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From Renee, Age 18 - 06/23/03 - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ok, ummm...you know when you're too fat too run? How do I work my slow pace walk to a steady paced run? I'm a girl, very overweight, and large-chested so it's hard for me to run right now. How much should I walk everyday?
Reply from TO JAMES - 06/24/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from James - 06/23/03  - IP#: 64.151.22.xxx

From lesa, Age 13 - 06/23/03 - IP#: 24.243.153.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 172 lb - i am so bored!!!!! i wanted to know if anyone could help me, is there a way to lose weight quicker, i need help loosin weight!!! i am so sick of being fat!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so unhappy even though i am not FAT i am tired of having people stare @ me!!!!!! i weigh 172, if any one weighs close to this could we be buddies.i am so sick of this i wanna be healthy, i get cravings and is there some way to stop them??? i am so sick of people joking about me being fat!!!! plez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really need help and the other times i have posted no one answered....i wanna surprise kids when i go back to school, i am tired of having no jeans that fit me. it is so agrivating!!!!! i wanted to have help, someone!!!!!! i wanna know if there are ways to stop cravings...PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't be proud of my self for being so unhealthy, i know i am not huge or anything but i am still really sad!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!1
Reply from Derek, Age 13 - 07/15/03  - IP#: 65.110.130.xxx
Reply from Erin, Age 13 - 06/23/03  - IP#: 216.148.246.xxx
Reply from Kay, Age 13 - 06/23/03  - IP#: 65.24.132.xxx

From HELP!!! - 06/20/03 - IP#: 208.28.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
Help!!! my parents r sendung me to fat camp if i dont drop 20 lbs before july 4th!!!I m huge but 20 lbs impossible!!! I need ur help before july 4th or its so long junk food and sodas and hello healty food n drinks (YUK!!!!) THIS IS A TOTAL EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!
Reply from Amber, Age 17 - 06/22/03  - IP#: 4.3.132.xxx
Reply from Renee, Age 18 - 06/21/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from Jemma, Age 11 - 06/21/03  - IP#: 82.43.115.xxx
Reply from Conrad, Age 16 - 06/20/03  - IP#: 24.112.188.xxx
Reply from Kristen, Age 16 - 06/20/03  - IP#: 67.85.27.xxx
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Reply from Jill, Age 11 - 06/20/03  - IP#: 67.37.132.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 06/20/03  - IP#: 65.173.80.xxx

From Meg, Age 11 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 205.244.105.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 204 lb - I crave,I eat it has been like that all of my life,look where it has gotten me,204 pounds Im not that athletic im fat i still ride my bike maybe 3 times a month but i eat after every ride i eat fattening foods and drink sodas you should see me at an all u can eat buffet!I get at least 9 plates. I cant stand foods that r good 4 u theyre groose my goal is impossible so im trying to cut back but i just cant i need loads and lots of help!!!!!1Any sugestions?
Reply from kat, Age 14 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 64.233.106.xxx
Reply from Ray Ray, Age 12 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 66.67.108.xxx

From Meg, Age 11 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 205.244.105.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 178 lb - A guy named Justin came along he was so so so so so cute I fell in love with him from the moment i met him! one day he came to my house with his obese friend and we sat and all talked i thought he liked me but what skinny guy would like a chubby girl with a weight of 178 and fat legs a huge stomach and obese or fat legs and wide feet.(well not him)He was rude he said go get me some water I did I got me a water bottle.His friend asked politeley so i got him some i poured my water bottle on him he walked home on his way he yelled you 2 r fat and chubby im skinny unlike yall. His friend was polite and said i better go he was wrong u r not fat either!(i knew he was lieing though)Thats why i am on a diet any advice would help because so far ive only gained weight!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Reply from ??? - 06/20/03  - IP#: 80.225.212.xxx

From Cynthia, Age 12 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 205.188.208.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Today: 125 lb (BMI %tile: 88) - Hi ! PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS OFF!If you listen to my story than you will no how people start being anorexic!THE STORY:ok, i am 5'2 and i weigh 125 (not bad)but i had liked this boy! and at the end of the day his friends came up to me and said here he want you to have his phone number and i declined it!but my friend took it and read it and started to laugh and i wanted to kno whut it said and i looked at it and it said:LOSE WEIGHT1 800-lose-weightOh i was so embarrased i am going to starve myself down to 90 pounds !i am not FAT!or am i!I feel terribleplease help THIS IS A TRUE STORY
Reply from MEAN PPL - 06/20/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from amy, Age 14 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 80.225.212.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 65.173.80.xxx
Reply from Cynthia, Age 12 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx
Reply from jenny, Age 15 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from READ -IT, Age 13 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 68.102.120.xxx

From Megan, Age 12 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 208.28.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 276 lb - I am 12 and weigh 276 i'm the fattest kid in 7th grade. I have an extremeley large stomach with plump thighs and obese arms. I could use any help on losing weight I gain about 50 pounds a year and think about junk food 24/7 and when I think about junk food i crave it and when i cranve it i eat it! yesterday i gained 2 pounds. I ate a big mac with a large fry and a bacon egg and extra cheese sand. plus 3 bowls of ice cream,and 7 slices of pizza. I nrmally eat just a little more than that! Plesae help me before I become heavier!
Reply from Athena, Age 15 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 216.74.199.xxx
Reply from amy, Age 14 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 80.225.212.xxx
Reply from Andrew, Age 14 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 66.30.225.xxx
Reply from manda, Age 15 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 172.135.225.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 65.173.80.xxx
Reply from !!!!THIS WILL WORK!!!!, Age 13 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 68.102.120.xxx
Reply from Ray Ray, Age 12 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 66.67.108.xxx

From GIRLY GIRL, Age 11 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 208.28.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 198 lb - I am worried about my weight I am 11 but weigh a whole lot more!!!I weigh 198 and the doctor put me on a diet that did not help one bit! I cant cut back then i will eat more every chance i get to eat!!!!! PLEASE help is urgent and really needed especially in the butt area!!!
Reply from Jill, Age 11 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 64.109.231.xxx
Reply from chika, Age 13 - 06/18/03  - IP#: 68.104.110.xxx

From Leigh, Age 13 - 06/18/03 - IP#: 208.28.222.xxx  Click here to reply  
I have been overweight all my life practicly at least ive been critisized and denied for several things. That is why I tried my first diet it failed so i tried again and gained13 pounds so i tried again i gained 3 pounds so i need your help with this diet i could loose anything so please please help me loose weight!!!!Any tips would be great!!!!! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!
Reply from Chris, Age 16 - 01/14/05  - IP#: 202.63.48.xxx
Reply from Ashley, Age 14 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 65.173.80.xxx
Reply from ???? - 06/19/03  - IP#: 80.40.54.xxx

From anna, Age 13 - 06/10/03 - IP#: 12.223.133.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Today: 423.5 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Hi, my name is Anna. I am 13 years old. I am 5'1 and I weigh 423.5 lbs. I really want to lose weight before I have any serious health problems. But, whenever I do any exercises, it really hurts. I need some advice onn howw to lose weight. I am very desperte.
Reply from Athena, Age 15 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 216.74.199.xxx
Reply from Megan, Age 12 - 06/19/03  - IP#: 208.34.233.xxx
Reply from Renee, Age 18 - 06/12/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from Tammy, Age 13 - 06/11/03  - IP#: 69.14.137.xxx
Reply from jo, Age 13 - 06/11/03  - IP#: 204.71.88.xxx
Reply from Jill, Age 11 - 06/10/03  - IP#: 67.73.150.xxx
Reply from Andrew, Age 13 - 06/10/03  - IP#: 66.30.225.xxx

From Who Cares, Age 14 - 06/10/03 - IP#: 66.188.239.xxx  Click here to reply  
Today: 171 lb - I'm so sad right now. I was doing good! I was down to 162. I got this kick ass pain of black Dickies... i could never fit into those sizes before. They're a 15. I was so proud. But i sort of let myself go now because i figured i was doing really good and all. Well today i tried my dickies on, they are so fricking tight. And i weighed myself and i'm back to 171. Now i have to start all over again.
Reply from michelle, Age 15 - 07/30/03  - IP#: 172.141.147.xxx

From Kelly, Age 14 - 06/09/03 - IP#: 148.78.249.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Today: 153.4 lb (BMI %tile: 86), Goal: 130 lb - Hi, um, this is my first post. I am 5'7, i weigh 153.4 lbs. My goal weight is somewhere around 125-130, I put 130 on my permit because i did't want anyone to see my real weight. People try to convince me that i'm not "fat" when i complain about it, but i think i am. I'm tired of lying about my weight and I wish i could tell people the truth and be proud of it. I'm trying to eat healthy and i run between 1 and 2 miles every day. But the weight isn't going anywhere! I'm seeing a shirnk about depression but i haven't brought up my weight problems to him. Oh, and I joined track during school and i weighted 144 before i started and almost 160 when i was done, what happened????? Please help me, i'm so confused and embarrassed!~Kelly
Reply from Brittany, Age 14 - 08/02/05  - IP#: 64.222.177.xxx
Reply from Sam, Age 14 - 06/10/03  - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx
Reply from morgan, Age 13 - 06/09/03  - IP#: 68.32.78.xxx

From Heather B., Age 15 - 06/08/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'6", Today: 270 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - hey im 5'6 and 270 ya i kno im pretty fat prolly the fattest one here...but i have dealt with being the biggest all my life why shouldit worry me now but...it does!!! i have tried everything in the world to lose wieght and nothin works..wel nothin so far. everyone makes fun of me even the little kids i babysit. i want to do sports i want to run without feeling im gonna have a heart attack you kno so if any one has any tips andi mean anything email me at blonde_chik06@yahoo.com i really need help before i get diabettes or die..
Reply from Renee, Age 18 - 06/12/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from Lorena, Age 13 - 06/09/03  - IP#: 152.163.252.xxx
Reply from kamika, Age 11 - 06/08/03  - IP#: 67.30.251.xxx

From :( - 06/08/03 - IP#: 129.37.162.xxx  Click here to reply  
i dont know y they do they do this but my parents constently torment me!they obviously favor my skinny sister!whenever i eat dinner with them they stare at me and make rude comments.i always end up running 2 my room,when after they shout"dont let your room colapse" its not enough that i get teased at school and have no friends! but as soon as im home they make me cry!iv thought about running away or even killing myself! what should i do????!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Reply from Renee, Age 18 - 06/12/03  - IP#: 146.82.213.xxx
Reply from britteny, Age 13 - 06/12/03  - IP#: 67.29.221.xxx
Reply from jo, Age 13 - 06/11/03  - IP#: 204.71.88.xxx
Reply from Erica, Age 15 - 06/10/03  - IP#: 24.166.25.xxx
Reply from Conrad, Age 16 - 06/10/03  - IP#: 24.112.188.xxx
Reply from amy, Age 14 - 06/09/03  - IP#: 80.40.54.xxx
Reply from Kayleigh, Age 15 - 06/08/03  - IP#: 209.248.38.xxx
Reply from me, Age 13 - 06/08/03  - IP#: 12.223.133.xxx
Reply from fhjbhg, Age 111 - 06/08/03  - IP#: 67.37.131.xxx

From heather, Age 15 - 06/08/03 - IP#: 64.12.96.xxx  Click here to reply  
hey guys i dont want no one to feel sorry for me i jus want help i need help bad i wiegh to much for my age and i am at high risk for heart disease and other stuff im surpirsed im still alive so if ya want to help my e-mail is blonde_chik06@yahoo.com

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