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From Ashley, Age 12 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 24.167.225.xxx  Click here to reply  
Yo its me Ashley again. I was wondering if any of you needed a weight buddy. Please reply.
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 05/26/02  - IP#: 203.96.111.xxx
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/20/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx
Reply from caylynne, Age 12 - 05/02/02  - IP#: 24.234.207.xxx
Reply from Andrea, Age 16 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 67.234.193.xxx
Reply from becca, Age 13 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 24.43.65.xxx

From Ashley, Age 12 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 24.167.225.xxx  Click here to reply  
I need a tip on weight loss ok this is the third time i have written. No one ever replies. Please help me I am 20 poubnds overweight and i also need some exercises for flatter stomach. Thanks! Luv Ash
Reply from michelle, Age 13 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx
Reply from cheryl, Age 23 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 142.177.21.xxx
Reply from secret, Age 12 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 24.242.80.xxx

From Summer, Age 13 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx  Click here to reply  
ok, this is pretty messed up. i went to another site for a weight cacular thing, and it was all like, your under weight. and i am like no way. cuzz first of all, there are like tons of people i know that our thinner then me and they are just like perfect!!!!!! so i was wondering if any one knows a site that can caculate correctly!
Reply from henry, Age 13 - 05/04/02  - IP#: 67.226.22.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 05/04/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from henry, Age 13 - 05/03/02  - IP#: 67.226.53.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 05/02/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from summer, Age 13 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx
Reply from cheryl, Age 23 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 142.177.21.xxx
Reply from michelle, Age 13 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From michelle, Age 13 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
i just want to say well done to anyone who has lost weight, its a real inspiration.im 13 n a size 14. starting on sat im restarting my diet n joining the gym. the reason why ive gone off the whole thing was coz my grandma died. it unhinged me for a while i guess. Also, i want to say to anyone who wants to lose weight:nobody is perfect.the body is a beautiful, beautiful thing. its only natural to prefer something else or want to lose weight but if u r going to spend all ur time wishin it away ull never see the benefits.although i would prefer to be a size 8 i know in doing so i will lose my curves. i love my curves. in dieting im not trying to get rid of them just to make them healthier n a it smaller, so my goal is to be a size 12.dont hate urself for not being skinny.who sed skinny-ness is attractive??i asked 3 of my boy friends n they all sed they lik curves against skinnbone.i know im going on a bit so ill shut up about now.l8er
Reply from kaitlyn, Age 13 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 64.85.233.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 12 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 24.167.225.xxx

From Secret, Age 12 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 24.242.81.xxx  Click here to reply  
Lost 2lbs!
Reply from YaLonda, Age 13 - 06/02/02  - IP#: 216.158.68.xxx
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 06/02/02  - IP#: 203.96.111.xxx
Reply from Samantha, Age 14 - 05/17/02  - IP#: 64.6.1.xxx

From Nicola, Age 14 - 04/30/02 - IP#: 67.34.57.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone, I just read some of your messages, and thought there are people out there a lot worse (no offense) than me, and that i feel ashamed that i feel bad for myself being like i am, It's my fault, I love food, and i cant stop eating. When i came to america, i was 5ft 1 and about 130 lb, now almost 2 years later, I'm 5ft 5 and coming up to about 153 lbs. I dont want to loose weight for anyone but myself, so i can have so self confidence, and to not have to look at my self in the mirror with disgust. My mum's a chief, so she loves food, and big hips run in my family. Does anyone have a successful diet going on, and what is it? I dont mind about the excercise either :) ok email if you want at snufflewuffle87@hotmail.com If you would like to talk or help. thanks.
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from tom, Age 15 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 205.188.198.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from RockerGurl, Age 14 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 64.12.105.xxx
Reply from Casey, Age 12 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 216.76.141.xxx
Reply from Jenny Lynn, Age 15 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 65.29.212.xxx

From Laurie, Age 13 - 04/29/02 - IP#: 67.82.119.xxx  Click here to reply  
I was doing great I had lost almost 15 lbs (13 to be exact) and I was able to keep it off i went from a size 9 to a 7 and it felt great and i still fit in those 7 except only shorts for some reason i cant fit in a size 7 pants... pretty weird and it made me feel pretty badly too...It made me feel fatter than ever and i feel that i need a new diet plan... please dont write back telling me that i accomplished enough already cuz i just dont feel good about myself and i wont rest until i do!!!
P.S. can anyone explain why maybe those jeans didnt fit me? could it be another reason?
PPS- my All star cheerleading season is done.. any new ideas for exercise PLEASE HELP ME
Reply from Lindsay, Age 11 - 06/13/02  - IP#: 209.86.1.xxx
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/21/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx
Reply from shelly, Age 13 - 04/30/02  - IP#: 62.254.0.xxx

From Sarah, Age 13 - 04/29/02 - IP#: 64.12.103.xxx  Click here to reply  
Oh my God!!!!!! Did you hear! Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is on a diet! He just got a personal trainer, he sprints, lifts weight and does 5,000 ab crunces a day! He also watches what he eats and being the younges of the boys (even though the boys are calling it quits) he was actually a little fat from the beginning (nno offence if your a fan). He's going solo you know so of coarse he has to look good! Anyways if he can well I guess we can too! Love sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!

From whitney a. :), Age 14 - 04/29/02 - IP#: 63.193.12.xxx  Click here to reply  
sup guys!! hey my name is whitney and i live in cali near the coast. i was wondering if any girls who are 14 and about 5'6 that weigh around 160-170 would like to be my weight buddy. I need someone to share my up's and down's of weight loss with and someone that could just be there to talk to! I am taking a vacation this summer to Hawaii and i need to lose weight so I can feel confident about myself. I am not losing weight to impress others, but only myself. I feel like losing weight should be a commitment to yourself, so you are happy with the way you look and pleasing others is just a plus. Well I hope someones out there that would be willing to help me and I would do the same to you! please write back or feel free to email me anytime at the_whit@hotmail.com. Thanks everyone on your help and I wish all of you the best of luck in trying to lose weight! and i respect all of you for the hard work that goes into this whole weightloss thing. I wish it coul be just as easy as snaping ur fingers, but unfortunately its not and its hard work. good luck...
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/20/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx
Reply from Grace, Age 15 - 04/29/02  - IP#: 209.91.214.xxx
Reply from katie, Age 13 - 04/29/02  - IP#: 63.193.12.xxx

From Jesokah, Age 17 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 24.69.255.xxx  Click here to reply  
ok i used to be very depressed but ever since my birthday came ive been very happy and i think it has led me to lose weight. i eat junk food like everyday and i used to be size 11 now im a size 7. weird ehh. i eat junk food and it helps me lose weight. is that right? well i still wanna lose weight so if ne one has ne tips on how to lose like 15lbs by summer id really appreciate it thankz
Reply from caylynne, Age 12 - 05/02/02  - IP#: 24.234.207.xxx
Reply from allisa, Age 13 - 04/29/02  - IP#: 68.13.169.xxx

From Ashley, Age 12 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 24.167.225.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi I am Ashley I posted a message a few days ago. I am on a diet because i am 20 pounds overweight. Well, I have a problem. I can't stick to my diet! And I need some exercises to tone my stomach. PLease help.
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/21/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx

From Michelle, Age 14 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 63.168.28.xxx  Click here to reply  
I was just reading over all your guy's messages, and I think it's great that we all want to help one another. But I think a lot of you are missing a major point. To loose weight, it takes a lifetime commitment. Once you get down to your goal weight, you have to work just as hard as you did to get there to maintain what you've accomplished. A lot of people just slack off, so make sure that when you go on a diet, you make sure it's not too hard for you, because most likely, your going to be doing it for the rest of your life. Oh, and a reply to the message about the skinny girls in the magazines, I definately know how that feels, I'm a red head with freckles (five foot one, and a size 13), but you know what, those girls are picked to represent a product because they are irregular, not because they represent the majority of the population which is over about a size 16 (women). I think it's ... (view more)
Reply from Ashley, Age 12 - 04/28/02  - IP#: 24.167.225.xxx
Reply from Jenny Lynn, Age 15 - 04/28/02  - IP#: 65.29.212.xxx

From Ali, Age 14 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 205.188.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
I should have put this on my last post, but I really want to thank Stephanie, Brandon, Jennifer, Michelle, and Allisa for replying to my old post. Stephanie, you should really read what they wrote. And thanks to you guys, for the past three days, I've held back my cravings, done more excersize, and truly not been as hungry. It's different, but I'm really happy. Thanks again! Anyone need help or if they want someone to lose weight with email me at Roo5spoons@aol.com!

From Ali, Age 14 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 205.188.200.xxx  Click here to reply  
This may sound incredibly stupid, but if you're watching tv or listening to the radio, jog around your sofa or coffee table. Don't run or else you can't turn the edges very well. Also after dinner go for a jog around your block. If your block is small, run around two. You'll be tired but proud when you get back.
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/21/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx

From kristina, Age 14 - 04/28/02 - IP#: 217.39.39.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone,i'm posting this because i'm concerned (sorry can't spell) about my friend Kelly, she's 14 like me,5"1 like me, but she weighs over 300lbs. But i don't think she cares as she doesn't care what she eats. I don't know how to tell her that i worry, she might take it the wrong way. But she does weigh herself (when she feels she's lost weight even though she's not on a diet), i have to help her because she cannot see the scales. 2 weeks ago she weighed 327.Everyone makes fun of her at school and i think it hurts me more than her. Please help me.
Reply from Tori, Age 14 - 05/21/02  - IP#: 208.187.65.xxx
Reply from gemma, Age 14 - 05/05/02  - IP#: 195.93.33.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 14 - 05/01/02  - IP#: 202.156.2.xxx
Reply from Kate, Age 13 - 04/28/02  - IP#: 67.219.152.xxx

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