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From Jessica, Age 17 - 10/09/12 - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 159 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 120 lb - I am going crazy lately to not eat photoe chips uggh all my dad older sister are bringing them I am finding myself eating them again its not helping me at all I am sick of them I just put in a drawer where I can't find them easily me and my mom are sick of them,, I am trying to get back on track ughh I just want to avoid them at all costs I want to be down by mid 140's by Decmember or close to it!!! I want to look good when doing track&felied it ll be 11 years for me!!! yes!!! I need to stay from them that's why I gave up on them,, cause I w'd whole bag of them I don't want to do that excrise is my issue I am ready to scream next that's all they are bringing to my house not helping me at all..... Just want to avoid them I thought it w'd be only once now it's like frekent thing.. Anoyed now I want to be a Size M in tops by December 9)1) or 7)8 ... (view more)
Reply from Hiba, Age 15 - 10/09/12  - IP#: 78.146.107.xxx

From Hiba, Age 15 - 10/08/12 - IP#: 78.146.107.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 163 lb, Today: 142 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 128 lb - Hey guys! Well my mum just had a baby, so everyone keeps bringing chocolates and sweet stuff to my hosue and it's so hard to not eat too many, but I'm trying...Prom is in July next year and I really wanna look good for that, for so many years I've been fat, but at Prom, i want to wear an amazing dress and prove all the bullies wrong...I really want that, but I'm gonna have to work for it..I lose motivation sometimes, but I guess I have to keep going. We can all do it!
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/09/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx

From Becky, Age 15 - 10/08/12 - IP#: 92.239.61.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 147 lb, Today: 147 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 127 lb - Hi, I've been trying to lose weight now for a while but nothing has happened. I would like a weight loss buddy to help me and I can help them. If you want to be my weight loss buddy you can email me: becky-heeley@hotmail.co.uk

From Nicki, Age 13 - 10/06/12 - IP#: 24.49.27.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 167 lb, Today: 166 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 140 lb - I wear a size 12 pants/shorts and large/x large shirt. I'm so tired of feeling overweight. My Mom says I look fine but I don't think I do. I really need a mm If you want to be my mm please email me at olsen.nicole8@gmail.com or reply to this comment.
Reply from Destinee, Age 12 - 10/06/12  - IP#: 50.80.105.xxx

From Layla, Age 13 - 10/06/12 - IP#: 87.113.12.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 10 st 1, Today: 10 st 1 (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 10 st 1 - Hey havent posted in a while but thought i outta do so!! ive been maintaining this weight for a few months (havent gained=Yipee! havent lost=Boo!) anyway my mum brought some new scales so when noone was looking i quickly jumped on them. 11stone was what it read! THATS 11 F*****G STONE!!!!! putting me way into the obese section. however luckily i noticed that the dial had started on 1 stone so put an extra stone onto my weight! Few!!! Im going skiing in February and need to lose weight as my salopettes dont fit >:( (also because im the only girl going with loadsa FIT boys!!)
My goal is to be 8 stone by then. I plan to lose 2lbs a week!!
Only thing is that i dont want to tell my parents that i want to lose weight. So any tips on how to lose without them noticing?? (any tips will be good anyway)
Thanks for reading!!
Layla 13 xxxxxx  (Note: 10 st 1 is 141 lb.)

From Rachel, Age 17 - 10/05/12 - IP#: 72.225.58.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 150 lb, Today: 167 lb (BMI %tile: 96), Goal: 130 lb - Hi I have been struggling with my weight since I was 10. Since that age I have always been considered obese. For a while I succeed in eating healthy with the correct portions and exercised daily but saw almost no results. The 10 lbs I lost were gained back along with 10 more pounds. Im going through this cycle where I work so hard loose a few pounds get dissapointed and then gain back the little i lost plus more. I just need any advise i can get other than dont give up. Im sick of looking in the mirror and seeing my stomach hanging over my jeans and huge thighs. Im disgusted by my image. I need to find motivation somewhere. Help :(
Reply from Gracie, Age 17 - 10/09/12  - IP#: 166.248.77.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/05/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx
Reply from hannah, Age 14 - 10/05/12  - IP#: 64.57.160.xxx

From Taya, Age 15 - 10/04/12 - IP#: 108.90.42.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Start: 169 lb, Today: 160 lb (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 130 lb - Hey guys! I keep disapering. Anyways, I see people are getting really frustrated with themselves and I want to just say.. remeber why were doing this guys! Stay stron because in the end it will be worth it all. I promise! Oh hey! I'm 15 now!
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx

From Russell, Age 16 - 10/04/12 - IP#: 92.251.76.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 277.2 lb, Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 176 lb - I lost 2 pounds the past week but today I had the first day of the 6th form(school between university and secondary school)I was so happy,you see this is my third year trying about three years ago I was about 297 pounds.Every summer I dieted but I never had the courage to apply for a gym but know my new school is only a few minutes away from this awsome gym so I exually may succed.If I succed I have decided to open up a website only for success storys .Obviosly I wouldn t stop using this one cause this exually helps.I used to write in a diary but it never made me feel different mostly because I was talking to myself now peaple are exually reading and I wanna try harder
Reply from jax, Age 14 - 10/09/12  - IP#: 76.184.124.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx

From mary, Age 14 - 10/03/12 - IP#: 208.54.83.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 199 lb, Today: 210 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 123 lb - well hello im i was ounce a beutiful young girl who everybody hated for her beuty until i started getting overweight i will love to get my shape back bc i get bullied by dumb boys n now i just noticed that my face is getting round plz n also bc i got cholesterol
Reply from Ausitn, Age 14 - 10/07/12  - IP#: 98.91.26.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 10/03/12 - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 159 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 120 lb - I gained like two-three lbs ahhha I am darn fed with it.. I am now 167 or 168 lbs, Now I am mildely obses. Now I am jsut furstred I do well like for a wek then a wek later I fail, ugghhhh why can't I just keep the 3 lbs off I lose I gained it back not happy about it,, I really just want once for all keep it off on and off for five years I"m fed up with it, can't stand it anymore I am going to be 18 ten in a half mounths now. dresserts drive me nuts after that's what caused me to gain the 3 lbs back, ah that's what I did wrong cutting back on them I want to be down to 158 or 157 lbs by the end of this mounth!! I have lost 10 lbs before I can do it again!!!!!!!!!! minin goal is now 166 or 164 lbs!!!!! don't like being overweight cannot wear my goal size clothing like a size 9)10) I need to fight the teamptions now!!!! I am gonna... (view more)
Reply from taya, Age 15 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 108.90.42.xxx
Reply from Russell, Age 16 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 92.251.76.xxx
Reply from arienny, Age 14 - 10/03/12  - IP#: 75.74.112.xxx
Reply from Hiba, Age 15 - 10/03/12  - IP#: 78.146.107.xxx

From taylor, Age 16 - 10/02/12 - IP#: 173.140.197.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 182 lb, Today: 182 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 140 lb - On pintrest under health and fitness they have a ton of good pointers, exercises, and healthy recipes. Also a good motivation . Its an awesome sight. They hae different stuff too like hair styles and crafts and stuff. Its at www.pintrest.com
Reply from taylor, Age 16 - 10/04/12  - IP#: 67.162.96.xxx
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/02/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx
Reply from taylor, Age 16 - 10/02/12  - IP#: 173.140.197.xxx

From Jessica, Age 17 - 10/01/12 - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 159 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 120 lb - Somehow my information got wiped out when I do some computer cleanup, sorry guys, my advice for those of you guys who have sweet tooths eat half cup of furit apples bannahs, pears one glas of sugary drinks.. Excise for like 1-2 miuntes for new starters!! don't give up please!!!! just take it easy guys!! grilled or bolied vegtables not fried griled or brolied meat is healhty and bettter then deeped fried one glass of 2% milk helahty snacks mix the furit with differnt healthy snacks drink lots of water don't overwhelm yourselfs cause I was crazy on wanting to down 104 lbs I had anxoria for a while I w'd look wt charts for the idela avarge wt for your hights cause at times I have seen other teens wanting to go the very lowest wt for their hight guys it doesn't mean have the same frame bodybulit.. Or bone type eithr have a postive attude about this no don't think... (view more)
Reply from Arienny, Age 14 - 10/01/12  - IP#: 174.141.208.xxx

From Angel, Age 17 - 09/30/12 - IP#: 75.132.15.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 340 lb, Today: 340 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 180 lb - Hello. I'm new to this site. It's 11:16 PM on a school night and like always, I'm thinking about how I want to change my weight. It's absolutely ridiculous for a seventeen year old to look like I do. All my friends are shorter and WAY skinnier than me. How can I look the least bit attractive when I look huge compared to whoever I'm around? I'm tired of living like this. I eat, honestly, because I'm bored, or to satisfy cravings. I don't drink soda or juice, but being the "country girl" I am, I drink lots & lots of sugary sweet tea. I also drink a lot of water. But I'm not changing & only getting pounds larger since I was about 7. I've always wanted to be that cute country girl that every guy wants. Living in the city, but also having a house in the country, there's not many down-to-earth country girls around here. I have the personality and the love for all ... (view more)
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 10/01/12  - IP#: 184.6.214.xxx
Reply from angelagain, Age 17 - 09/30/12  - IP#: 75.132.15.xxx

From Hiba, Age 15 - 09/30/12 - IP#: 78.146.107.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 163 lb, Today: 142 lb (BMI %tile: 88), Goal: 128 lb - So I had just started losing weight again, it was a little, but it was something, then yesterday i decided to not work out and have a slice of pizza late at night. now i feel like a complete idiot. I have to stick to this.. I'm gonna do it this time, I've promised myself.

From Ellen, Age 14 - 09/30/12 - IP#: 2.25.84.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 160 lb, Today: 150 lb (BMI %tile: 80), Goal: 145 lb - 5 pounds from my goal and I'm really stuck. My weight simply will not budge ! Any tips ?
Reply from Hiba, Age 15 - 09/30/12  - IP#: 78.146.107.xxx

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