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From lauralyle, Age 14

hey, please anyone who can help me with my problem. i'm 5'5 or 5'6 and i weigh well 220lbs and i hate it, even though i dont look like i weigh that much. but i know that i do weigh more so i feel down, plus i would like to loose some fat on my body also. Like a thinner stomach, thinner legs, and a thinner gutt, and last a thinner butt, im sorry to say but my butt is to big!!! but if anyone has any special excerises or diets that can help me in short or even itf it takes a couple of months, email me at and for the title put down " lose Weight". plus i want to be in a good shape for the school dance coming up in 2 weeks and better body for the summer to come. so that i actually wont be scared to wear a swimsuit in fornt of my friends. lol . but anyhow please if any one knows any kind of excerise or diet please email me!!!!!!!!! thanx