From Misty, Age 13 - 12/12/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey everybody! I'm really scared of going anoerxic (sp?) and my friends are worried about me (that I will) too! So I was just wondering if anyone had some SAFE weight loss tips for me? *Thanks in advance*
Reply from Becky, Age 13 - 12/15/03  - IP#:
whatever you do don't compare yourself to others. I am on the verge of anorexia. I weigh myself like ten times a day and I've been losing a pound a day. I am 5'1 and 97 pounds. im 13. Well i hope this helps. TTYL
Reply from Misty, Age 13 - 12/12/03  - IP#:
thanks yall so far this is what I'm doing....
slim fast for breakfast and lunch
no between meal snacks
no soft drinks just water sumtimes un-sweetened tea
and for supper veggie's and fruits (other healthy things)
how is this and I exercise 4 days a week (I'm a gymnast)
Reply from Brittany, Age 13 - 12/12/03  - IP#:
If you don't want to go anorexic, then you must eat. If you feel don't want to eat at supper, breakfast, ect., try having vegetables or something healthy.
Reply from i do, Age 14 - 12/12/03  - IP#:
hey yeah, friuts, by a TON they are really good and you can eat a ton, drink water(u can add flavoring to it with lemon juice. take your favorite music and go for a walk. try doing arobic exercise and then reward yourself with a warm bath. eat enough and TRY to strech &\or do crunches every day. no late night snacking!!!!!!! eat more in the mourning and less at night, and take multivitamins so you get nutrition! byz