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From Beth, Age 13 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 63.61.187.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey, I think I'm very overweight, I'm 5'9" with a medium frame and 168 pounds. I try to have a lot strenuous activity in my day by powerwalking, biking, and areobics and cut back on junk food, but I often get cravings..does anyone have any ideas/tip on how to cut back cravings or know any good excercises to lose weight around the inner and outer thigh. Thanks. ^_^
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 08/27/01  - IP#: 204.50.249.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 213.122.100.xxx

From AJ, Age 12 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 64.20.91.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi my friends say that it looks like I'm gaining weight but I don't think so I'm 4'11 and 130lb am I a good weight?
Reply from Beth, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 63.61.184.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 62.7.89.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 213.122.83.xxx
Reply from Crystal, Age 16 - 08/25/01  - IP#: 198.145.251.xxx

From sean, Age 13 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 64.20.91.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi every body I'm very angry with how I look, I use to ride my bike alot and other stuff like that now I play video games and watch tv alot more and I've gained a 30lb so now I'm 5 feet and 135lb and I've got a big stomache my freinds say I look the same but that's because I wear big shirts can someone please help me?
Reply from Amanda, Age 12 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 63.195.114.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 213.122.100.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/25/01  - IP#: 213.122.232.xxx

From nate, Age 12 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 64.20.91.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone I'm 5'1 and 140lb and I'm soo fat I have strong arms but I have a big fat belly and thighs all my freinds are skinny so I feel weird around them anyone who can relat to my problem please reply
Reply from Arielle, Age 13 - 03/13/03  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx
Reply from Amanda, Age 12 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 63.195.114.xxx

From josh, Age 13 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 64.20.91.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm over weight I'm 5'3 and 160lb I use to be 110lb but my parents got cable and I started watching more tv anyone who's had this happen or something simalar please reply.
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/25/01  - IP#: 213.1.100.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/25/01  - IP#: 213.1.100.xxx

From Zack, Age 14 - 08/25/01 - IP#: 64.111.94.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hello every one I have a problem I'v noticed that it seems like I've been gaining weight around my stomche and thighs I'm active I play basket ball but I do like to eat sweets I'm 5'5 and 160lb that's a good weight right?
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/26/01  - IP#: 213.122.100.xxx

From Rachel, Age 17 - 08/24/01 - IP#: 65.7.82.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone, I've been reading all the stories many of you have written on having eating disorders. I, myself have never had one but like almost everyother teenage girl on the planet i think about my weight all the time. And, yes, I am slightly overweight. All I really wanted to say was that anyone who has ever considered an eating disorder or has one should read an amazing book. Its called "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher. It is the most inspiring and thought provoking book I have ever read. Now I'm not a book freak or anything but this is simply the best book. Its Marya's autobiography. She suffered with eating disorders from under the age of 10. It is also a very vivid book with imagery that made me queasy. YOU ALL MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! PLEASE do this, its very important to me that others know about this book. Thanks.

From Julie, Age 16 - 08/24/01 - IP#: 216.34.56.xxx  Click here to reply  
I'm 5'3 and 140 lbs and I want to lose some wait. I would like to lose about 20-30 lbs.
I know it won't happen over night, but i would like to lose it in a period of 2-3 months. I've tried a lot of things before to try to the lose weight, but nothing ever works.
For a while, I was even bulimic and barfed everything I ate out. After I did that for about a week, I have realized it isn't the way to go. Can anyone give me any tips for my diet?
Right now i'm around 6-7 in pants size, and I would like to go down to about a size 3-4. Do you think that's possible in 2-3 month period?
Please help me out. Thanks.
BTW if you would like to contact me, my email address is sHyGrLy012@aol.com
Thank you.

From Jessica, Age 12 - 08/24/01 - IP#: 64.174.16.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey what's up? I'm new at this website. it's pretty rad so far. so, anyway. yep everyone, im here for the same reason you guys are. to lose a few pounds, (hahaha, a few? try ALOT!) well uh anyway. anyone from California? anyone one have tips on how i can lose weight?
Reply from Amanda, Age 12 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 63.195.114.xxx

From nina, Age 13 - 08/23/01 - IP#: 216.232.180.xxx  Click here to reply  
Thank you every-one 4 your responses, and catherine, thanx alot for the walking tip. I think i will try it. This is my second day on a diet, and i now weigh 144 lbs (65.3 kg) instead of 145 lbs (66kg) catherine, will you be my diet buddy? if yoes, my e-mail is hockey_cutey@hotmail.com thanx alot 4 your tips!
Reply from Katie, Age 14 - 08/29/01  - IP#: 65.6.255.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 202.156.0.xxx
Reply from Brianna, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 205.188.199.xxx
Reply from Brianna, Age 14 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 205.188.199.xxx

From Matt, Age 13 - 08/22/01 - IP#: 209.47.160.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hello. I came baring a plea of support. Tomorrow which is August the 23 I am starting a fake diet. I am just cutting junk food, and exercizing atleast 1 hour every day. So please if you guys could just encourage me that would be great. My e-mail address is waggmatt@hotmail.com Thanx.
Reply from jess, Age 13 - 09/05/01  - IP#: 144.134.117.xxx
Reply from Missy, Age 27 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 64.12.101.xxx
Reply from shanell, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 64.12.102.xxx
Reply from maggie, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 24.222.160.xxx

From Ariel, Age 15 - 08/22/01 - IP#: 206.103.255.xxx  Click here to reply  
Listen up everybody! My mom told me something that she saw yesterday that she saw on the news. There were some athletes that were really talented at what they did. They starved themselves, and now they have curvature of the spin. Their bodies used their spines to get some energy. Can you imagine having osteoporosis at twenty-something? Don't do it. Eat right and exercise. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=) GOD BLESS!!! =)
Reply from Missy, Age 27 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 64.12.101.xxx

From Luisa, Age 13 - 08/22/01 - IP#: 213.123.13.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi candy or somebody mail me i know i won't loose weight on my own
Candy please mail i'm 13 105 pounds 5'5
Reply from cassy, Age 14 - 10/10/02  - IP#: 165.138.113.xxx
Reply from Brandy, Age 15 - 08/19/02  - IP#: 24.222.194.xxx
Reply from Missy, Age 27 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 64.12.101.xxx
Reply from candy, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 202.156.0.xxx

From Liz, Age 14 - 08/22/01 - IP#: 66.44.48.xxx  Click here to reply  
I have a friend who is bullimic and she is really skinny anyway. She is a good athlete and doesn't need to be doing this to her body. Is there any way I can stop her?
Reply from Brandy, Age 15 - 08/19/02  - IP#: 24.222.194.xxx
Reply from Missy, Age 27 - 08/24/01  - IP#: 64.12.101.xxx
Reply from Luisa, Age 13 - 08/22/01 

From tiffany, Age 13 - 08/22/01 - IP#: 205.188.195.xxx  Click here to reply  
hi well i weight 250 pounds and i'm ready to lose weight but its hard. its like i start and then mess up. i eat something i'm not suppose to or skip woking out.if any one has any tips on easyer ways to lose weight reply to me and help me out. because i wish i could be thiner.
Reply from Danielle, Age 21 - 08/19/02  - IP#: 24.222.194.xxx
Reply from Cody, Age 13 - 08/23/01  - IP#: 204.248.150.xxx

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