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From Claire, Age 18 - 05/29/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'4", Start: 210 lb, Current: 162 lb, Goal: 130 lb - It's getting hot so it's beginning to get even harder to avoid ice cream. I put a little ice-cream (about 2 scoops) in a small bowl and then after that I began craving more and I tried to stop myself but I just found myself going bcak to the freezer and puting in 2 more scoops this time bigger. I mean what the freak is my problem? I hate how sugar is so addictive and now I feel like a fat idiot. I could've controlled myself but I didn't! just because I wanted more..I went and got some. I know I shouldn't dwell on it now that the damage is done but I really wanted to get back on track. It seems that I keep screwing up, just when I'm doing good! I have to go pick my brother up from school and it's about a 2 mile walk. Will that help burn the ice-cream cals off? ugh, I'm so mad at myself.

From Molly, Age 16 - 05/28/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'7", Start: 198 lb, Current: 198 lb, Goal: 168 lb - so I am totally -annoyed and the fact that I'm trying to detox my body- no sweets is driving me crazyy and I am soo tempted to go get a cookie! BUT NO I promise myself I would do this! soo yeah thats basically what I did today-- I had soo much fruit during lunch! and part of me wonders if it's this hard to stop over eating image how hard it is for someone who is trying to quite smokeing!
Reply from casey, Age 17 - 05/28/07  - IP#:

From Molly, Age 16 - 05/27/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'7", Start: 198 lb, Current: 198 lb, Goal: 168 lb - so basiclly I want to lose about 30 pounds in about 2 and a half months. I seriously think that I can do it if I put my mind to it. BUT the problem is I have a huge addiction to food! I can't stop eating even though I know the things I'm eating are bad for me. My best friend is extremely skinny (it runs in her family.) She is so tiny compared to me and sometimes it makes me feel really bad about my image. I do excercise alot but excercising is no good when I go and eat ice cream and cookies an hour later. So if you have any ideas on how to cope with my food addiction please do tell!! thanks
Reply from Sage, Age 15 - 05/27/07  - IP#:
Reply from casey, Age 17 - 05/27/07  - IP#:

From Michelle, Age 14 - 05/24/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'7", Start: 182 lb, Current: 182 lb, Goal: 130 lb - Hi. I used to post here a lot, but I stopped for a while. Since not posting here, I've gained 32 pounds. Yeah.... Not good. I figure posting here will help bring it back down. I have a candy addiction. Don't have a problem with fast food, candy is my Kryptonite. I'm very active, on a swim team and other sports, it's just the startling amounts of sugar that does it.... Suggestions?
Reply from ariel, Age 16 - 05/25/07  - IP#:

From Stephen, Age 15 - 05/22/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'7", Start: 240 lb, Current: 233 lb, Goal: 125 lb - I am 15 years old. I don't know why I eat so much. I am trying to lose weight by eating three-four Lean Cuiseans a day with water and veggies. I have an addiction and I don't know how to cut it. My parents tell me eat more veggies. I ate an entire bag of salad without dressing and it didn't phase me at all, I just want more. What I am I to do? Please help. Steve

From Bianca, Age 13 - 07/10/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'8, Wt. really big - I hate looking at myself and thinking that Im pretty and healthy when in reality i am not. I am addicted to fatty and sweet foods. Especially pizza, ice cream, soda, and chocolate. I dont have any exercise machines but yet i dont know what to do. I wan to be skinny for prom, or graduation, or my friends quincenera. I wanna be able to shop anywhere and I find the size that fits me. Please help me and I will help you too....i am desperate and I need to lose major weght!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! (my weight problems sometimes led to suicide thoughts)

From Laura, Age 19 - 04/25/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'6, Wt. 125 - I am doing a research report for school on overweight children and I was hoping that this website would help me.I am proud of all of you for starting somewhere or even trying to live a healthy life. While doing this research report, I want you to all realize that there are many health risks in being overweight. In the past 2 years, I have lost a total of 45 pounds and plan to keep it off the rest of my life. I was once overweight and know exactly how it feels to be the fat person. I know what it feels like to be emotionally addicted to food; but now food only means something nutritional that I need to put in my body. I want to give you all the best of luck in making your lives healthier. You have to start somewhere...although it isn't easy... it is worth it in the end. I promise! If any of you need any type of motivation please send me a message, I would love to hear from any of you.

From Amanda, Age 15 - 02/02/06 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'4'' - just looking over some of the message boards, it was so depressing to see people having crisises over a size or two.. especially when i need to lose like 150lbs.. im so glad people want to better themselves but im not sure people realize the impact of health and weight.. im a sophomore and recently, in class we started a project called fast food nation.. well we discussed how fast food affects our lives, then watched this movie called Supersize Me.. watch it and be prepared for a reality check.. before i always wanted to lose weight so people would like be but now i want to do it for myself, so ill like myself.. i have a food addiction, im a binge compulsive eater and this is my 1st time posting here.. it seems helpful and i hope it will help me but its going to be so hard.. i live with my mom, brother and grandparents.. and my grandparents love junk food, not to mention theyre the ones going shopping.. so basically i have to choose to pic the sad carrot over the box of donuts or bag of chips.. plus the soda.. i love soda, and i drink like so much.. but thats all my parents buy.. and they wont give up their junk food habits for me.. so basically i wonder if i should just give up and eat myself into the grave.. its like putting a drug addict in a drug house and telling them to stop the drug abuse!

From hannah, Age 15 - 11/28/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'3, Wt. 308 - Hi, i'm 15 i live in england and i am 22 stone!!! thats 308 pounds. I want to go to a fat camp but my parents cant afford it. Is there a strict and hard weight loss camp? I know that if i could just lose the wieght at camp, i would enjoy being thin so much i would just not eat. Does anybody know of a hard and gruelling camp or does anyone just want to talk about thier experiences. I have no friends, because people dont want to know anyone who is fat. I am so depressed that my school work is suffering. People laugh and stare at me when i go out.I am addicted to food.I spend all my money on it-macdonalds,kfc,burgerking. I cant help myself. Even my old friends are begining to get embarrassed I but i am disgusting. Does anyone know of a cheaper than usual wieght loss camp. Please help me. or just chat.  (Note: 1 stone (st) equals 14 pounds.)

From Amanda Lynn, Age 16 - 01/19/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hey I have a question......I am addicted to Diet Pepsi. But I want to loose weight and it is iportant. Well I drink at least 2 pops a day if not more and I can have a lot more. It is a phycological thing in my mind to where it calms me down. It is kinda odd I know and I know it is also all in my head, but is the pop good for loosing weight since it is Diet or is it still bad for me?Please help?*~*Amanda*~*
Reply from kathryn, Age 17 - 01/19/05  - IP#:

From l3twnliez, Age 13 - 12/30/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hey everyone! Yeah I used to post on this thing like 2 years ago but then i stopped. But hey i guess i will tell you my story.... I am 5'7" and weigh new year resolution is to lose weight. I have many many reasons why a big one is that my siter is getting married in October and I am the maid of honor and i want to look pretty ...second my cousin is getting married in july .....third i am going on vacation to colorado ( the farthest i'v been ) in june...I am really gonna do it this time. I got a pilates DVD that i plan on doing everyday... and then i plan on eating only things that aren't man made...and stay away from white bread and pastas...and no im not gonna go on the carb diet it's just my doctor told me they are not healthy foods... I am also working on getting a membership to the Y so i can work out there ...a big thing I have to work on is not frinking pop... i have to slowly stop this because I am addicted and if i don't frink any caffine i get horrble headaches that i sometimes pass out from ...also did u know caffine is an appetite inducer NOT reducer?....well hey I think i have typed enough for right now so if anyone has any excersixe tips please reply!

From KENZi, Age 13 - 12/13/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hey all!!i had starbux again 2day!!!!:(!!!its really addicting!!lol! owell nutin i can do now!i did this work out tho & wondered if u guyz cud tell me if i need 2 do more !i run 3/4 a mile then walk home (5 min walk)then i do 60 crunches on the ground then 30 side bend things on each side holing 5 lbs then 60/45 push ups!*~THANX~*

From katie, Age 13 - 12/06/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I am 13 years old and i weigh 170 pounds. my Family has been on "The South Beach Diet" but it seems we haved eased away from the diet. we have a gazelle but i feel i never have time to work out because i feel so overwhelmed by my emotions. I also feel i am addicted to food, when i ge home from school i always eat tons of stuff and then later i a normal supper. I am sick f being overweight and i dont know how to handle being overweight andhow to handle my emotions and also my addiction to food.will you please give me advice.
Reply from Kelly, Age 14 - 12/06/04  - IP#:

From JJ, Age 13 - 11/15/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
My mum is such a b*tch!!!! I asked her "can you please stop buying junk food, I really think it would make us healthier and we might lose a little weight" you know what she said?? "No, I need it" I said she sounded like a drug addict and she agreed!!!! (she is majorly obese[as am I])I told her "please stop buying the junk food, I have no will power and you always offer it too me. We aren't healthy and I think this would be a good idea" she goes "if you want to lose weight we should find a plan and stick to it, I'll find one, until then I'll eat my chocolate bars" that was two months ago!!!What can I do to stop myself from eating the candy and junkfood she CONSTANTLY buys?? Thanks Guys. You guys are great.

From aaron, Age 15 - 09/26/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Well i finally conquered my food addiction and habitual laziness. I could never stop eating.....anyway, after 2 years of HARD work, i'm FINALLY thin. For the first time in my life! Good job to all of you who r losin'.....for those of u tryin to lose, never give up.You just GOTTA exercise alot, and control what u eat. You can do it always, peace out.....