From Molly, Age 16 - 05/27/07 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 198 lb, Current: 198 lb, Goal: 168 lb - so basiclly I want to lose about 30 pounds in about 2 and a half months. I seriously think that I can do it if I put my mind to it. BUT the problem is I have a huge addiction to food! I can't stop eating even though I know the things I'm eating are bad for me. My best friend is extremely skinny (it runs in her family.) She is so tiny compared to me and sometimes it makes me feel really bad about my image. I do excercise alot but excercising is no good when I go and eat ice cream and cookies an hour later. So if you have any ideas on how to cope with my food addiction please do tell!! thanks
Reply from casey, Age 17 - 05/27/07  - IP#:
okay, food addiction means you eat to make yourself feel better when you are nervous, bored, lonely, depressed, sad, angry, or just not totally happy - you get the picture... anyways, to stop your addiction you need to stay away from foods your addicted to, like junk food or fast food, same as an alcoholic has to stay away from bars. . and you gotta go throuhg like 'detox'. . you will feel real bad cravings and nervous for a couple of weeks, then it gets better and better til you don't hardly miss the junk food.. okay, you still with me?, the second thing you gotta do is come up with things to do instead of eating when you feel nervous, bored, or stuff, like call a friend, take your dog for a walk, start a hobby, play a musical instrument, read a book, do a project, or anything you enjoy besides eating... and no second helpings or super sizes which is also part of food addiction.. . that's a lot to do i know and its not easy, but you are worth it!!! and we are here to help each other get through it, like comin off a drug... so go for it!!!! kk
Reply from Sage, Age 15 - 05/27/07  - IP#:
I understand your addiction to food, but try to figure out WHY your addiction is so strong. Is it because you're just hungry often, eat out of boredom or emotions, or you're not feeling full & satisfied after meals? Drink a glass of water before and during each meal because that'll really fill you up & stop from over-eating. it works! & eat more whole grains, fiber & protein which carves hunger for longer.
Reply from Tina, Age 15 - 05/27/07  - IP#:
try to talk to your parents about buying no/less junk food and have LOTS of water..make it a habit of always having water w/u. Then if worse comes to worse put a rubber band around ur wrist and every time u get hungry, snap it. ( I rele don't reccomend that tho, its a bit painful, hence the name pain treatment)
Reply from Tina, Age 15 - 05/27/07  - IP#:
well, first try to talk to ur parents about buying less/no junk food, then have LOTS of water and make a habit of carrying a water bottle with you ALL THE TIME. If worse come to worse try to reason w/ yourself and only have as little of junk as possible