From claire, Age 14 - 06/26/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i really feel dumb about writning this im thinking about becoming anorexic i really need to lose weight or atleast i feel that i need to lose weight to kepp being popular b/c iam now but i have to keep it that way im 5'9 and i weigh 102 if ne one has ne ideas please tell me!
Reply from Alesha, Age 16 - 08/03/01 
Don't be stupid. You could die from that. If your friends can't except you for what you look like now I say you should find new ones.
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 07/21/01 
go on a diet,m i do believe you will disappear. i am your weight and am only 5'3
Reply from Shoana, Age 19 - 07/09/01 
sweetie...if ur 5'9" and only weight 102 ...chances are u are already well on ur way to being anorexic. Please. for your sake look up what anorexia does to ppl and how awful and drawn and sickly they look..Don't do it. You are already underweight as it is
Reply from Heather, Age 15 - 06/28/01 
Not eating makes u really thin but is it really worth it if you cant walk?? Eating disorders are really bad for your body and I am pretty sure people wouldn't want to be your friend if they thought u puked up everything you ate! You are most likely a good weight, if not underweight. Any type of eating disorder will destroy you and give you a life long problem. You may already have a serious problem, especially if your friends think so, you should talk to someone (an adult who you can trust) about it.
Reply from nicole, Age 12 - 06/28/01 
my gawd!!! wht i wouldnt give be your height and weight!!!! wow! can u actually email me with wht u do to be that skinny? lol.... man. I am 12 ... 5 feet tall and 107 lbs... y dont u help me? lol anywayz i kno how u feel but u dont gotta worry i do!
Reply from brianna, Age 12 - 06/27/01 
Reply from JessaLee, Age 17 - 06/27/01 
I agree with the other ones, you are underweight.
Reply from Robby, Age 13 - 06/26/01 
Yo girl...You are way underweight and I think you need some help from your doctor. Your almost 6' and are barely 100 lbs.
Reply from James, Age 13 - 06/26/01 
hey claire
i think u shouldn't be anorexic it's bad for ur body.
u need nutrition. u dont need to lose weight too. u 14 and weigh 102. that's a little too skinny for ur age. trust me i've been through the same thing. REMEMBER DONT BE ANOREXIC!!!!!!!!!!