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From cayla, Age 13 - 06/11/01 - IP#: 206.31.207.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi im 13years old and have big bones, im 5'0 and weigh any where from 153-160 and kep bouncing between those weights im supposed to weigh about 120so i need to lose about 40 lbs by end of summer ive been on many diets and give in to temptations i think having a buddie who needs to lose weight to would be easier for me because we could help eachother out and soon as i lose my weight i get my belly peirced so if any one has to lose about 30-50 lbs and needs a buddy please reply with ou e-mail address or if you have any tips please wright to me at bhbest@blackhillsbest.com thankx alot
love always,
Reply from Michelle, Age 13 - 06/14/01 
Reply from sarah, Age 12 - 06/13/01 

From Sam, Age 14 - 06/10/01 - IP#: 216.229.93.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hello, I am 5'6 1/2" and I weigh 196 pounds...I am active (I play softball and liftweights) but I want to lose weight before I go back to school in August. I have a very BAD over eating problem and my best friends keeps telling me i am not fat...i know she is just saying that to make me happy so can any of you help?....I am a size 16 i wanna go down to a size 10 at least! And I want to lose some of my chest (i am a 38DD) so any tips would help
Reply from Zoey, Age 13 - 05/01/03  - IP#: 63.162.72.xxx
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/13/01 

From Susan, Age 16 - 06/10/01 - IP#: 64.20.211.xxx  Click here to reply  
I was trying to lose weight, and I wan to lose like 50lb, and I know that maybe that will never happen, but still that I wan to try, and I start to try to lose the weight from now, ans I want to ask that like do you going to the place that there was many machine for doing the exersier, and I very want to go, but I don't know how to signt in, and I don't know how old could sight in, and the true is I scared that if I went in and everybody will laght at me, because I was very fat, and i very want to know what I could do about it. Because now I was 16 and i was 5'4 and I weight like 155lb, and even my samll brotheris taller then i do, what i gonna do, please please help!
Reply from kat, Age 13 - 08/21/01 
Reply from T, Age 16 - 06/14/01 
Reply from Ashley, Age 13 - 06/11/01 

From Heidi, Age 19 - 06/09/01 - IP#: 206.40.121.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! I'm not incredibly overweight (I'm 5'5" and 135 pounds), but i'd like to get down to about 120 by the beginning of the school year, because I am transferring to a new college and i'd like to make a good impression. Anyone have any good ideas for me? I used to be 150, then i lost 30 pounds, but i gained 15 since January cuz i binge on bad foods.
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/10/01 

From Pamela, Age 13 - 06/09/01 - IP#: 205.188.198.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey ya'll ok heres the deal i am 5'3 1/2 and i am 13. i always wonder how much is a reasonable weigh for me. ok i dont wanna go with average wieghts because those say that u should weigh 103 when u r in 5th grade when i weighed 93. but i have gone to a weigh calculater and it said that i was healthy but that bould be talkin about a 30 year old. so PLEASE PLEASE if there are any experts on this tell me if 114 for a 13 year old girl in 8th grade who is 5' 3 1/2 is good. i mean if i need to loose wieght just say U NEEED TO LOSE 5 POUNDS! thanx
Reply from Amanda, Age 14 - 06/12/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/10/01 

From Missy, Age 14 - 06/07/01 - IP#: 112.4.201.xxx  Click here to reply  
I am 14 years old, and I have been kinda over-weight for a long time. In elementary school, there wouldnt be one day where I wouldnt come home crying because people were picking on me. I turn 15 in July, and I have just started dieting and trying to excercise to lose weight. I weigh around 150 right now, and want to go back to high school in the fall with 20 or more pounds off of me. It is very hard to try and not eat the things I used to, but I think I can do it, and I hope everyone else can also.
Reply from Amanda, Age 15 - 06/16/01 

From Catherine, Age 15 - 06/07/01 - IP#: 195.92.198.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! I am a naturally confident person, and generally happy. I never used to be. I used to get teased all the time. People dont tease me anymore. I think they got bored of it. I am 5ft 5 and 196lbs. My friends say Im not fat, but they're just trying to spare my feelings. I know I am. My friends are all really thin and wear size 8 and 10 clothes. When we go shopping they go on about how they feel fat. I often feel like telling them to shutup and that they dont know what being fat feels like. I wear a size 16-18 and I hate going shopping. It gets depressing at times not being able to wear what I want but I seem to deal well with it. I really want to lose weight but it is really hard. I dont want to be `the fat one` of my group. I try to eat healthy and exercise, but I cant resist temptation and binge. I think it would be easier with a friend to diet with. All my friend are thin so I cant exactly talk to them about it. If anyone wants a dieting friend then I am more than willing. We can exchange tips and keep eachother up to date on how we are getting on.
Reply from Cayla, Age 13 - 06/12/01 
Reply from Ashley, Age 13 - 06/11/01 
Reply from Susan, Age 13 - 06/10/01 
Reply from avi, Age 13 - 06/09/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/07/01 

From Daniellle, Age 16 - 06/07/01 - IP#: 65.229.69.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm 16 and 220 lbs. I NEED to lose weight. andy suggestions would be a great help. I wanna look good for my senior year.
Reply from sarah, Age 12 - 06/14/01 
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/09/01 
Reply from Katie, Age 14 - 06/08/01 
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 

From Misty, Age 13 - 06/06/01 - IP#: 150.176.207.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey I am 5 ft. 2 inches and i weigh about 105 and I feel so much over wieght. Anyone have any advice.
Reply from Lindsey, Age 16 - 09/19/01  - IP#: 168.55.246.xxx
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/06/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/06/01 
Reply from Missy, Age 14 - 06/06/01 

From Susie, Age 16 - 06/06/01 - IP#: 152.163.204.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi! IM 16 and i weight 268 pounds and i need to lose weight! Please help me! I'm tired of being harrased!
Reply from Matt, Age 14 - 06/20/01 
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/07/01 
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/06/01 

From April, Age 15 - 06/05/01 - IP#: 205.188.195.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey guys! I have been trying to lose weight and I'm losing a little! But does anyone have any more tips besides cutting back on how much you eat and drink lots of water? Help me Please!
Reply from sarah, Age 12 - 06/14/01 
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 

From William, Age 13 - 06/05/01 - IP#: 65.80.140.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi, im 13 years old and weigh 140lbs and am a rising eighth grader. I get teased alot about my size. It may make a difference because of my height. Im 5'1. I want to burn the fat off my stomach, thieghs. I tried out for football and didn't make it past cuts. But I tried out for baseball and made it by a lucky shot. I want to be slim and nible by the eighth grade. My goal is to lose 30lbs by the end of summer. Could I do it?
Reply from jordan, Age 14 - 07/12/01 
Reply from Mandi, Age 13 - 06/17/01 
Reply from Dustin, Age 13 - 06/15/01 
Reply from Candice, Age 13 - 06/11/01 
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/06/01 
Reply from William, Age 13 - 06/06/01 

From Amanda, Age 14 - 06/05/01 - IP#: 64.12.103.xxx  Click here to reply  
I personally think that I am overweight but I have been told that I just have a bad body image. I'm 5'1" and 105 pounds but I have heard people saying that they think that I am 115 pounds! I don't care about the weight, I just want a slimmer waist-- I am currently inbetween 28 & 29 inches. If anyone wants to work on slimming up with me or wants to share some tips, email me at x0xbutrflykisx0x@aol.com (copy and paste the address). Thanx so much!!
Reply from Roxy, Age 13 - 06/06/01 
Reply from Candice, Age 13 - 06/06/01 
Reply from Candice, Age 14 - 06/06/01 

From Ariel, Age 15 - 06/05/01 - IP#: 131.187.133.xxx  Click here to reply  
Some people wanted to know what the address of another BMI calculator was, so here it is: thriveonline.oxygen.com/weight/tools/bmi.htmlToday I entered my old weight of 156 and it said that I was overweight. Then I entered my new weight of 143 and it told me I had a healthy weight. I'm so happy!!!
Reply from Alice, Age 13 - 09/06/01  - IP#: 213.123.118.xxx
Reply from Katie, Age 14 - 06/09/01 
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 
Reply from jenna, Age 15 - 06/06/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/05/01 

From Amy, Age 11 - 06/05/01 - IP#: 62.255.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hia people say im not fat coz im 96lbs but I am trust me. Every time I go shopping I have 2 buy sizes 13-14 and stuff and Im only 11... HELP
Reply from Ariel, Age 15 - 06/07/01 

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