 - 03/08/02 - IP#: 217.39.84.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hiya guyz! k, I really want to go on a calorie counting diet but im not sure what my calorie limit per day is, im a 13 year old girl (almost 14 in a month, hehehe) + im vegetarian, i think itz either 1200 or 2500 but im not sure plz help, thanx + *keep smilin*
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 03/09/02  - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx
Reply from j_lynn, Age 16 - 03/08/02  - IP#: 216.90.103.xxx

From Angel, Age 12 - 03/08/02 - IP#: 24.242.81.xxx  Click here to reply  
No one ever replies to my messages. I am 5'0 and 110 lbs. All of you who think this is small just dont know. Please someone help me to lose like 15lbs. SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND!!!!! LIKE THIS YEAR!!!!! (i dont really mean to be impatient) BUT I'M DESPRATE!!!!!!!
Reply from Nikcy, Age 14 - 05/23/02  - IP#: 209.168.25.xxx
Reply from Katie, Age 16 - 03/25/02  - IP#: 206.31.43.xxx

From Heather, Age 14 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 216.54.158.xxx  Click here to reply  
I way 240lbs. I have been overweight since i was 8. I have been trying to excersize alot more latley. Reading your guys' stories really inspires me... if fact i am gonna gorollerblade now! :) Wish me luck that i lose the weight :):):)

From Ashley, Age 25 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 68.63.22.xxx  Click here to reply  
I posted this earlier as a reply, but I wanted everyone to see it because I think it is an important message.
Take it from me, guys...I was an overweight teen but I am 25 now and healthy. Please listen to educated adults and not other kids who are also trying to lose weight (for the record, l-o-o-s-e spells loose, the opposite of tight...l-o-s-e spells lose, as in lose weight). Anyway, read these tips and good luck losing weight. 1) You cannot gain calories...you gain fat. Calories are made up of the energy in food and burning calories refers to the amount of energy you use when losing the fat. 2) Bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice should be kept to a minimum, because they are high in carbs, which is a form of sugar, which eventually turns into fat if it is not burned off as energy. Whole wheat bread is good in moderation. 3) Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, and losing... (view more)

Reply from kiki, Age 12 - 03/13/02  - IP#: 216.161.151.xxx
Reply from Ann, Age 16 - 03/08/02  - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx

From keshia, Age 14 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 68.63.65.xxx  Click here to reply  
have any body tried the hollywood diet drink if u did please e-mail me and tell me the results plzzz thanxxx keshia36610@yahoo.com good luck!
Reply from Ashley, Age 25 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 68.63.22.xxx

From Robby, Age 14 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 64.12.104.xxx  Click here to reply  
I have two friends who are both VERY overweight. Neither of them way more than 180, but they are both short. They both get made fun of, espicially one of them. The thing of it is, is that I know that they are not trying to loose because they are both getting bigger!
And myself? Well, I have come to not even realize when I am full and don't need anymore food. :-(
Reply from YaLonda, Age 15 - 06/03/02  - IP#: 216.158.68.xxx
Reply from ATeamGuy, Age 17 - 03/09/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx

From Angel, Age 11 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 24.242.81.xxx  Click here to reply  
This is me again! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer. I want to lose 15 lbs! NO ONE IS RESPONDING!!!!!!I AM SOOOOOO DESPRATE!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE A FAT PIG!!! ONCE AGAIN! PLEASE NO LECTURES!!!!
Reply from Nicky, Age 14 - 05/24/02  - IP#: 209.168.25.xxx
Reply from Angel, Age 11 - 03/24/02  - IP#: 24.242.81.xxx
Reply from Danielle, Age 13 - 03/24/02  - IP#: 205.188.200.xxx

From Casey, Age 12 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 216.76.141.xxx  Click here to reply  
Do calories count if they are in cough drops?
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 03/08/02  - IP#: 202.172.41.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx

From Michelle, Age 14 - 03/07/02 - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx  Click here to reply  
I can tell you the one reason most of you are here. No matter what you may think, this is true. You are here because the fashion or style excepted right now is to be waft like and the "I'll blow in the wind because I'm so skinny" look. It's not good, and all your trying to do is fulfill an unrealistic goal set by the media which every girl (and most guys) think is the only way to happiness. WRONG!!!! Styles change. I don't want to lecture you, but this a brief history of what was considered for women the "perfect" body. In the paintings you see in the Renisance, you can see women who have a full figure, but are not really fat. By today's standards they would be considered obese with about a 36 inch waist. Then, later in history, women who were "large and round with plump bodies" were considered healthy and mostly wanted. These women weighed on the average of 200-250 pounds and considered... (view more)

From Heather, Age 15 - 03/06/02 - IP#: 24.79.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
I found a really fun exercise, i know fun excercise is an oxymoron or something hehe but seriously this is like addictive its great DDR maybe you've played it before at the arcade or something its a dancing game with stepping and arrows its really fun and if u buy it for playstation the game has a calorie counter to tell u how many calories your burning. *also DDR stands for dance dance revolution

From Chris, Age 13 - 03/06/02 - IP#: 204.33.124.xxx  Click here to reply  
I currently weigh 140 pounds and I would like to lose pounds as quickly as possible. My goal weight is 110. I have tried crunches but they do not work. I would like to lose 5 pounds a day so i can get to my goal.What are the best exersices. Plese respond see ya.
Reply from Kim, Age 28 - 05/03/02  - IP#: 63.150.245.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Christen, Age 14 - 03/06/02 - IP#: 209.205.148.xxx  Click here to reply  
Recently I posted a message. Michelle replied and now I am going to take her advice. I don't wanna loose weight for me. The reason why I wanna loose weightis I want to be excepted at my school and community. I figured if I at least lost 30 pounds I wouldn't look so bad but now I don't know. I mean I really wanna loose weight but why should I change the way God made me just so someone else will like me. I am really confused now. HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!! NO ONE ELSE LISTENS!!!!!
Reply from Roo, Age 20 - 04/28/03  - IP#: 24.213.43.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 03/06/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx

From Sara, Age 16 - 03/06/02 - IP#: 66.69.70.xxx  Click here to reply  
is it okay to eat lots of bread? Today ive had 6 slices of bread along w/ four bread rolls, white bread, is this okay?
Reply from Roo, Age 20 - 04/28/03  - IP#: 24.213.43.xxx
Reply from YaLonda, Age 15 - 06/03/02  - IP#: 216.158.68.xxx
Reply from Kim, Age 28 - 05/03/02  - IP#: 63.150.245.xxx
Reply from Jenna, Age 18 - 03/10/02  - IP#: 205.188.192.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 03/08/02  - IP#: 202.172.41.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 25 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 68.63.22.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 03/06/02  - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx

From Holly S ( Not real name), Age 15 - 03/06/02 - IP#: 62.7.20.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hiya, well i wanna get some tips to loose weight, i read some of the messages on here, and i know what to do, well somethings but its hard! im 5.6 and 12stone ( 168 pounds ) im not overweight but im nearly overweight. I want to see if i can loose 2-3 stone by June if i do certain things? what can i do? also what exercises are good for the upper arms and calf muscles? dont say rollerblading because i cant do it lol! Umm and also these girls are school were whispering and calling me fat. It really gets me down too when i see pretty thin girls going out with nice boys and i know i wont get a boy!! :( its depressing, i tried starving myself, i lost half a stone and put it back on. Im so depressed! im a size 14! Also my hair sometimes goes a mess and im getting a lot of spots on my chin because im that age. Also is it true if u dont eat sweets for a week you will loose a double chin? my mum and dad say im ok, i only need to loose a bit on my stomach but my legs are huge too! HELP ME PLEASE! PLEASE REPLY!
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 03/07/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 03/06/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx
Reply from Michelle, Age 14 - 03/06/02  - IP#: 63.168.31.xxx

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