From kelly, Age 13 - 06/28/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi everyone,
I;m from Australia and we have a different measuring unit to you. we use Kilograms so i don't know how big all of you are. i weigh 58 kgs and i'm on a weight loss program at the moment. If anyone want's to write to me my email is
Reply from vanessa, Age 15 - 07/20/01 
What are you thinking? im from aussie to and im 70 kg, for your weight just eat health and daily exercise i know it sounds like youve heard the same thing over and over agin but thats the only thing that would work, stay away from chocolates, eat more veggies n friut n never nibble on foods always have your set meals hope this would help you
Reply from Shona, Age 19 - 07/09/01 
Hey...i am from Australia too. To convert kg to lbs u times it the kg's by 2.2 :) hope this helps ya