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From Caty, Age 14 - 09/18/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
i havnt posted in a long time. 2 my surprise, ive gained 11 pounds! in less than a month. can u blive it. ive been eating more than ever. depression is wut the problem is because i know im having problems at my new school. dont know anyone, hav no friends and yea you got the idea. and i just wanted 2 share this. my friend who is overweight like i am, is very unhappy with her weight nd i just found out that she does pot and she thinks is not addictive. how do i tell her that pot isnt the solution 2 b skinny????!
Reply from Winona, Age 17 - 09/19/04  - IP#:

From chelese: me, Age 13 - 09/12/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
i have a huge problem. my older sister looks like a supermodel, and i think i have some of the same facial features as her, but im 70 pounds over weight. and my mom just recently lost like 30 pounds. it really puts me down. im the biggest person in my family!!! its like i'm addicted to food. at school, everyone seems so happy, and i feel so sad. Im not even way over weight. i just take everything out of proportion. i just can't help it. i want to loose weight to feel better about myself, but i can't. what is wrong with me!!! please help!

From Brittany, Age 14 - 08/24/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
im really curious-how many cals would be in a banana muffin? (no walnuts added) I've looked on a few sites but have found nothing.Please,if you know, post! im addicted to them i've already had two today and yeah i wanna know the damage im doing here, calorie-wise!Britter
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 08/24/04  - IP#:

From Caty, Age 14 - 07/29/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
o no i just ate an another snickers bar!! why cant i stop? by the way.. my parents bought the snickers in bulk so i cant stop eating them. thats 4 for today :( :( :(
Reply from Stacey, Age 14 - 07/29/04  - IP#:

From meee, Age 14 - 06/07/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
ok like i always have cerial, im like addicted to it, cheerios mostly but otha kinds too. only when u add milk its like so many calories. like a bowl with milk is like 300-400 calories!!! should i giv up my cerial? i want 2 eat like 5 bowls a day, i could .liv on it!!!

From jessica, Age 16 - 02/18/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I'm the fattest girl in my class,maybe the ugliest,loneliest and the most miserable one.I never had a boyfriend, and it seems like no guy is EVER going to be interested in me. Whenever someone looks at me I feel like he sees all my ugly skinfolds and is going to spit in my eye and tell me I'm THE pig.It makes me wanna cry...hide...I went now and ate even more...I'm really ashamed.I think I'm addicted to food, especially sugar and butter.Please,please someone reply...
Reply from Claudia, Age 14 - 02/18/04  - IP#:

From NEEDS HELP BAD, Age 15 - 01/14/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
im 15, 5'5 and 173 lbs. I would like to weigh 150 lbs by May 2004 and weigh 125 lbs by August 1, that is 23 lbs in 4 months and then 25 lbs in the next 2 this possiable for someone with an addiction to sweets? I NEED HELP! PLEASE, THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE TO BE SKINNY IN AUGUST FOR A PERSONAL REASON...HELP

From Ray Ray or Rach, Age 12 - 11/19/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I really need help! I do really good on my diet at school usually. I don't eat breakfast and I only eat the main thing and sometimes salad at lunch but when I get home I can't stop eating! I've tried to just not start eating until dinner becuase once I start I can't stop but that never works and I end up eating anyway and I've tried like just eating a little bit of something but for me food is addictive so I jsut keep eating more of it. Please help me!

From mary ann, Age 14 - 11/11/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
im so addicted to food...and i cant stay on diets long, everyime i feel the pressure to eat, i give in, I NEED SOME HELP! or i will just keep on gaining weight...

From Hanne, Age 14 - 09/29/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hey thanks alot Brooke! do u have an e-mail? i could use all the help i can get, but does that soda thing also apply to diet? ( i am addicted to the stuff!)
Reply from sam, Age 14 - 09/29/03  - IP#:

From ashley, Age 15 - 07/28/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
this is my 25th(no joke!) time yo yo dieting...i really need some help on staying on track, i just have this addiction to food. Any tips?

From rachel, Age 15 - 07/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
i need a diet plan! i love to eat and i have an emotiaon addiction to food, so restircing diets just dont work for me. If someone could help me I would love it! email me at or leave a message here good job to everyone whos lost weight! i admire you so much and you have given me alot of motivation. and good luck to everyone trying to lose weight(fat i should say) can do it! keep on pushing for your can do anything!

From erica, Age 15 - 07/21/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ht. 5'5", Today: 170 lb (BMI %tile: 95) - hey everyone. I am 5'5 and 170 lbs. Most of my weight is in my stomach, a little in my thigs. I have tried diets and things, trying to lose alot of weight in small time periods, but my emotianl addiction to food makes me go off my diet pretty quickly, which in turn blows my whole excerise program. I am 15 years old, and all the clothes I like look very horriable with my 40 inch. stomach and I would like some help along this pathway of regaining my self confidence. Food is always there for me, weather im bored, hungary, depressed, happy and so on, I must have food. I have tried breaking this habit in many ways but nothing seems to work for more then a week. I would like a steady diet and exercise plan to help me along the way. Maybe walking, and cutting junk food out slowly, but I really need some guaidnace. If you could help me in any way...leave a sucucess story for me to read, and type CONCERNING ERICA at the top, or if you would like to be a weight loss buddy or just email me with help, my emai is thank you all so much. And congrats to everyone who has lost weight, and i would be willing to help anyone with questions or guidance. Luv~ Erica

From jessica, Age 15 - 06/21/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
everyone is saying not to buy diet pills, but what about things like green tea packets for weight loss and little other "slim downs" they sell? I would never buy anything with endperhra or w/e its called, see my problem is I haev an emotionl addiction to food for a serisous reason I can not put on this website, I have tried eathing healthy and exercsing but I just do not have the will power and stregnth from my past tradagey to do this. I really need diet pills or some kind of "scam" to give me the motoviation and keep me on track, please reply soon, I am leaving at 7 tonight to buy something