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From Amanda, Age 15

Ht. 5'4'' - just looking over some of the message boards, it was so depressing to see people having crisises over a size or two.. especially when i need to lose like 150lbs.. im so glad people want to better themselves but im not sure people realize the impact of health and weight.. im a sophomore and recently, in class we started a project called fast food nation.. well we discussed how fast food affects our lives, then watched this movie called Supersize Me.. watch it and be prepared for a reality check.. before i always wanted to lose weight so people would like be but now i want to do it for myself, so ill like myself.. i have a food addiction, im a binge compulsive eater and this is my 1st time posting here.. it seems helpful and i hope it will help me but its going to be so hard.. i live with my mom, brother and grandparents.. and my grandparents love junk food, not to mention theyre the ones going shopping.. so basically i have to choose to pic the sad carrot over the box of donuts or bag of chips.. plus the soda.. i love soda, and i drink like so much.. but thats all my parents buy.. and they wont give up their junk food habits for me.. so basically i wonder if i should just give up and eat myself into the grave.. its like putting a drug addict in a drug house and telling them to stop the drug abuse!