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From JJ, Age 13

My mum is such a b*tch!!!! I asked her "can you please stop buying junk food, I really think it would make us healthier and we might lose a little weight" you know what she said?? "No, I need it" I said she sounded like a drug addict and she agreed!!!! (she is majorly obese[as am I])I told her "please stop buying the junk food, I have no will power and you always offer it too me. We aren't healthy and I think this would be a good idea" she goes "if you want to lose weight we should find a plan and stick to it, I'll find one, until then I'll eat my chocolate bars" that was two months ago!!!What can I do to stop myself from eating the candy and junkfood she CONSTANTLY buys?? Thanks Guys. You guys are great.