From Michelle, Age 14 - 05/24/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 182 lb, Current: 182 lb, Goal: 130 lb - Hi. I used to post here a lot, but I stopped for a while. Since not posting here, I've gained 32 pounds. Yeah.... Not good. I figure posting here will help bring it back down. I have a candy addiction. Don't have a problem with fast food, candy is my Kryptonite. I'm very active, on a swim team and other sports, it's just the startling amounts of sugar that does it.... Suggestions?
Reply from ariel, Age 16 - 05/25/07  - IP#:
hmm.....i'm a cake addict. I've recently gained 3 lbs on mainly cake over the past week. I know its hard, but you should try to kick the habit. Don't spend any $$$ on candy. And for the candy that you have in your room, get rid of it and try not to get mad when you crave it later. hope i helped.