From Heather, Age 12 - 04/18/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
My friends are like 80lb and they think they are fat.That really insults me because i am 125lb.I tell them they aren't but they don't listen.My friend has a eating disorder.Is there a way I can convince them they aren't fat or a way I can lose weight?
Reply from Jennifer, Age 16 - 04/19/02  - IP#:
Ill try to help u with both.I have a 13 year old friend,and she thinks shes fat,and shes 132,and shes really not at all.Shes healthy.I dont think u have anything to worry about.If u want to lose about 5 pounds just watch what u eat,and do alot of excerciseing.You dont want to be a stick,and starve yourself either.Its un healthy.My friend starved herself,and went threw like 10 siegers a day,and omost died,so tell your friends that.Slso tell them that anyone would kill to be that weight,and they should be lucky.They are considered a stick,and have nothing to worry about.E-mail me back,and let me know how it goes