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From Liz, Age 18 - 04/08/03 - IP#: 144.136.144.xxx  Click here to reply  
A QUESTION FOR THE GUYS: why are you all so shallow?? seriously, when i used to be skinny i got so much attention from you boys, and now that i've gained some pounds guys go like out of there way to not have to speak to me? what is going on here! Not really weight loss related, but anyway...
Reply from henry, Age 14 - 04/09/03  - IP#: 67.30.78.xxx
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From xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 04/05/03 - IP#: 65.56.39.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Start: 211 lb, Today: 233 lb - HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!Iam 12 and 5'6. I went to visit my Grandma in Florida!!I ate so much, she fed me food like I was a garbage can.I ate 3 of everything. I grew so Fat that I was 211, now iam 233lbs!! One time my shirt riped. My stomach is so big that when I turn Sideways, You cant see five feet on the side of me. My Brother got fat to, he is 7 and 4'6 he was 61 lbs and was skinny now he has a big gut and weighs 101 lbs!! When I got home my mom cried because my brother and I got so Fat!! She said look at their guts!! Pls. HelpAlso If You know Christian Schabb please write also.
Reply from Lucy, Age 12 - 08/26/04  - IP#: 4.165.207.xxx
Reply from JB, Age 12 - 04/06/03  - IP#: 65.56.22.xxx
Reply from hannah, Age 13 - 04/06/03  - IP#: 81.79.4.xxx
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From Ryan, Age 14 - 04/04/03 - IP#: 66.43.236.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Today: 220 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Well, here I am. I'm 14, I'm a guy, and I'm 220 pounds. Your "weight calculator" says that I'm not Overweight, but I don't think i'm at a very healthy weight. I have plenty of friends and I'm not excluded from many things, but still the "fat jokes" and everything can get really annoying. I'm into weight lifting and martial arts, but that doesn't seem to do the trick. My mom is overweight, so it obvious that I picked up my bad eating habits from her. I'm not terribly active, but I'm becoming more. I'm certainly not eating right, so if anyone has a diet that is effective with excersize, but does not require a great amount of will power, than please post it. P.S. I'm new to the site.P.P.S I'm 5'6"
Reply from asdf, Age 123 - 04/05/03  - IP#: 66.167.218.xxx
Reply from lilly, Age 15 - 04/05/03  - IP#: 24.195.17.xxx

From Michelle, Age 14 - 04/01/03 - IP#: 204.33.130.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 210 lb - hey...im 14 and weigh over 210...i have done so many things...i did a lot of hard core sports...working out atleast 4 hours a day...i swam every other day for over an hour...at one point i stopped eating..and then i started throwing up everything i ate...i know its bad but im over it...i dont know what to do anymore...i havnt lost weight in over a year...i have been heavy my whole life...i dont know if i lose the weight and gain it in muscle...i dont know what to do or how...PLEASE..someone...anyone..i need advise...
Reply from Ashley, Age 13 - 04/02/03  - IP#: 24.128.252.xxx
Reply from abby, Age 12 - 04/01/03  - IP#: 209.139.109.xxx

From Tonisha, Age 15 - 03/31/03 - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey everyone wen i was at my cousins house they were talking about how much they weight and stuff like that then i got scared and got red cus i knew they were going to make fun of my weight and they did i told my mom wut happend and she told me i was beutiful and i think im not.Can someone please help.And ALL OF U OUT THARE HAVE GREAT INSPIRING STORIES!
Reply from Georgina, Age 14 - 04/05/03  - IP#: 195.93.33.xxx
Reply from ami, Age 15 - 04/01/03  - IP#: 195.93.50.xxx
Reply from Amy, Age 13 - 03/31/03  - IP#: 205.188.209.xxx
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From Sarah, Age 15 - 03/30/03 - IP#: 209.79.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hey all. it's spring now...i hate spring. i mean, i love the fact that all the flowers are blooming and baby animals are born...etc...but what i hate is how its getting hotter! normally i wear pants, a shirt, and a jacket & can make myself look pretty good. but now its getting too warm for all of that! i hate how im going to either be sweating away in layers of clothing or trying to hide everything in shorts and a t-shirt, when all of my friends can wear whatever. ahh! now this is really inspiring me to lose weight. i dont want to be worried about what im wearing, i just want to be able to put on some clothes and not worry about how i look. now that theres a guy in my life im more determined then ever. please keep posting your ideas and suggestions...that will make it easier for everyone!
Reply from holly, Age 13 - 04/01/03  - IP#: 205.251.170.xxx

From Sarah, Age 15 - 03/29/03 - IP#: 213.51.115.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Today: 176 lb (BMI %tile: 92) - Hi everyoneI'm Sarah I live in Holland I'm 5'8 1/2 and I weigh 176 pounds, for months I didn't want to buy clothes because I'm a size 12 so now I accepted the fact that I'm a bit overweight and I bought really nice clothes.I go to the gym 4 times a week and I eat healthy, so I know I will lose weight, how long it will take I don't know and at this moment I don't care because I feel good. And to everybody who wants to lose weight don't try to lose like 50 pounds in one month because it will probably not happen, not to bring you down or anything because in the past I also wanted to lose 60 pounds in two months and in the back of my head I knew that would not happen and it turned out that it didn't and the only thing that did happen is that I got depressed. So when you are ready to lose weight make it fun like exercise with friends. It really helped me.hugs and kissesSarah
Reply from katie, Age 13 - 12/19/04  - IP#: 172.157.7.xxx

From Ann, Age 15 - 03/29/03 - IP#: 68.72.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 170 lb (BMI %tile: 92) - hey everyone! Im 5'7 and weigh 170 lbs. The thing is my arms are really skinny, I just need to lose ALOT of weight in my stomach and a little off my thighs. The thing is, I've tried dieting, excersing, everything. I'll get motivitated, stay on the diet and exericse plan for about a week at the most, then get tired of excersing, and then finally the dieting stops, and I get depressed and down on myself , AGIAN. I get to see a guy that I really want to look good for( i know, i know, insides count more then looks) and I'll see him at camp this August, 2003. Is there anyway I can lose 50 pounds in this amount of time, or any weight to make an improvment at all? Please email me, your all my last hope. Luv 2 you all *Kisses* Annp.s. email me at xxbebebrunettexx@yahoo.com or instant message me at xxbebebrunettexx (I haev AIM messanger) thanks so much!
Reply from Carina, Age 16 - 01/25/04  - IP#: 195.69.160.xxx

From trina, Age 14 - 03/27/03 - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'5", Today: 150 lb (BMI %tile: 90) - hey everyone my name is trina 5'5 and weight 150.
wen i wus going to school on a school bus there was no space left for me then i tried very hard to sit with 3 people and they started makin fun of my stomach and but i turned red and i wanted to cry but if i cried i know the situation would be worser.then i stood up and made fun of them then it made me feel better but im still sad about wut had happened so if thers someone out ther Please help.thank u
Reply from kreselda, Age 14 - 03/15/05  - IP#: 68.1.254.xxx
Reply from kreselda, Age 14 - 03/15/05  - IP#: 68.1.254.xxx
Reply from kolleen, Age 13 - 03/28/03  - IP#: 12.220.59.xxx

From Narisa, Age 17 - 03/26/03 - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 187 lb, Today: 164 lb (BMI %tile: 86) - Hey guys! Wow its been a long time since ive posted! I joined this sight 3 months ago when I decided i had had enough of my wight. In 3 months I've lost about 25 pounds! Im so excited, but now im at a point where my weight wont go any lower! Im 5'7 and i started at 187 3 months ago and now im 164. Does anyone have any tips on how I can lose about 30 more pounds?? PLEASE!!!!!!! help me out..thanks!!
Reply from Michelle, Age 15 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 216.109.196.xxx
Reply from Narisa, Age 17 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 198.81.26.xxx
Reply from tayler, Age 17 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 66.141.203.xxx
Reply from michelle, Age 14 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 152.163.189.xxx

From Jackie, Age 14 - 03/26/03 - IP#: 12.250.8.xxx  Click here to reply  
Hi everyone. I really need support! My friends all say im skinny to make me feel better, so none of my friends want to support me with loosing weight. My mother just told me I am fat and its hard to believe that shes "supporting" me. Its really hard to stay motivated when there is no one to help you.
Reply from Amber, Age 14 - 03/27/03  - IP#: 68.154.194.xxx
Reply from michelle, Age 14 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 172.138.148.xxx
Reply from Jackie, Age 14 - 03/26/03  - IP#: 12.250.8.xxx

From Erin, Age 14 - 03/24/03 - IP#: 69.21.0.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 6'0", Today: 200 lb (BMI %tile: 94) - Hey everyone. I figured I would post something since most of us are in the same boat. I am 6'0, and as of this year (my freshmen year) I way 200 POUNDS! I have lost any self-respect I once had, and it's really starting to drag me down. I don't even have as much fun with my friends because the way I feel. I have been trying extremely hard to cut back on junk food, but some how I always come across a temtation that I cannot beat. I need help, and I am hoping to recieve some advice from you guys. PLEASE HELP ME! You can post stuff hear or e-mail me at AirHead34@hotmail.com. Thank you!ERIN
Reply from Francine, Age 15 - 03/25/03  - IP#: 66.72.192.xxx

From Kayla, Age 13 - 03/24/03 - IP#: 68.54.98.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 173 lb - I am 13 years old and i weigh 173 pounds i don't eat that much but i gain weight i even weigh more than my mom. I don't have any self confidence. please reply i need help. if any one has any advice email me and if any one wants to be diet buddies email me angelbaby178@comcast.net
Reply from Kristy, Age 15 - 03/24/03  - IP#: 65.120.98.xxx

From destiny, Age 13 - 03/23/03 - IP#: 198.81.27.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 140 lb - hi every 1 i weigh 140 pound and i get picked on at school because of my weight no one wil talk to me so how do i lose weght signed destiny
Reply from Beth, Age 16 - 11/11/03  - IP#: 209.142.164.xxx
Reply from Joanna, Age 15 - 05/24/03  - IP#: 24.58.67.xxx
Reply from Jenny, Age 13 - 05/23/03  - IP#: 66.185.84.xxx

From NICK Z, Age 14 - 03/22/03 - IP#: 152.163.188.xxx  Click here to reply  
Reply from lauren, Age 12 - 03/22/03  - IP#: 24.243.149.xxx

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