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 How can I keep from eating junk food?

=> I can't stop eating junk food and I'm gaining a lot of weight!I get home and no ones home so I eat!Chips,chocolate chips,coke anything!Anything that WILL MAKE ME FAT!Please can you help me....

 Is your family supportive of achieving a healthy weight? Maybe they can stop buying junk food so it won't be as tempting for you to eat. Some other ideas are to join some sort of activity that keeps you out of the house like playing sports, swimming, joining an art class, or going for walks. Invite a friend to come over so you don't have to be alone. Try writing a list of things to do instead of eating and put it on your fridge. These are a few ideas. I hope they help. Also make sure you eat three meals everyday to keep you from getting too hungry. It's easier to avoid the temptation of junk food on a full stomach.

 How can I get a boyfriend if I am fat?

=> i have been cryin because i dont have a boyfriend and the reason i dont have a boyfriend is because i am too fat. all i ever wanted t be was beautiful on the inside sexy on the outside.

 Weight loss is about choosing to be healthy. Weight loss is for you, not to attract boys. If a boy is going to like you only for your size, he is not worth having anyways. Being "sexy" is more than what size you are. It' s about liking yourself and being confidant in who you are. Do you exercise? Exercising is a great way to lose weight and it also helps you become more confident in yourself. I realize this advice may seem untrue because our society equates being sexy with being thin and rich, but you have to challenge yourself to go against what society says and do what is healthy for you.

 How can I exercise and not be embarrassed?

=> well i would try to go out there and exercise but im embarressed that 1 one of my friends would see me exercising and laugh.im 170 pounds and cant stop eating.i have tried cuting portions of food in half and eating them but then i want to eat the rest.

 Invite one of your friend's to exercise with you. Letting them know that you are working on losing weight may prevent them from laughing at you. If they do laugh at you, they aren't being very supportive friends and it is okay to tell them that. Maybe they can give you encouragement along the way or eat healthy foods with you. Can you take a gym class during the school year? That might help too.
It is good that you notice you still want to eat after finishing a meal. That is the first step in changing. When you want to continue eating ask yourself why. Is that answer worth not sticking to your meal plan in the moment and in the long run. When I still want to eat I remind myself that the food will still be there tomorrow. Try distracting yourself. Say to yourself, I will do the dishes (go for a walk, write a letter, call a friend) before I eat more. Often time will help decrease the craving. Try brushing your teeth after you finish you meal.

 How can I lose weight this summer?

=> im 15 and i weight 200 pounds i would really like to lose weight this summer. everytime summer comes around i say to myself that im going to lose weight but it never happens so i really need some tips and ideas that will help me lose weight. if its possibe i would like to lose 30 pounds...

 Congratulations on making the decision to lose weight! Have you ever tried setting small goals to work towards? For example, saying to yourself you need to lose 30 pounds can be overwhelming and might cause you to quit early. Instead try setting small goals- 5 pounds. This will help you feel more successful. When you make goals be specific on how you are going to accomplish them. For example, "My goal is to lose 5 pounds and I am going to meet this goal by exercising 4 times a week, and having fruit for snacks instead of candy." Sometimes when we write specific things down we are more likely to achieve our goal. You can get even more specific by writing the days and times you are going to exercise. Just a reminder that losing more than 2 pounds a week is not healthy. Usually if you lose weight fast you will regain it fast.

 I hate my body!

=> I hate my body. My legs are fat and i always wear baggy clothes so people think i am skinier then i really am. i never want to where shorts outside when its hot. I never eat at my friend's house because it is too embarassing how much i eat. but when i get home it feels like i can never stop.

  It is very sad that you hate your body so much. I know it sounds crazy, but loving your body is an important step in weight loss. When I get discouraged about my body size I try to think of all the amazing things it can do. For example I can dance, walk, skip, laugh, hug a hurting friend. Our body is more than just its size. We are all made differently, and comparing our body to someone else only hurts us.

You say that you don't eat at your friend's house because you eat too much. When our bodies go for a long time without eating we start craving food so much that we end up eating more than if we had just eaten instead of waited. This is one reason that starving yourself isn't a good way to lose weight. At your friend's house try taking the same amount as her. Or tell her that you are trying to lose weight so she can support you when you feel like eating more. Sometimes it helps to have friends who can encourage you along the way, and help you develop healthy eating habits.

 Do weight loss gimmicks work?

=> does vinegar and water help you lose weight?

=> how can i lose weight this summer and not have go to the gym?

 Vinegar has been marketed as a "weight loss miracle." The truth is that it has no magical powers to help you lose weight. If a diet ad sounds too good to be true- it probably is. People who claim to have lost weight on the vinegar diet most often have also reduced their calorie intake, and that is where the weight loss comes from. Water is important for weight loss because it prevents dehydration and gives your stomach a full feeling that can help you eat less. Many times people mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking a glass of water can help you realize that maybe you aren't hungry after all. The recommendation is to drink at least 8 glasses a day.

Weight loss does not require a gym. Try increasing your physical activity by riding your bike, going swimming, talking a hike with your friends or family, or go roller blading. These are all fun activities that keep you active and help you lose weight. If it's raining outside do an exercise video. Many libraries have them available for you to check out.

 What do I do when my family makes fun of my weight?

=> My family is always making fun of me calling me fat and names like cow mama I've told them to stop but they won't.

=> My relatives usually tell me to lose weight, and whenever they tell me, i feel hurt (even thought it is true). ... if i use the treadmill, i dont want any one to see me. How can i lose weight if i am afraid to show it?

 It is very sad to hear that your family makes fun of your weight. I wonder if they realize just how much it hurts you. Have you ever tried an "I message" before? I messages are used to let people know how you feel without making them defensive. It works like this- "When you X, I feel Y, I would like you to Z." For example, "When you call me cow mama, I feel sad. I would like you to stop calling me names and support me through my weight loss." You may not always get what you want, but it is a good starting point to work out problems without attacking other people. If your family is unwilling to change try to counter what they are saying. Every time they call you a hurtful name say something positive about yourself- either out loud or in your head.

If it is too hard for you to tell them, write a note letting them know how you feel. Is the treadmill at your house? If it is, maybe after you talk to them it will be easier to use. If that's not a possibility go for walks. Walk more around your house too, and try sit-ups and leg lifts. Every little bit of movement that you do will help you lose weight. If people start talking to you about losing weight to be "sexy" and "slim" remind them you want to lose weight to be strong and healthy. Eating healthy will also help you lose weight. Choose fruit or yogurt for snacks and stick to one serving at meal times.

 How do I deal with cravings?

=> I really like all candy, and can't stop eating it. How can I try to eat healthier?

=> I have cravings all the time. I go to the fridge and get some junk food and eat it, and then notice I ate it. Please help me find a way to help the cravings stop or go away.

=> I was wondering, how can you over come cravings?

 Dealing with cravings is tough. One suggestion is if you have a craving for something set a timer for 10-15 minutes and wait until the timer goes off before you make the decision to eat. While you are waiting find something to do. Play a game, go for a walk, call a friend. After the timer goes off, ask yourself if you still want the food. If you do, set it for another 10-15 minutes. A lot of times cravings come really strong but only last for about 10 minutes. One good thing that I noticed about what you said is that you notice when you go to the fridge and eat. A lot of people don't even notice. In order to change something you need to know what the problem is, and by noticing it you do. Eating healthy meals and snacks throughout the day will also help with cravings because you won't be as hungry. It is easier to say no to candy when you aren't really hungry than when you are really hungry, because your body is telling you it needs food and doesn't care what kind it is.

 What can I do to help my child eat healthy?

=> I am very worried about my daughter's weight. I feel like a mean mother when after I tell her she can't have another serving, and she looks at me like I just took her best friend away.

=> My son is like everybody else, he loves to eat a lot of junk and fried foods.

 Having the support of family members is so important for kids and teens. Getting them involved in fun activities is an excellent step. Ellyn Satter wrote a book called, How to Get Your Kid to Eat, But Not Too Much. She has a basic guideline when feeding kids that is excellent. "You (the parent) are responsible for when and what the child eats." "The child is responsible for how much or even if they eat." This gives the parent the responsibility to choose healthy foods, but still allows the child to make the choice of how much to eat. It can also help set regular meal and snack times that will provide consistency for the child. For example, if they choose not to eat dinner but then realize they are hungry later on, they will have to wait until it is snack time, which teaches them that eating dinner is important. This also helps with 'grazing' all day because there are certain times that are set aside for eating. Another way to help the child is to set up fun regular family activities that involve being active. Go for hikes or swimming, play outside with them. By doing this you are modeling to your child that being active is important.

 Is there any diet that would work best for me?

=> Recently I said I was going to quit eating white things such as milk, yogurt, and other stuff like that. But it is kind of hard because I love yogurt, eating cereal, and the white string cheese.

=> I was wondering if there is anything a 12 year old could do to lose weight.

 The best kind of diet for anyone is to eat healthy, cut back on portions, and get some exercise. There are no magic pills or foods that will make you loose weight faster. Dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry. That means that inventors are always trying to come up with ways to lose weight and selling it so they can make money. Think about all the diets or diet pills you have seen on TV. If they worked like the advertiser's 'promise,' we wouldn't have so many people in the United States who are overweight. But still many people buy into them hoping this time it will work. If the diet doesn't include making healthy food choices and exercise it probably won't last. Not eating white things isn't a healthy way to loose weight. Milk, yogurt and cheese provide your body with the calcium you need to build strong bones. It's a good thing that you like those foods! One way to cut back on calories with dairy foods is to choose nonfat milk & yogurt, and have one string cheese instead of 2 or 3. Healthy eating allows you to eat all the foods you want, but just having the higher fat and sugar ones less often. If you eat a candy bar everyday, try eating one just 2-3 times a week instead and then choose fruit or yogurt the other times. This is a slow way to help you cut back, but not so strict that you never get foods you enjoy. Allowing yourself to have a treat once in awhile helps you to learn portion control, and doesn't make you want to binge on them so much.

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