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From my name, Age 13 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 69.10.196.xxx  Click here to reply  
Reply from LACIE, Age 14 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 69.10.196.xxx

From lindsay, Age 15 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 68.61.71.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 145 lb, Goal: 115 lb - well i decided that tomrow im starting a new diet its goingott be drink tamato juice inthe morninga piece of fruit for lunchand a bottle of water and than for dinner eat chicken and vegetalbe and than run 2 miles and lift hand weight.. will someone tell me if tahts good or not csaue im 145 and wantto lose 30 pounds by march.. i need so ambition if i even spelled that right.. please comment and tell me if i can do it .. it would help get me going PLEASE!
Reply from Molly, Age 18 - 12/12/03  - IP#: 82.33.41.xxx

From chellie, Age 14 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 66.167.147.xxx  Click here to reply  
I feel so down now. Yesterday i binged on just about everything that i could get my hands on and i couldn't stop, It was really bad, I knew that I was conciouslly binging but I COULDN'T stop. I know that i was upset over something a stupid guy said in gym and that was why i was binging. I need help. How can i sort of my emotional stuff and not go to food. Seriously i know i have felt my feelings before and i don't wanna feel them again. I've been depressed before ( even though i wasn't diagnosed, when u think about sucide for almost a whole week, then your pretty sure that ur depressed after you come out of it and relise how stupid u were even to think that crap) anyways that was two years ago, but i deffiantly don't wanna go back there. I just don't know wut i should do to raise my confidence and self respect. I really wanna join or sport team or so sumtime of after school sctivity.... (view more)
Reply from Emily, Age 17 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 68.90.200.xxx
Reply from Veronica, Age 17 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 67.67.112.xxx

From Molly, Age 18 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 82.33.41.xxx  Click here to reply  
HiyasFeeling kinda bad, had to go to a funeral today and afterwards had to go back to the house and have lunch which was loadsa unhealthy picnic type of stuff. my diets been going so well for nearly a month now. I hope i havnt messed it up by the amount of little tastey foods i ate today :( feeling kinda down and really wish i hadnt eaten it all.
Reply from pedro, Age 24 - 08/08/06  - IP#: 68.205.200.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 05/25/05  - IP#: 216.218.109.xxx
Reply from David Reinhardt, Age 15 - 04/07/04  - IP#: 209.7.218.xxx
Reply from sandra, Age 14 - 01/18/04  - IP#: 65.24.46.xxx

From jessica, Age 15 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 216.232.99.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Today: 155 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 125 lb - im 5'5 and 155 llbs i would liek to loose 30llbs as soon as possible can you gusy give me soem ideas .. on healthy eating and excericise.thx.

From Cody, Age 14 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 216.222.109.xxx  Click here to reply  
Thanx for the advice henry. The only problem is that my mind is always on food. I play with my dog and I want to eat. I talk to my friends and I want to eat. I run around the block and I want to eat. I mean, it just seems like food is occupying my life. It's always there, calling "Cody!! Come eat us!!!!" I try to resist it, but then I end up pigging out!! I hate it. No matter how hard I try or what diet I am on, I find a way to pig out. It really sux. If this keeps going like this, Im gonna see a doctor. Thanx again henry for the advice! And good luck to the rest of you!!
Reply from Sexybeast, Age 15 - 04/07/04  - IP#: 209.7.218.xxx
Reply from henry, Age 14 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 67.72.81.xxx
Reply from Cody, Age 14 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 216.222.109.xxx

From Bea, Age 17 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 68.98.46.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone, I struggle with eating too many sweets (cookies, ice cream, etc...) Does anyone have any tips on how to get more control over it?thanks
Reply from alex, Age 13 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 68.105.126.xxx

From Linda11, Age 16 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
Okay, please look at the nutrition labels before eating!! On a NORMAL, 2,000 calorie diet, you should be having less than 65 grams of total fat, Less than 300 mg of Cholesterol, Less thatn 2,400 mg of Sodium, and Less than 300g of CARBS!! And this isn't even for a diet. This is for someone who is eating normally. Also look at serving sizes, those can really mess you up! In one serving of low fat Lays Potato Chips (11 chips) there are 150 calories (90 are from fat) 11 g of total fat, 180 mg of sodium and 15 g of CARBS!! If you want to lose weight, then you still need to get all the proper nutrition. I see that alot of people are just eating crappy junk food and are just having smaller portions of it. That would normally be fine but they aren't getting the right nutrition either. Hope I helped.

From Linda, Age 16 - 12/11/03 - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx  Click here to reply  
I feel so proud of myself. I have been eating healthy all week and I am actually excited to go on the scale on Sunday. This was my meal plan from yesterday. Breakfast: 1 egg and half of a grapefruit. Lunch: Small salad with 2 oz of sliced up chicken inside it with NO DRESSING. Snack: 1 small apple and a handful of nuts Dinner: 1 small baked potato, aspargus, and a small-medium sized serving of chicken.
Reply from strawberry, Age 15 - 01/10/04  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx

From *Sad One*, Age 13 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 240 lb - Hey! everyone has always been great on here! and yall really did determine me over the summer i lost like 6lbs in 2-3days! it was a miracle! and now i am from 210 ta like 235 240! i am sooo sad and depressed about it, I also got achne and stretch marks and have let my grades in school go from straigh A's to Straught F's! I just dunno what got into me i just kept missing school laying around in stuff! I mean I will admit this hen istay hjome from school or are just home alone i eat WAY LESS! which i thought was weirs, but I guess not much is on my mind and i am nutral or sommin! I been thiinking about Homeschooling alot, I am in the 8th grade, and I wanan get homeschooled the rest of this yr, and then start highschool looking good! I mean I wass get homeschooled and improve my self.. no achne make stretch marks not ivisble, and loose 100 lbs! I think i can do it, but if i get... (view more)
Reply from C, Age 14 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 24.67.253.xxx
Reply from alex, Age 13 - 12/10/03  - IP#: 68.105.126.xxx

From Cody, Age 14 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 216.222.113.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey guys. I feel terrible right now. I ate a TON at lunch and I still felt like I was hungry!!! It's phsyco!!! Then at dinner, my mom got a couple of those pizzas that you get at albertsons or something, you know, the red baron ones. Well, I ate four slices for dinner, and now I am on my seventh!!! I am stuffing it into my face as I am writing this. I just cant stop. My stomach hurts, and my pants are getting a little tight. I was wearing a size 32 mens at the beginning of the summer and now I am wearing a size 34 and they are still kinda tight. I can't stop eating cuz I just don't want to. The food makes me feel better, even when my pants button is about to fly off!!! I felt really good at thanksgiving cuz I didn't eat much. But since then I have pigged out every chance I get. Yesterday I had two packages of top roman, and I ate every bite. I weighd myself today and was... (view more)
Reply from henry, Age 14 - 12/11/03  - IP#: 67.75.200.xxx

From lindsay, Age 15 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 68.61.71.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey hane or anne i duno who commented on my weight waters thing.. but no i have never gone to a meeting ever i just did the points.. comment me back

From ryan, Age 16 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 169 lb, Goal: 145 lb - I am 169 pounds. I do not excersize very much, but i eat very little sugar and no fried foods. I drink lots of water. Can I get down to 145 by March or April?
Reply from alex, Age 13 - 12/10/03  - IP#: 68.105.126.xxx

From Kat, Age 13 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 24.68.52.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey I've searched on every site I can think of but I can't find the amount of calories for a mince meet tart.. do any of you guys know??? Thx:D

From Becky, Age 13 - 12/10/03 - IP#: 68.86.216.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 165 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 125 lb - I'm 5ft 6 to 7in tall and I weigh about 165. I keep trying to form habbits of eatting less and getting more exercise, but it never works. Sometimes I'll loose a pound or two but then I'll end up gaining it back. I play Soccer and Tennis, so I do get some exercise. I really need help in ways to help me loose weight without gaining it back on. My mom doesn't really support me in wanting to loose weight. She'll always say to me "Oh your not overweight your just big-boned.", and my sister does that to me too. At school people will talk aout me behind my back abou how I'm overweight and how ugly I am because of it. Even some of my friends( well now ex-friends) would talk about me behind my back about my weight. I'm not the most overwieght person in school, but I still feel horrible about being so fat. I want to loose about 40 to 50 pounds. My docter has said that I'm overweight, but she hasn't said anything about ways for me to loose it. No matter what I try nothing seems to work! :-(
Reply from Alex, Age 15 - 12/10/03  - IP#: 66.185.84.xxx

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