From Casey-Clarke, Age 13 - 05/02/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey guyz, i am casey clarke. my momma says i'm fat and i just don't like that. i am 13, 5'3 and weigh 156 lbs. All my freinds call me tubby and say "who ate all the pies? Oh, it must have been casey" whenever i come in. And so I normally eat like a hole pizza and some nachos with cheeze and a tub of ready made cokkie dough. It tastes real good. Whats more my momma works at a diner so i normally eat breakfast, and dinner there and they do great burgers. i cant resist tuckin' into 2 a day! I want to eat healthily, but i can't. my daddy weighs 300 lbs and the house is always stuffed with twinkies, chips, fries and ice cream. It just isn't pssible for me! Also i cant exersize because there is nothin to do for exersize. I wanna be a cheerleader but i am too heavy. Please help! love casey clarke
Reply from Casey-Clarke, Age 13 - 05/03/02  - IP#:
Thankyou soooo much Brittany!! Your advice has given me loads of help. My mom says she'll buy me the low fat stuff and at the diner I had a chicken sadwhich! I am also looking into places where i can play basketball coz its a great sport. Thanks tons for the great advice!
Reply from Brittney, Age 14 - 05/02/02  - IP#:
Hello. Since you are used to eating a lot, it would be easier for you to get started by cutting down on rather than depriving yourself. Tell yourself you are only going to have two slices of pizza, and eat them slowly, so you have a chance to notice that you are not hungry anymore. You can still make healthy decisions at a diner, belive it or not. Most diners have grilled chicken (the kind without the crispy coating), or some sort of a deli sandwich. If not, only eat one burger, and it's not as unhealthy if you don't put cheese on it. Don't get me wrong, a little cheese is good for you, but adding it to a hamburger is adding a lot of fat. Ask your parents to buy reduced-fat snacks - some of them are actually pretty good. You'll notice that after a while of eating less fat, if you have a day when you eat fatty foods again, you will be tired at sluggish. It feels better to eat healthy. On exercise: Do something you enjoy. If you hate running, don't run. Swimming is great, but most people don't have access to a pool, so play basketball or something. Listen to music when you exercise; something upbeat. Here is a plan that has worked for me (I have lost 10 pounds since I started about 2 and a half to 3 weeks ago) I eat 20-25 grams of fat per day, and exercise 15-20 minutes per day. Good luck!