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From l3twnliez, Age 13

Hey everyone! Yeah I used to post on this thing like 2 years ago but then i stopped. But hey i guess i will tell you my story.... I am 5'7" and weigh 230lbs...my new year resolution is to lose weight. I have many many reasons why a big one is that my siter is getting married in October and I am the maid of honor and i want to look pretty ...second my cousin is getting married in july .....third i am going on vacation to colorado ( the farthest i'v been ) in june...I am really gonna do it this time. I got a pilates DVD that i plan on doing everyday... and then i plan on eating only things that aren't man made...and stay away from white bread and pastas...and no im not gonna go on the carb diet it's just my doctor told me they are not healthy foods... I am also working on getting a membership to the Y so i can work out there ...a big thing I have to work on is not frinking pop... i have to slowly stop this because I am addicted and if i don't frink any caffine i get horrble headaches that i sometimes pass out from ...also did u know caffine is an appetite inducer NOT reducer?....well hey I think i have typed enough for right now so if anyone has any excersixe tips please reply!