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Hi im chad and i like to do bmxing and stuff and swim but now thats all going away because im over whight too much , when i swim in a pool i allways whar a shirt or something so i wont show my big gut and stuff and well with biking im relly good and do alot of tricks but now it is just getting out of hand and im starting to not to swim and not ride to much any more becasue im feling bad of how i look . Im whigh like 235 pounds and i want to go down to 175 or so just wondering if any one would have any advice of how to lose whight fast over this summer i just got out of school and im ready for what i need to do and just need some replyes from all of you. Im just tired of trying to hide my self in larger clothes and not being with friends that much.
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Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/11/01 
Look, the best way to loss weight fast is to keep swimming and biking as well as trying a few other excersizes you may like. But you also have to eat well. And look, not to be big nag and i don't know how tall you are but if you are less than 5 and a half tall then i think you should lose more weight. e-mail me at so we can talk more.