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From Barnaby., Age 15

Hi, i'm 15 i live in england and i am 22 stone!!! thats 308 pounds. I want to go to a fat camp but my parents cant afford it. Is there a strict and hard weight loss camp? I know that if i could just lose the wieght at camp, i would enjoy being thin so much i would just not eat. Does anybody know of a hard and gruelling camp or does anyone just want to talk about thier experiences. I have no friends, because people dont want to know anyone who is fat. I am so depressed that my school work is suffering. People laugh and stare at me when i go out.I am addicted to food.I spend all my money on it-macdonalds,kfc,burgerking. I cant help myself. Even my old friends are begining to get embarrassed to be with me. I am 6ft 3 so you would think i looked alright but i am disgusting. Does anyone know of a cheaper than usual wieght loss camp. Please help me. or just chat.