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From shelly, Age 13

this is the diet:Day 1:-eat only fruit except bananas.melon n berries r gud because they hav the less as many as likeDay 2:- eat only veg. today u r allowed 1 baked potato with a bit of butter.Day 3:- Mix day 1 & 2. no potatos or bananas.if u hav not cheated u hav lost 5-7poundsday 4:- bananas n skimmed milk. up to 8 bananas n as much milk as can drink. u will need the sweetness as u will hav cravings todayday 5:- beef n tomatoes. u may hav 10-20ozs of beef n 1 can of tomatoes or 8 tomatoesday 6 beff n vegetables.u can even hav 2-3steaks 7 brown rice n vegetables.u can lose up to 17 pounds. u also hav to eat this soup but i had the cup n soup stuff.only the powder n water kind though. u can eat as much soup as u like. u can hav water,unsweetened fruit juice n unsweetened n no milk tea for drink. i also had peppermint tea. it is a strict diet but it really does work. my dad tried it n he lost a stone.let me know in a weeks time how ppl got on. rember, my email is so email me if u hav ne questions.l8er