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 Drinking water and cutting down serving size - do they work?

=> so is it true if you drink a lot of water you lose weight? --i hope so because i really need to lose weight..not for *them* but for me right? well i hope this water/cutting serveing size in 1/2 works..

 Good for you! Losing weight should be for “you” because you care about yourself and want to be healthy. If you and your doctor feel that losing weight would be healthy for you, these tips might help: Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water as part of ones weight loss program helps regulate the body. Water also fills one up so drinking water helps to satisfy hunger and helps one eat less. Cutting portion sizes down can also help one lose weight. Be sure to eat servings from all of the major food groups in the Food Pyramid, but cut down the serving size. Following just these two simple ideas combined with exercise will start one on one’s way to loosing weight. Good luck!

 Is starving oneself to lose weight a good idea?

=> I was just wondering what are the benefits of fasting and can it help you lose weight?

=> can i lose weight by eating one full meal a day.

=> I am 85 pounds and 4 10', am I overweight. How could I go about losing weight? I have been trying to starve myslef, but end up bingeing. I REALLY want to loose weight! HELP!

 Starving oneself to loose weight is never a good idea, is unhealthy, and can be dangerous. Your body needs certain nutrients for growth, like protein and vitamins. Gradual weight loss, according to your physician's recommendations, is the safe way to lose weight. You might want to talk to your physician about why you feel that you need to lose weight, especially if you are in a healthy weight range for your age, height, and sex. Body image is important to us, but don’t let advertisements of thin movie stars and models be your goal. Looking and feeling healthy is more important. Strive for feeling healthy and you’ll be happier.

 How fast should I lose weight?

=> I really need a fast way to loose wieght.And i have been thinking about using slim fast drinks.are they safe?

=> I need to be 110 lbs. for the 2001-2002 cheerleading season. How do I lose 30 lbs. in 2 1/2 months? I would like to make it, where I am still gonna be healthy and strong. Will you please help?!?!?!?!?

=> i really want to lose weight before my graduation which is in three weeks. i want to lose 50 lbs. is it posible and how can i achieve this goal with out becoming anorexic?

 Loosing 50 pounds in 3 weeks should never be attempted. This is an unrealistic and unhealthy goal. Fast weight loss is not safe weight loss nor is it usually long lasting. Weight lose should be gradual and steady in order to be most effective, healthy and long lasting. You should seek the advice of your physician to help determine if losing weight would be healthy for you. Your physician may perform a physical examination and perhaps analyze your blood to make sure that there are no underlying causes to your present weight other than overeating, and then help you set up a safe weight loss plan.

Focus more on what you eat and cut down on the amounts of food that you eat. Never try to make yourself throw up after eating. This is unhealthy for your body and can be a sign of becoming anorexic. Focus on grooming and making yourself look as nice as you can with who you are now, like for your graduation. Be proud of your accomplishment on graduating and on your interest in taking better care of your body. Start by eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, at least 8-10 glasses a day but always include servings and foods from the Food Pyramid. Pay more attention to how you prepare your food. Broil or steam rather than fry foods. Cut back on sodas or eliminate them altogether, they are full of empty calories (calories that have little or no nutritional value). Diet drinks like Slim Fast are safe as long as you eat a balanced diet according to the Food Pyramid, and eat smaller servings. Good luck and congratulations on your graduation.

 What type of diet is best for losing weight?

=> hi i'm 17 years old for the past 3months i have become very depress because i gain weight.i was 224pounds and lost weigth i was 174 but now i feel like i gain so much weight again i don't know if i can lose it again. can you tell me any diet i can do . thank you depress

=> Hey, I am a 15 year old girl from Florida. I weigh 160 lbs, and I'm tired of being made fun of and I'm tired of being tired of being tired of being fat!!! I read that story about Lawrence, and I think that it was great for him but I think I need a more serious type of diet!!! I kinda know what I'm doing but not completely. Could you help me loose weight and get it off fast!!! Thanks

 If your doctor recommends weight loss to improve your health, it would be helpful to talk to a dietitian who works with teenagers to get some tips. Generally, one approach to weight loss is to eat foods from all the major Food Pyramid groups but reduce portion sizes a little bit, eat regularly throughout the day to avoid getting too hungry, limit regular soda to 1 serving per day, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, and find some fun ways to increase your physical activity.

It is important to get in touch with what you are currently eating. One good way to do that is to keep a food diary of every thing that you eat and drink for several days. Write down the amounts and times that you eat and what you did for the day like how much you watched TV, walked, swam, etc.

If you are serious about loosing weight, you must think of it as a job and work at it EVERY DAY. It is like a job that you get paid for later. Concentrate on why you are eating and ask yourself “Am I eating because I am hungry, or am I eating because I am bored, or sad, or for some other reason.” Try to eat only when your body tells you it is really hungry, like stomach growls. Plan out what you will eat for the day just like you would plan out what outfit and shoes that you will wear for the day.

Plan ahead. Planning ahead can help you cut down on unhealthy foods. When you select foods, select more healthy foods, like cut up vegetables and fruits. Drinking one full glass of water and waiting 5-10 minutes before you eat anything can also help you cut your food intake. Water will fill you up and help tell your stomach “I guess I’m not hungry.” You’ll be less likely to want food. When you want to eat tell yourself to get up and be active instead. Go for a walk, paint your fingernails, clean a closet shelf, write a letter to a friend, just get up and keep moving. Think of sitting still as bad and moving as good for loosing weight. Get started on thinking about better food choices and about being active RIGHT NOW! Good luck!

 How can I get support to help me lose weight?

=> Hi! I'm really fat and need quick medical attention. Can you help me?! I weigh 150lbs. and am eleven years old. I am also 5'3''. I hope you can help me fast! I was told that i am soo obese that i may not reach the age of 50 due to a heart attack. I need your haelp and support along with the help and support of other blubberbusters. Can you post something up about me telling them that I need their help and support?! Thank you very much!

 You should seek the advice of your physician to help determine if losing weight would be healthy for you and to set up a weight goal for you.  All of us at Blubberbusters will try to help cheer you on. You are the only one that controls what you eat and how much, but others can help encourage you to eat less, do other activities and lend support on the bulletin board and chat room.

Chatting with others with weight problems can be helpful, supportive, and even fun.  The Blubberbusters Chatroom is a great place to get support and share tips.   You feel like you are not alone (there are millions of others your age with the same problem) when you can talk and share with others with similar problems.  The best time to chat is 6 PM east coast USA time or 3 PM west coast USA, which is 11 PM UK time, and 8 AM Australia time.   Kids all over the world are not in school and not asleep at these times.   Ask your non-web friends to help you too.   They can be there to help you make the right food choices when you are out, and you can set up a plan where you can call them when you feel the urge to eat coming on.   True friends will be there for you.  

Good luck on your goal to loose weight!

 What are some more tips on how to lose weight?

=> I am 14 years old and am in the 8th grade. I am 200lbs!!! I am really tiard of the way I look and want to become pretty. I want to be liked and not always be made fun of at school! I am writting to you to help me find a way to lose my weight! I need help! I want to wear clothes that I would like to wear and not what I have to wear!

=> I wanna know if I can lose 20 pounds or so before july or before school starts next year? I weight 160 i'm 5'3 and i'm 15 years old

=> Mom says i'm more muscle than anything and i am but i don't like my wieght. What can i do?i am overweight. i always have been and i hear about all of these weight loss programs and pills I can take. i dont want to do that! i was to do it all naturally. even if i lost 20 pounds it would be great!! if u have any ideas PLEASE let me know!! thank you.

=> im so sad i love to play baseball im great at it ihave a problem im 11 years old i am 207lbs i love to play other sports as well im just started the slim fast diet im verry active but im too ffaatt last year i was in track for running iwas ok at it but this year i gained alot i think last year i was 170lbs but this year im afraid that kids will bug me and stuffso im just looking for some tips PLEASE HELP

=> what ways can i loose weight as i hate going on diets ?

=> Can you tell em how to loose wieght

=> And I was trying to lose the weight now, and what happen is that I was stop eating the snack and start to do the exersise, but I still didn't lose the weight at all. If you know what other things that I could do, please tell me

=> I would like to ask you, is having dessert once or twice a week a bad thing when you are on a diet? Does is make you gain more weight?

=> i'm 24 a mother of 2 months old baby and i'm over weight i want to lose weight how am i to do it ?

 If you and your doctor feel that losing weight would be healthy for you, these tips might help make it fun and low cost:

1. Once a goal weight has been determined, keep a food diary and write down all the food that you eat and drink for a few days. Be honest. Now review that food diary with your healthcare provider or (dietitian).
2. Now, take your food diary and compare it with the Food Pyramid suggested number of servings per day for each food group. Write down how many servings you actually ate in a day and compare it with the Pyramid. How do you compare? Maybe you don't realize how many sodas you are drinking in a day or how many cookies or slices of pizza you are eating.

3. Next try to make a plan on how to cut down on certain foods and how to make healthy snacks up ahead of time (link to suggestions we wrote in other question and other links.)

4. Physical activity is also a key feature of healthy weight lose. Write down the activities you like to do and try to do some active exercise at least 3 times a week. Encourage a friend to walk, swim, bike, bowl, skate, etc with you and start a phone or email support group that you call when you feel like snacking. Hope some of these tips help.

 What does overweight mean?

=> Your calculator says I'm overweight but I'm 6 foot, 210, and I can press more than my weight. Overweight... I don't think so!!!

=> Is it true you can be overweight and still be fit?

 "Overweight" is a statistical term and means simply that your weight is above the 95th percentile compared to everybody else. That means that you are heavier than 95 out of 100 kids your same age and sex. But this can be due to a lot of muscle as well as a lot of fat. Arnold Swartzenager is actually "overweight" statistically, but of course he is mostly muscle. Therefore, you can be quite fit and be overweight. So if our calculator says you are overweight and you are quite muscular, then you should not try to lose weight.

 Do some people have faster metabolisms than others?

=> Some people can eat as much as they like and still stay the same weight, like my friend Caroline. I know thats it is because she has a fast motabolism. I want to know why she has a fast matabolism and I don't?

 Whether your body uses or wastes food can vary from person to person. The percentage of the food a person's intestine absorbs and how well body chemicals such as insulin allow the food to move into their cells can result in one person gaining weight while another does not gain on the same amount of food. This was an advantage in primitive times when food was hard to find, but in modern times when high-fat, high-sugar foods are easy to get, it often results in weight gain.

 Are there any tips for reaching my weight goal?

=> I can run good play sports but I weight 135 I want to go down to 100 or 105 please give me some tips


=> Hi I am 14 in a half and i am 240 lbs and i have tried so many diets but i always seen not to stick with it. I wanted to know if you would know a diet that i could go on and stick with it??? Thanks

=> Please can you give me an idea what to eat?I am 11 years old and weigh 8.5 stone-I am 1.59 m tall i want to lose weight help me?

=> I am 16 yrs old. I am overweight. I am 5'4" and weigh 225 lbs. I need some information on how to lose weight safely. Please help me I appreciate anything that you can give me.

=> I'm 11 year old boy weight 150 pounds Height 5"4.I play sports but i like to eat big meals . My waist is 34 .Please help me lose the waight that i need to lose.

=> how can I lose weight without doing anything unhealthy

=> am a runner, yet in the off season i gain very much weight. i MEAN alot. i'll go from being 110 lbs to 126 in a matter of a week. i'm worried that if i dont take care of this within a few weeks my weight could go up even more. do you have any tips on keeping my weight at a stationary 110lbs even in the off season?

=> im 15 5'4 and way 160 im trying everything to lose weight but it just feels like i cant its impossible i give up and get disguriged i need help

=> I'm 13 almost 14 years old. I really want to lose weight, but everything I try doesn't work. Do you have any tips for me? Please!!!!!!!! Thanx!

 Your physician or healthcare provider is the best person to help you determine if you need to lose weight and help you set a weight goal. They may calculate your BMI percentile to help determine what is the best weight for your age and height. They may place you on a special diet which best meets your individual needs. Remember, there is no one diet that fits everyone's needs. Once it has been determined that losing weight is a good idea for you, here are some tips that might help.

Tips for reaching your weight goal:

• Shop for groceries with your parent, yes boys too! It is a great way to learn about what is in food and to begin to learn healthy choices. Don't buy lots of snack foods but pick healthy snack foods such as fruits like apples, bananas, oranges; vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli; low-fat cottage cheese, skim milk, and so forth. If you have to have chips, buy low salt or no salt chips or try popcorn instead.

• When you get home from grocery shopping, plan to spend some time preparing the food for later use. If you do buy chips, put a handful in a baggie. Then when you must have this snack, only eat one baggie full. Drinking water also helps to fill you up.

• Put peeled carrots and prepared celery in baggies as well for later snacking, then they are ready to use and you won't be as apt to reach for something more caloric.

• Do the same with candy. If you have to have chocolate, put ten or so M&M's (or small amounts of a favorite candy) in a baggie and that is your candy allotment. Be sure to write down in your food diary so you keep track.

• Learn to eat on smaller plates and learn or relearn what a portion is. Learn to eat half of the amount that you are use to.

• Drink lots of water. Ten to 12 glasses a day is great. This fills you up and is good for you. It even helps keep your skin looking younger.

• If you keep a food diary, be sure to write down the snacks that you eat too!

• Cut down on sodas. Did you know that if you drank one less 16 oz. cola a day, you would lose 25 pounds in a year. WOW!

 How do I overcome those weak moments so that I don't binge?

=> I am a skateboarder and i always hurt my self skating. When i come in i am really unhappy and eat heaps. And when i am happy i still eat heaps. So i am a big fatty. Please help me.

=> I'm 5' 4, and I weigh 155 pounds. I can't control my eating habits, and they're blowing way out of proportion. I try to get excersize, but I can't get into it. I need to lose about 35 pounds, but I don't know how to do it. I've tried to diet before, but I just can't stick to it. What should I do? - Helplessly Overweight

 A lot of kids and teens overeat when they are unhappy.

It has been said that these kids and teens are "feeding a sad heart". The good taste of the food and the sensation of it being in your mouth seems to soothe the pains of life. But the good taste lasts only a few minutes. And unfortunately the extra food results in more weight gain, which then makes you feel even more unhappy. This is a "vicious circle", and it just gets worse and worse unless you break it.

Try to find a way to soothe life's pains without overeating. Doing things with groups of kids or teens is one good way to soothe life's pains. Do things that you enjoy, like dance lessons, hiking, computer classes, biking, or whatever... just do it with someone else. Then you can support each other. You can also talk to your school counselor - that is what they are for.

It also helps to look at life as "An Adventure". Indiana Jones had lots of adventures. They didn't always turn out well, but they were never boring! The Chinese have a old saying about life. Instead of wishing you good luck they wish "that your life will be interesting!" Look for the interesting things in life, like people and books.

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