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From Sammantha, Age 13 - 06/25/01 - IP#: 38.201.236.xxx  Click here to reply  
I am sick of being over weight I am 5foot 5 and 145 pounds.I definitley need help.so please help me as much as you can.thanks e-mail sambo26327@netscape.net
Reply from liz, Age 14 - 10/03/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from BRIANNA, Age 12 - 06/27/01 

From Jessica, Age 13 - 06/25/01 - IP#: 63.11.66.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi , my name is Jessica , and I need HELP! I am 13 and weigh 135 lbs.My goal is around 110-120.If I could find anyone around my age that might be able to help me,please reply.thanx!
Reply from Mandi, Age 13 - 07/08/01 
Reply from Linds, Age 14 - 07/03/01 
Reply from Teresa, Age 13 - 06/28/01 

From Dustin, Age 13 - 06/24/01 - IP#: 207.252.227.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm 5'8" and I weigh 160 lbs. I'm trying to lose weight, but I can't really control how much I eat. The two main areas I want to focus on are my stomach and waist. I want to get my weight down to 130-140 and my waist to 29. I really would like a guy about my age to help me. Post your e-mail address when you reply, and I'll e-mail you. Thanks alot.
Reply from Nick, Age 131 - 09/07/01  - IP#: 209.240.220.xxx
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/24/01 

From lindsey, Age 14 - 06/24/01 - IP#: 63.16.60.xxx  Click here to reply  
i feel really bad for my cousin he is only 14 and weighs about 300 lbs he is really nice and he tries to lose weight but he just cant seem to lose weight. what should he do?
Reply from APRIL, Age 15 - 06/24/01 

From Sadie, Age 14 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 206.141.203.xxx  Click here to reply  
Can someone please tell me a few tips on loseing weight because I am like 5'3 and I weigh like 113 lbs and I feel really fat compared to all of my friends so if anyone could help thanks
Reply from patience, Age 11 - 02/14/03  - IP#: 12.73.8.xxx
Reply from samantha, Age 12 - 06/10/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from samantha, Age 12 - 06/10/02  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 07/21/01 
Reply from sadie, Age 14 - 07/20/01 
Reply from Nina, Age 14 - 07/09/01 

From TONI, Age 15 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 63.36.90.xxx  Click here to reply  
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 07/16/01 
Reply from nina, Age 14 - 07/09/01 
Reply from nicholeanna, Age 14 - 06/26/01 
Reply from Amanda, Age 14 - 06/25/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/23/01 

From lisa, Age 16 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 213.120.56.xxx  Click here to reply  
ok, i no im gonna sound like all the other people on here who probably havnt got a weight problem as they are not at all over weight and i can see how annoying that must be for those of you who really are over weight, however i really do hav a problem. as a child i was always quite skinny, wen i got 2 high school i started 2 binge 4 wateva reason. i started 2 put on weight. i was told about this by my familly anyway at the time i didnt really care, howeva (this may sound silly) i was getting 2 heavy for my pony, which was my first pony and i loved very much. so i started 2 lose weight. i am 5,7 and i got down to 5 1/2 stone i even started 2 lose hair. anyway after alot of heartache i finally put my pony out on loan 2 begin with i couldnt get myself out of the habbit of not eating. somhow i did, but the thing is i hav a problem with food that i dont understand, for wateva reason i binge, ... (view more)

From Lindsey, Age 14 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 63.16.60.xxx  Click here to reply  
iam 14 i weigh 112lbs im 5'9 am i too fat? i feeel so fat all my friends r so skinny 2 of them r anorexic and they r really pretty am i too fat?!
Reply from nina, Age 15 - 07/09/01 
Reply from Shona, Age 19 - 07/09/01 
Reply from Angel, Age 14 - 06/24/01 
Reply from aPRIL, Age 15 - 06/23/01 
Reply from Sadie, Age 14 - 06/23/01 
Reply from clare, Age 16 - 06/23/01 

From Amelia, Age 13 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 195.44.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
This is not a success story its a cry for help!
before my mom introduced me to this site(which was only about an hour ago) i was feeling low. about a week ago, i admitted to her that i was so depressed about being fat that i didn't want to go on. i always get teased at school even though i have lots of friends.I just want to ask anyone out there that if they can tell me how i can lose a good amount of weight in 4 weeks or if you just want to start a friendship with someone who knows what its like to be teased, you can e-mail me at:
ameliag_uk@yahoo.co.uk thanks and good luck 2 every one! p.s. people who think they are fat but who weigh about 120-some pounds need to wake up + smell the doughnuts(low fat of course!)You are NORMAL!!!!!
Reply from patience, Age 11 - 02/14/03  - IP#: 12.73.8.xxx
Reply from beth, Age 14 - 07/16/01 
Reply from jessica, Age 13 - 06/28/01 
Reply from jessica, Age 13 - 06/25/01 

From Amber, Age 14 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 216.68.252.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone. this is not really a success story but more of a "thank you!" I want to thank everyone who has posted on the success stories board because i just recently discovered your website and the success stories have really motivated me. I have been overweight since i was little. I currently weigh 246 pounds and i need to get down to at least 170. but my long term goal is 140. if anyone has advice on how to successfully reach my goal or just wants to chat with someone who knows what it is like, you can email me anytime at AMBER45231@aol.com
Reply from jessica, Age 13 - 06/28/01 
Reply from jessica, Age 13 - 06/28/01 

From JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/23/01 - IP#: 66.37.78.xxx  Click here to reply  
I noticed a lot of you skinny ones (yeah I'm crackin' on you again :) ) are comparing yourselves to others... mostly your friends. I do that a lot too. I weigh 170 (after loosing 10 pounds in the last month WOO HOO) and I feel great. yes, I'm still fat and all... but I personally feel very good about myself. Don't look at your friends who are aneoxic. I think not enough emphasis is put on how dangerous aneorxia is. Did you know that it only leads to death?? My aunt had it... she started missing periods... passing out, couldn't use her arms or legs sometimes because she wasn't getting enough energy. Forget what you're friends look like. And the models in magazines (if you notice... a computer has done up a lot of that, and they're suckin' it it :) ) You guys with the 26 inch waist and all that look FINE. Did you know that in the 1940s it was considered beautiful to have like a 30... (view more)
Reply from toni, Age 15 - 06/28/01 
Reply from caroline, Age 14 - 06/27/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/27/01 
Reply from April, Age 15 - 06/27/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/27/01 
Reply from April, Age 15 - 06/26/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/24/01 
Reply from TONI, Age 15 - 06/24/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/24/01 
Reply from Sadie, Age 14 - 06/24/01 
Reply from aPRIL, Age 15 - 06/23/01 
Reply from ***** - 06/23/01 

From Serena, Age 14 - 06/21/01 - IP#: 204.50.249.xxx  Click here to reply  
Im 5'6 and i weigh like 142 pounds as of this morning, and i have been excersizing lots...I go biking with friends,I walk around the neighbourhood with friends, i go to the playground and i walk to school everyday as well as dance class. I barely eat anymore, and I havent lost barely anything????? DOes anyone have EFFECTIVE fast ways of losing weight?
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/23/01 

From brq, Age 13 - 06/20/01 - IP#: 65.25.231.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi i am 144 lb and 5'8" im not that fat but i hav a belly and soft thighs. it bothers me when i go swimmin @ my friend's house, because hes like 130 and i hav a belly and am 15 lbs fatter than him. i had to borrow his swim suit once and it was too small and i looked really chubby. id like to lose 2-3 lbs but exercise is hard. thanx
Reply from Catherine, Age 15 - 06/23/01 
Reply from TONI, Age 15 - 06/22/01 
Reply from joy, Age 17 - 06/22/01 
Reply from Dustin, Age 13 - 06/22/01 
Reply from hearts, Age 14 - 06/21/01 
Reply from brq, Age 13 - 06/21/01 
Reply from Courtney, Age 13 - 06/21/01 
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/21/01 

From Meg, Age 16 - 06/20/01 - IP#: 65.27.184.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey Everyone.. I've always been overweight now it's getting out of control I'm almost 17 and i weigh 284lbs. I've never had a real boyfriend b/c of my weight. It's starting to depress me how i look, I've started alot of diets and failed b/c i dont stick to them. I'd love it if there was someone who would want to be my buddy and try and lose w. me. Email me at Qtpiemeg33@aol.com Thanks!
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 07/21/01 
Reply from Angie, Age 16 - 07/02/01 

From Amanda, Age 14 - 06/20/01 - IP#: 205.188.195.xxx  Click here to reply  
I personally think that I am overweight but I have been told that I just have a bad body image. I'm 5'1" and about 105 pounds but I have heard people saying that they think that I am 115 pounds! I don't care about the WEIGHT, I just want a slimmer waist-- I am currently i think inbetween 28 & 29 inches. If anyone wants to work on slimming up with me or wants to share some tips or something, email me at x0xbutrflykisx0x@aol.com (copy and paste the address). Thanx so much!!

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